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15 Best Basketball Coloring Books for Relaxing

December 1, 2020

The best basketball coloring books for adults are known to be great for stress relief and anxiety. And they fire up your creativity. Plus, they’re a safe stay at home activity anytime, and great to do to calm nerves before games.

Today we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites featuring WNBA and NBA stars, dope shoes, and groovy basketball designs. Unfortunately, not enough have female hoopers if you ask us! So we even created a few of our own WNBA player pages you can download to color for free (check them out at the bottom of the post!). But regardless, now you can waste less time searching, and spend more time enjoying coloring fun.

That’s right: take your love of the court to the page! Or treat someone special to one, because they make a great gift for basketball players. Check them out, and find the perfect basketball coloring page or book to make your day. By the way, you’ll never believe how cute #9 is.

Discover the best basketball coloring books

Here are ten of the best basketball coloring books. Each coloring book has a different vibe. Some are packed with historical basketball trivia and game stats, while others feature shooting tricks. So get your color on, and be sure to color inside the (free-throw) lines!

1. Basketball Coloring Book

Basketball coloring book featuring girl players

The Basketball Coloring Book and More by Cora Delmonico  an inexpensive, fun, coloring book. Pictures range from easy to complicated, such as a simple and cute dabbing unicorn, a ball playing wolf, inspirational and motivational quotes, and realistic basketball players (including female hoopers!).

Why it’s special: Designer Cora Delmonico specializes in top selling sports themed coloring books. This one is over 25 pages to color, and also includes a few other activities such as crosswords for tournaments or rainy days.


  • So many fun pictures to color in
  • The back of each page is blank so you have a clear picture
  • Blotter pages are included in the back to tear out if you prefer to use markers


  • Pages aren’t perforated so they’re a little harder to tear out
  • Many of the pages are simple activities vs. coloring pages
  • A little more kiddish

Price: $7.99

Get it here.

2. NBA All Stars Coloring Book

An NBA All Stars coloring book

This coloring book chock full of 120 coloring pages has all your favorite NBA All-Stars. That’s a whole lot of basketball coloring. That means you can create a page for all your favorite hoopers, or just completely fill your own fridge door.

Why it’s special: You’ll feel like you’re hanging with LeBron, Iverson, and Harden from the comfort of your own cozy couch. This is a great way to learn and memorize the greatest NBA players while doing a relaxing activity.


  • Yes. Literally, all the basketball Pros are in this book!
  • Nice variety in terms of difficulty, ranging from the more complex player pages to easier team logo pages
  • Low price


  • Only a few ratings so not much visibility into quality
  • Not any WNBA All-Stars included

Price: $5.99

Get it here.

3. Air Jordan Coloring Book: Midnight Edition

Air Jordan basketball shoes coloring book

Calling all sneakerheads! You can’t play basketball if your sole isn’t into it. That’s why this shoe-centric coloring book is super rad. This coloring book is perfect for someone who loves sneakers, basketball, and Michael Jordan. And that’s no Bull.

Why it’s special: All the pages are in black, so your coloring on the white shoes really pops. Get lost in a trance coloring in your favorite pair of Air Jordans.


  • Great reviews
  • Plus, you basically get to create your own colorful sneaks
  • It includes two identical drawings of each shoe so you can experiment with different colors and design


  • You can’t actually wear them
  • Slightly higher price

Price: $12.00

Get it here.

4. Hoop Dreams Coloring Scenes

A groovy basketball coloring book

The Hoop Dreams coloring book is funky, psychedelic, and totally radical. Which means it’s great for any sports fan who also loves art. These zen-like illustrations are sure to draw you in – quite literally. Stop your pre-game jitters from going into over-time with this meditative coloring book for adults.

Why it’s special: It has the hooper element, while also providing really trippy and cool art to get lost in. The designs are very intricate, requiring more attention which can free your mind from obsessing on that shot you missed.


  • It’s totally different than most basketball coloring books out there
  • Pages feature basketball players in sports poses that elicit positivity 
  • 30+ unique designs to color


  • It doesn’t have a lot of sports facts or trivia, if that’s what you’re looking for
  • Won’t feature your favorite players or teams

Price: $7.99

Get it here.

