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The Best Basketball Christmas Gifts for Hoopers

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| August 20, 2021

Not sure what to get basketball players for Christmas? Finding the best basketball Christmas gifts can take some digging. And we know you don’t have as much time as Santa Claus. So we rounded up a list of a few of our favorites for you. We sampled some hoopers and checked online reviews to find the freshest gear, games, and more that everyone is coveting this year. Hope this helps make your holidays merry!

Discover the best basketball Christmas gifts

From fun basketball card games to post-game snacks, and a tripod for recording workouts, get great ideas for holiday gifts. Find things to get hoopers for Christmas, perfect for kids, women, and men – and even some at low prices. For WNBA fans specifically, shop the best WNBA gifts here.

1. Basketball arcade game

Go big or go home, they say! You can do both with the coolest indoor basketball arcade game. This is a fun game for kids and (adult children) to challenge their friends and improve their shot, and probably the best gift a hooper can dream of. It comes with 6 basketballs and multiple modes so there’s always another challenge to tackle. Modes for basketball games include classic One on One, Beat the Clock, Around the World, Horse, and more.

Basketball arcade game is a nice Christmas gift


  • This basketball game for indoor has electronic scorers and 8 modes, plus both single-player and 2-player games.
  • It’s compact and easy to put away, because it has a convenient folding design so that you can easily store it.
  • The heavy-duty ramp won’t sag or rip, and the extra-high side netting helps contain shots.


  • You have to assemble it with detailed instructions to make assembly easy. But there’s an option to include expert assembly to make it really easy to get playing.

Reviews: 4.5/5 on 256 ratings on Amazon

“This basketball game was a good purchase. Our family of high schoolers plays it all of the time since setting it up just 10 days ago. It took about an hour and a half to put together. Pretty simple. The metal tubing is pretty light-duty. The whole thing is quite sturdy, a little movement in it but that is fine. You can only tighten the bolts/nuts so tight before it starts bending the tubing. While you play games on it, it stays put. Playing games on this is a lot of fun, just good fun that doesn’t involve electronics via video games or phones! It does have 8 different kinds of games you can play. The directions are a little sketchy on the games, but manageable. I liked that it was less expensive than nearly all of the others and it comes with 6 rubber basketballs, which is what you will need to play with 2 people together.”

Price: $179.99

Get it here.

2. Space Jam Uno

Looking for a thoughtful basketball Christmas gift that won’t break the bank? Look no further. This fun Space Jam themed Uno game is perfect for basketball players to enjoy on the way to games, waiting for practice, or even with the family at home. Better yet, it features both professional NBA and WNBA athletes on the cards, as well as Looney Tunes characters. The game play is the same as classic UNO, but there’s a special rule unique to this deck – the Welcome to the Jam wild card with a very special “jump ball” rule.

Space Jam Uno is a great Christmas gift for basketball players for kids men and women


  • Makes a great gift for game lovers ages 7 years and older – especially fans of Space Jam!
  • Great game to play every night.
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Awesome low price.


  • The card pack handles games for 2 to 10 players, not tons of people.
  • The orange and red cards are similar in color. 

Reviews: 5/5 on 147 ratings on Amazon

“The kids all loved it and ask repeatedly to play. I will be purchasing another.”

Price: $7.61

Get it here.

3. Nike Elite basketball crew socks

Hoopers go through socks like it’s their job. So while this might seem like a practical gift, it’s probably one they’ll be very grateful for. Plus, these Nike socks are great because they’re super comfortable and soft, and long lasting. The unique design offers a supportive fit and feel thanks to an arch band, while zonal cushioning helps absorb impact as you run the court. They’re available in many colors, but we’d recommend not getting white because they get dirty so fast.

Alternatives: Looking for more hooper threads? If you know your gift receiver is a WNBA fan, check out WNBA team and player merchandise to find awesome tees, hoodies, and more. Or explore SleeperBear basketball shorts with original patterns. Legends is also very popular with men.

Nike elite basketball sock makes a great Christmas gift


  • They last a very long time.
  • Awesome arch support and comfort.
  • Lots of colors to choose from to match anyone’s favorite color.


  • You’ll need to loosely know your gift-receivers foot size.

Reviews: 5/5 on 126 reviews on Nike

“Love the thickness and arch support. They are comfortable and provide good warmth on the feet. Highly recommend.”

