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Best Basketball Net Backstops: Complete Guide

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| June 15, 2021If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Sick of chasing basketballs down? One of the best ways to get up more shots quickly, and stop annoying your neighbors, is to get a simple backstop for your hoop. So today, we’re going to take a look at some of the best basketball net backstops. We’ll also share what features to consider in your yard guard net, and even share ideas on how to DIY your own (though we wouldn’t recommend it).

We evaluated 15 backstops using over 500 reviews from customers and review websites, and from that pulled together our top 3 recommendations. For each net we provide an overview of why it was selected and its key features, as well as highlight a specific review that provides insight into how it functions. We hope we help make your decision an easy one, so you can get back to playing the game you love.

What is a basketball backstop?

A basketball backstop is a barrier net that goes behind the basket. It helps prevent the ball from going all over the place. Some of them even help return the ball in your direction.

Discover the best basketball hoop backstops

From a backstop that stands on its own, to backstops you can attach to your hoop, find the right solution for your court.

Best basketball net backstops evaluation chart

1. Silverback Basketball Yard Guard Defensive Net System Rebounder 

This rebounder is our top choice because it’s the most budget-friendly at under $150, and is flexible enough to work with a variety of square poled hoops. It also doesn’t get in the way of any type of game play.

It’s designed specifically for hoops that feature a 4″x4″ square pole such as Silverback, Goliath, and hoopstar hoops, and spans over 10 feet wide and 8 feet tall. This system features durable materials that are built to withstand the elements in all seasons to keep your goal looking great. You can quickly install it in minutes, and its arms and net easily fold along the main pole of the goal for simple storage.

Some customers actually got this system to work with a round pole as well. They got it to fit by attaching the top fasteners to the cross bolt. And also stopped rotation around the pole by using a handy tree and wood stand. Alternatively some stakes and rope might work to keep it in place.

Silverback basketball backstop net

Key features:

  • 8 x 10 return net
  • Arms and net fold along pole

Check current price.

2. Rukket Basketball Air Defense Return Net Guard and Backstop

This basketball net backstop is our second choice simply because it can work with any brand of hoop and even portable hoops, and is less expensive than some other options (under $175). It’s great at blocking the ball from running away after shots, and if you clasp all of the toggles on the slit in the net the return system sends the ball back to you too.

This product includes the 6×10 ft Rukket Basketball Return Net Backstop, a carry bag, and four stakes. Customers say it takes about 30 minutes to assemble alone and no tools are needed. It’s super maneuverable and doesn’t need to be attached to the hoop to work. It’s multi-purpose as you can have the ball roll back to any point on the court, or even use it as a barrier to shoot over or dribble around. However, it can also get in the way of game play or inhibit finishing when driving to the basket.

Rukket basketball net backdrop

Key features:

  • 6 x 10 return net
  • Can be taken down and carried in a bag
  • Rukket Fair Play Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty

Check current price.

3. Goalrilla Basketball Yard Guard

This basketball backstop net made our list because of its high quality and durability. However it’s also the most expensive at just under $250. The Goalrilla Yard Guard is a defensive net system designed for Goalrilla hoops, and is built to last. It’s also the most expensive return net on our list. Spanning over 12 feet wide and up to 9 feet tall, the Yard Guard is a significant barrier between your court and your yard. The net and poles easily fold into storage along the main pole of your Goalrilla system and clip into place.

The Yard Guard installs in minutes by attaching to the main pole of your goal. Included brackets allow the Yard Guard to fit all Goalrilla units with a 5″x 5″, 5. 5″x5. 5″, 6″x6″ or 6″x8″ pole. With steel poles and a nylon net, the Yard Guard will stand up to years of play and will look great.

Goalrilla basketball yard net

Key features:

  • Installed Dimensions Width: 153″ (12. 75 ft) Height: 9′ (at Highest point) to 7′ (at Lowest Point)
  • Arms and net fold to pole for storage
  • 90-Day limited guarantee

Check current price.

Bonus: Dr. Dish iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer

While this is not technically just a basketball net backstop, it functions as one, plus a whole lot more. However, it’s incredibly expensive at nearly $500. Dr. Dish is the first and only basketball training equipment endorsed by both FIBA and AAU Basketball.

The iC3 returns both made and missed shots, and the chute rotates up to 180 degrees so you can shoot from anywhere you want. It’s also simple to setup and portable, as it’s just 35 pounds and you can place the attachment on the rim and velcro it to any hoop pole. The rebound system folds to 22″ x 22″ x 59″ for easy storage when not in use.

Dr. Dish basketball return net

Key features:

  • The basketball rebound net is 17″ above the rim and extends out which trains shooters to put more arc on shots and trains better form.
  • Rests on both indoor and outdoor traditional pole in-ground or portable basketball hoops or wall mounted hoops by simply lifting the iC3 vertical frame up over the rim and placing the rim rest on the back of the hoop. 

Check current price.

Why get yard guard nets?

Basketball yard guard nets come in pretty handy for a few reasons.

1. Stop chasing rebounds

Never worry about the ball hitting your house again. Or chasing balls into the street or down your neighbor’s hill.

2. Get more shots up

If your net has a ball return feature, you can get right back into your pick up game or practice session.

Features to evaluate the best basketball barrier nets on

Here are a few considerations when selecting your basketball barrier net.

1. Fits your hoop

You want to be sure it works with your hoop! Try to find a return net that easily sets up to fit any permanent or portable basketball hoop, and works for adjustable hoops from 7.5” to 10”.

2. Net size

Make sure it’s big enough to cover the area you want blocked around the basket.

3. Durability

Look for materials built to withstand the elements and tough passes. And products that have a long warranty.

4. Ease of setup

Look for something simple to setup. Ideally that adjusts in minutes and can be taken down just as easily. If it includes a bag to take it places, all the better.

5. Storage

How easily the arms and net fold up, or become portable might be another consideration if you’d like the driveway to look nice.

DIY basketball backstop

Of course, you may not want to spend the money on a formal system and instead build a DIY basketball backstop. The simplest way to do this is to place your hoop between two trees. Then tie a rope on both trees, and hang a simple netting or even a blanket weighted by sand bags. It’s unlikely this will return the ball to you, but it should stop it from going into the neighbor’s yard.

How do I protect my garage door from a basketball?

You can protect your garage door from your outdoor basketball with a basketball goal backstop. These yard guard nets span several feet and prevent the ball from hitting whatever is behind the hoop.

Interestingly, basketball net backstops most rose in popularity during the pandemic in May of 2020. See the spike below, as shown by Google Trends, as many folks invested in home hoops for the first time (and were interested in protecting their garages, too!).

Google trends for basketball net backstops
Via Google Trends

Shop the best basketball net backstops

Now that you know the best basketball net backstops, pick your favorite and get your order in so you can get to work! If you purchase certain nets from this article, we’ll get a few cents back to help fund our website. However, we’ve included all sorts of nets in order to show you the very best balls – not just ones that will help us out. Up next, check out basketball handling drills you can do at home, and the best footwork drills for guards.


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