5. Girls Basketball Coloring Pages

Girls basketball coloring book pages

Who run the world? Girls! So, you bet your Queen-Ballin’ behind we had to mention this Girls Basketball coloring book. It features all sorts of images of lady hoopers building friendships and memories on the court.

Why it’s special: These 12 pages are filled with inspiring and inclusive imagery. The illustrations show all kinds of young girls shooting, passing, and most importantly, celebrating each other.


  • Instant PDF download
  • Not to mention, finally a basketball coloring book that’s focused on the amazing young and aspiring Queen Ballers out there
  • Low price


  • Twelve pages is not enough for this heart-warming and inspiring coloring book
  • The designs are fairly simplistic and easy to color in

Price: $5.00

Get it here.

6. Basketball Legends Coloring Book

Basketball legends coloring book

This coloring book features stories and illustrations of roughly 40 NBA players. Draw Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, Larry Bird, and so many more. There’s a career summary page for each player including fun facts, along with a page featuring their image. It’s a great for people who follow basketball, and it’s also very helpful if you’re trying to get someone interested in the sport (say, a skeptical spouse). Because this is a fun way to do something together, while you discuss different aspects of the game.

Why it’s special: You’ll have fun coloring these illustrations, while also learning more about each basketball player. 


  • Tons of players featured
  • There are no large places that are pre-colored in with black ink
  • It’s a great way to learn history, and coloring is a soothing process, so this book can be both educational and calming


  • Doesn’t feature any female players
  • The distinctly caricatured style sometimes gets a little bizarre
  • A little on the shorter side

Price: $9.99

Get it here.

7. NBA Design: Shoes, Logos, and Jerseys

NBA design coloring book for basketball

The NBA Design coloring book is kicking it old-school with vintage and classic designs of shoes, jerseys, and more. Each page is single sided so you can even use markers if you prefer, with no problems. Get in touch with the designer within you and create your own customized basketball swag.

Why it’s special: There are 15 different shoe designs, but the design possibilities are endless. Plus, there are 90 pages.


  • It’s half sports, half fashion designing
  • Not to mention, it has great reviews from both kids and adults
  • Low price


  • The pages aren’t perforated so you can’t rip them out when you’re done
  • Some of the designs are a little boring because they’re not very detailed

Price: $8.99

Get it here.

8. Michael Jordan’s Greatest Moments

Michael Jordan basketball coloring book

This retro-style coloring book is perfect for any MJ fan. This coloring book captures some of the greatest moments from Michael Jordan’s legendary NBA career. You’ll find it packed with facts, statistics, detailed illustrations, and more.

Why it’s special: It has 100 pages. And is designed for all ages. Plus, it features just one illustration per page (no backside printing) preventing most color bleed and see through. So you can even use markers!


  • Re-live the best MJ moments on the court
  • Learn shooting tips, and all kinds of fun NBA facts
  • It’ll entertain you for hours


  • You’ll pretty much only hate this coloring book if you’re still upset about that Bulls win in the 1997 NBA Finals
  • MJ resemblance could be improved a bit

Price: $8.99

Get it here.

9. Despite the Height Coloring Book

Despite the height WNBA player coloring book

This coloring book is more than a work of art – it tells the true story of Ivory Latta, one of the smallest women to play for the WNBA. Despite being 5’6”, the point guard was drafted to the WNBA in 2007, proving that you can do anything that you set your mind to.

Why it’s special: It’s not only a coloring book about the WNBA, but also it tells a beautiful story of perseverance, mindset, and determination. And it includes a dream journal to help motivate you.


  • The story is very cute and inspiring
  • Any player would wish they’d had this coloring book growing up
  • The price is right


  • It’s geared towards younger readers, but players of all ages could learn something from this true story

Price: $7.99

Get it here.

10. NBA Coloring Super Book

NBA team logo coloring book gift for basketball players

This NBA logo coloring book is perfect if you love the entirety of the league. Get to know each team’s logo while bringing them to life. While this book is marketed towards children, anyone can enjoy this book. Along with the logos of each team, the book is packed with a bunch of fun facts for each team, so you can learn a lot while you color.

Why it’s special: It’s super educational and not biased towards any one team. This is a great gift for anyone who loves the NBA as a whole. And it’s 64 pages long.