Price: $16+

Get it here.

4. WNBA or NBA authentic basketball

Make it easy for them to match the super stars! Use the same basketball as the pros and get in the game. The Wilson WNBA authentic indoor/outdoor basketball is perfect for any lady hooper. And the Wilson NBA official basketball is great for every NBA fan.

Alternatives: If you’re going for more of a basketball to be admired (rather than just to be played with), check to see if there are any new drops from round21. Either way, you should also consider picking up a ball pump. You wouldn’t believe how many times we’re on the court and have someone ask if we have one!

Christmas gift basketball for women


  • This is a gift they can use every day.
  • Inflation retention lining creates longer lasting air retention.
  • Pro-level feel and durability.
  • Good grip.


Price: $44.95+

Reviews: 5/5 on Dick’s Sporting Goods. One reviewer says “My daughter loves practicing with her Wilson Authentic Series indoor/outdoor in our driveway that is real rough on basketballs. It’s held up great! She has the same ball in Wilson EVO Next that she uses indoors. The Authentic ball is the next best ball that we found that give the best feeling of the game ball she uses in high school ball. She carries both of them everywhere. She has used the ball for inside court drills and it has performed great! Great value and buy! Recommend highly!”

Get it here.

5. Agility ladder for footwork

Get a gift that will help them improve their game. This speed training ladder is great tool to improve quickness through accelerated foot strike and lift frequency. Using all sorts of creative drills, they can improve their acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction. The agility ladder comes with 12 durable plastic rungs, and the overall length is 20 feet.

Agility ladder basketball Christmas gift for men and women


  • Great for any age.
  • Fairly inexpensive.
  • Sturdy materials on both the agility ladder and bag make it durable.


  • They’ll need to look up some drills to do to have fun with this one. Here’s a fun list of ladder drills for basketball to get them started.

Reviews: 4.5/5 on 6,362 ratings on Amazon

“This ladder has worked out wonderfully! One of the nicest features (that I was honestly surprised about- but it may have been in the description and I missed it) was that the blocks are adjustable. This is nice when my 4 year old is “using” it. The carrying case seems to be very durable, with the ladder folding up nicely- even when spread out. I would highly recommend this ladder!”

Price: $16.99

Get it here.

6. Old world hoop glass-blown Christmas ornament

Give them a stunning basketball Christmas ornament they can hang on the tree each year! These hand-crafted ornaments are made using age-old traditions, and are hand-painted and hand-glittered. This unique Christmas ornament will also sit upright on a flat surface so it can also go on the mantel or a side table as the perfect addition to Christmas décor.

Best basketball Christmas gifts


  • High-quality and very original.
  • Great size.


  • They’ll only be able to use it once each year.


4.9/5 on 1,059 reviews on Google

“Quality of the ornament was fantastic and they are more beautiful in person.”

Price: $15.21

Get it here.

7. A tripod

Many hoopers try to film their practice sessions to watch their technique and get better. Especially if they use apps like Nike’s Home Court, which lets you capture every shot, recording your misses, makes and more. While often times hoopers can use their phones to film, there’s not an easy way to get a good angle. A tripod can help them position their phone or camera to record everything. This tripod can extend up to 75 inches tall.

Tripod for basketball holiday gifts


  • Super lightweight and versatile.
  • You can mount all types of devices.


  • Will need to replace the remote’s battery from time to time.

Reviews: 4.5/5 on 72 ratings on Amazon

“This tripod is great. It’s very light weight and easy to use. It got 4 way adjustable height. The built quality also looks good to me. The package comes with everything, phone mount, remote control etc. Definitely going to bring this with me on my next trip.”

Price: $35.99

Get it here.

8. Earbuds

Many basketball players like to listen to music before games and during individual practice sessions. These Beats Studio buds come in soft ear tip sizes, for a stable and comfortable fit, while ensuring an optimal acoustic seal.

Alternatives: Or if you prefer good old fashioned headphones, check out the wireless Beats.

Earbuds for listening to music as a Christmas gift


  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Stays put during workouts/running and has no pressure build up.
  • IPX4 water resistance rating (tested through sweat and a little rain).
  • Dynamic, boomy and bass heavy sound that is perfect for intense workouts.


  • Up to 8 hours of listening time seems a bit short. But there’s up to 24 hours combined with pocket-sized charging case.
  • They’re a little slippery when you grab them with your hands.
  • No wireless charging.

