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Founded in 2020, Queen Ballers Club is the HOOPS REALM. The goal of the company is to be the leading destination for modern basketball fashion, drills, and stories, inspiring the next generation of hoopers and fans to grow their game on and off the court.

As Cathy Engelbert, Commissioner of the WNBA wrote, “…in my second career act as Commissioner of the WNBA, I clearly see the disparities in sports. It’s…even more perplexing to me that the current media…underinvestment in, and dearth of marketing for, women’s sports is just generally accepted by the sports ecosystem…It’s no secret that less than 5% of media coverage covers women’s sports.”

We don’t accept it. We want to lift up pro women’s hoopers by giving them the spotlight they deserve. Better media means more eyeballs, which means more money for our athletes; more representation; and more dreams inspiring future generations.

Today, our content and commerce platform spans digital, visual, audio, and video. Queen Ballers Club reveals the how behind the highlights for passionate fans and hoopers. And tells timeless stories about the players in the most elite women’s basketball leagues in the world.

Boilerplate: Queen Ballers Club is the HOOPER REALM. Pro women’s basketball court is always in session on our digital content + commerce platform: revealing the latest fashion drops, the how behind the highlights, and timeless stories about hoopers.

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Megan Mitzel
Founder, Queen Ballers Club

David Budimir
Engineering, Queen Ballers Club

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