  • It’s packed with lots of fun facts, that even huge fanatics wouldn’t know
  • Logo images are decent quality
  • Low price


  • No WNBA teams’ logos are featured
  • It’s predictable because it’s just logos

Price: $5.95

Get it here.

Bonus: Kobe Bryant Inspired Coloring Book

Kobe Bryant coloring book for people who like basketball

Bring the Lakeshow home with this commemorative coloring book, including 15 pages of Kobe Bryant and the best moments of his career. You’ll find all of these pages are intricate and beautiful. This coloring book is perfect for anyone who loves Kobe or the Lakers.

Why it’s special: You can enjoy the art of coloring, while also honoring the late Kobe.


  • You can download, print, and be coloring in less than 5 minutes
  • Nice variety of intricate designs and easier ones


  • Not all of the drawings resemble Kobe as much as you’d hope
  • Pretty short book
  • No female hoopers featured

Price: $4.99

Get it here.

Not sure you want to commit to a whole basketball coloring book just yet? Get started with a few fun filled pages instead. Up next is a selection of a few to chose from.

See printable basketball coloring pages (plus they’re free!)

If you’re ballin’ on a budget, no worries. Check out these printable basketball coloring pages that are totally free. That’s right – you can download them, print them off, and begin coloring in mere minutes. Crayons not included, of course.

11. Coloring Home’s Basketball Coloring Pages Printable

Magic, Knicks, Cavaliers – oh my! These free printable coloring book pages range from your favorite teams to wacky cartoon favorites like Rugrats. Select your favorites from over 30 pages, and finish a coloring page in time to watch your team’s game.

Get it here.

12. Get Coloring Basketball Pages

While these illustrations are very simple, sometimes less is more. Custom design your own basketball, color in the Knicks logo, or bring Yoshi playing Basketball to life. While there’s not enough female representation, there’s a lady ball. And there’s even one featuring the old WNBA logo.

Get it here.

13. Super Coloring Basketball Pages

This free download features many NBA players and a few female hoopers. Color in Dwayne Wade, Scottie Pippen, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, and more.

Get it here.

14. Mom Junction’s Top 20 Basketball Coloring Pages

Mom Junction put together this great list of 20 free downloadable and printable basketball coloring pages, featuring Barney, a basketball player in a wheelchair, Elmo, Goofy, and more. We are here for an ability-inclusive coloring page.

Get it here.

15. 30 Free Basketball Coloring Pages

Scribble Fun has a great resource for 30 free basketball coloring pages. These illustrations are geared more towards children. But hey, it’s free AND there are 30 options. Plus, the characters, well, have a lot of character and there’s a decent amount of variety.

Get it here.

The love of the game isn’t just on the court: it’s in every single one of the pages listed above. Get your head in the game by coloring these baller designs anytime.

WNBA coloring book pages

We were bummed to see how few coloring books represent the dope players in the W. So we created a few pages you can download, print off, and color. That way you can plaster these ballers all over your house, and tell all your friends to watch the league.

1. Arike Ogunbowale coloring page

Arike Ogunbowale free coloring page WNBA from Queen Ballers Club

2. A’ja Wilson coloring page

A'ja Wilson WNBA coloring book page for free from Queen Ballers Club

3. Jewel Lloyd coloring page

(And catch her buzzer beater by the way.)

Jewel LLoyd free coloring book page for WNBA from Queen Ballers Club

4. Kelsey Plum coloring book page

Kelsey Plum free WNBA coloring book page from Queen Ballers Club

5. Napheesa Collier coloring book page

Napheesa Collier free coloring book page from Queen Ballers Club

Enjoy the best basketball coloring books

Whether it’s coloring in a Bulls logo, LeBron’s winning game face, or a sweet pair of Air Jordans, your coloring page is sure to be a swish! So pick your favorite from the best basketball coloring books.

As a major bonus, if you purchase one of these coloring books from Amazon, they send us a little tip to help keep our reporting flowing – and it doesn’t cost you any more than it always would. Then, once your book arrives, kick back and relax after a hard workout with a meditative coloring exercise.

Not sure coloring is for you? There’s another simple way to relax. Just check out great women’s basketball books, and kick back with a good read instead.

Written by Leah Knauer, LA-based comedian and basketball cheerleader.

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