Reviews: 4.5/5 on 6,666 ratings on Amazon

“I’m an audio specialist and I specialize in such products! I own the Red version of the Beats Studio Buds and I have to say the audio is just outstanding quality! ANC Mode works just perfect on this product just as well as RayCons except even better because no accidentally clicking buttons on the buds and no odd/strange bugs or any bugs at all that would ruin the music experience none of that stuff.”

Price: $149.95

Get it here.

9. Basketball lessons

Basketball lessons can help every athlete improve their game. For in-person lessons, see if any basketball trainers from Instagram are in your area, or explore CoachUp.

For online lessons, no matter where you’re located, enjoy online lessons from Steph Curry through MasterClass. Or you can get video lessons from the best minds in basketball from Through the Lens. In these on-demand classes, Carmelo Anthony, Candace Parker, Napheesa Collier, and more teach physicality, post play, footwork and scoring, and more. This is something they can watch on the way to games or even in bed at night.

Basketball holiday gifts for men and women


  • Get a sneak peek into the quality here.
  • Watch anytime.
  • Learn from experts.


  • Better for more advanced players – middle school and older.

Reviews: 18K subscribers on YouTube. “Mad series, very motivational.”

Price: $14.99 per month

Get it here.

10. Basketball snacks

We’ve never met a hooper that didn’t like to eat! Pick up some fun basketball-themed candy: enjoy American-produced, Swiss-formulated chocolate using the finest bean selection and made with fresh milk.

Alternatives: Or stock them up on nutritional snacks to power their workouts such as RX Bars and Barcode Sports Drinks, backed by NBA player Kyle Kuzma.

Chocolate basketball candy is a nice holiday gift for kids


  • Approximately 80 balls so they can share with their whole team.
  • US-produced in Rockaway Beach, New York.


  • It’s candy! But many athletes eat candy even before games.

Reviews: 4.5/5 on 156 ratings on Amazon

“Madelaine chocolates are good quality. They have a wonderful taste, and texture and won’t give you the bellyache that some other “holiday” or “special occasion” chocolates do.”

Price: $14.95

Get it here.

11. Jurrasic Park sneakers

Lots of hoopers are also sneakerheads and will love a pair of shoes that go crazy! These Reebok Jurassic Park Pump Omni Zone II Shoes are inspired by the iconic dinosaur, the Dilophosaurus from the first Jurassic Park movie. The shoes have a nubuck upper with hits of leather. Graphics on the upper nod to the dinosaur’s markings, and the tongue details refer back to its crests.

Jurrasic Park sneakers by Reebok


  • Awesome design
  • Very comfortable
  • Super original


  • You need to know their shoe size

Reviews: 4.5/5 on Reebok.

“They are freakin awesome to look at and even better on feet !!! I love these kicks.”

Price: $200

Get it here.

12. Mini hoop

 Improve overall body balance, and enhance hand-eye coordination! Get a fun mini hoop with an audio electronic scoring basketball board. With this hoop which includes 3 batteries, a ball pump, and 3 rubber mini-basketballs, the score will be digitally calculated and automatically displayed. It’s extremely durable and designed with Non-Toxic ABS Plastic and lightweight metal for resistance against breakage. Plus it’s easy to put up on any door because thick foam strips provide protection from scratching and reduce noise.

mini basketball hoop holiday gift


  • Easy to install by simply hanging it over the door frame at any home or office
  • You can slam dunk like a pro and it won’t break


  • Just 17″ wide

Reviews: 4.5 on 5 on Amazon.

“Product is well made and very simple to assemble less than 10 minutes. I really like the door protection pads we have solid mahogany doors and I have no worries about them getting scratched or damaged. The electronics is added fun and the remote for reseting the score is a nice feature. I got this for my grandson and its challenging for him because he’s 3 1/2 but he will get many years out of it so well worth the price. Probably the best made indoor basketball backboard I’ve seen.”

Price: $45.99

Get it here.

Get the best basketball Christmas presents

We hope we saved you some time on your holiday shopping this year. If nothing has hit home just yet, shop even more basketball gifts for all occasions. As a bonus, if you purchase any gifts from Amazon, they send us a little tip to help keep our WNBA reporting flowing – and it doesn’t cost you any more than it always would.

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