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The 35 Best Basketball Gifts for Players & Fans

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| November 15, 2020If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Not sure what to gift a basketball player for their birthday or holidays? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve scoured the web for the absolute best gifts for basketball players that will be sure to win you points with the scorer in your life. Check out the best gifts for basketball players!

Discover the best gifts for basketball players & fans

Whether they need to work on their jump shot, their defense, or their ball-handling skills, these gifts have you covered. Any basketball player or fan would be lucky to get one of these gifts that are nothing but net, including ideas for Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, school graduations, and so much more.

Shop the best basketball gifts

Here are the best basketball-themed gifts to get your friend, teammate, family member, or significant other that loves everything hoops related. From handy basketball playing cards, to defensive training gear, we found the best gift to show you care. If your hooper is a fan of the WNBA specifically, check out the best WNBA gifts.

Also if you’re looking for a fast unique gift, check out our fun printable basketball IQ card game (here for beginners and here for advanced), created in partnership with a Nike basketball trainer! And our printable basketball journal to encourage your basketball player to be reflective about their games and practices, create great goals, and improve.

1. Custom basketball playing cards

Get a card deck in the theme of their favorite NBA team from the Golden State Warriors to the LA Clippers. These officially licensed NBA playing cards are perfect for parties, game day events, and more. The deck includes 52 cards and 2 Jokers, suitable for all card games, and comes in the standard size of 2.5″ x 3.5″.

NBA playing cards are a great gift

Why it’s unique: Pick their favorite team.  These cards are a versatile gift because they can be added as a piece of a collection of basketball memorabilia or they can be used everyday.

Pro tip: Perfect for parties, game day events and more!

Price: $8.09+

Get it here.

2. EDGE basketball shoe sole grip spray

EDGE is a new breakthrough product for indoor athletes – just spray your sneaker soles and kick the floor a few times to instantly improve your sneaker grip.

The formula was engineered to enhance agility and minimize injury and leaves zero stickiness or residue so it will not increase your dust pickup. It even works on dusty, poorly maintained courts and restores grip on worn-down sneaker soles. A single bottle will last a full season for most athletes, which makes it the perfect stocking stuffer!

Why it’s unique: Unlike most other sneaker grip products, this isn’t a cleaner – instead, it semi-permanently softens the rubber to make it more grippy. You spray your soles, it absorbs into the rubber and dries almost instantly, and then you can play right away – no drying rag or extra wait time is needed. Instead of the short-lived minor boost you get from just cleaning your soles, EDGE drives a proven 25%+ grip improvement that lasts significantly longer. The best part is that it meets the EPA’s Safer Choice criteria and is 100% safe for you, your sneakers, and the environment.

Pro tip: A thin layer is plenty. 3 sprays per shoe does the trick. This makes 1 bottle last over 50 games – that’s less than $0.50 per game for perfect grip.

Price: Typically $35 – on sale for $28 with EDGE’s current promotion of 20% Off and Free Shipping

Get it here.

3. Custom basketball

Hoopers go through basketballs at least once per year. So they always need another! Get them a basketball featuring their favorite WNBA or NBA team. The NBA Team Alliance basketball or the WNBA Tribute basketball. Wilson is the official basketball of the WNBA and the NBA, so your hooper is sure to know the brand. They also now offer the option to upload your very own logo to a ball (the best ball actually, the Wilson Evolution). So you could make a ball featuring your basketball player’s school, AAU Team, their jersey number, and more!

Why it’s unique: Put their team spirit on display! The cover features your team’s logo and team colors. 

Pro tip: You can include a cool NBA or WNBA ball pump as well to round out the gift. Or even a cool book bag that makes it easy to carry their ball anywhere. Here’s the WNBA bag and the NBA bag.

Price: $15.99+

Get it here.

4. Glow in the dark indoor mini-hoop

If they might need a basketball break from studying or work, without having to step outside, this mini-basketball hoop is the perfect gift. The mini hoop fits in on room or office door. Not to mention the net and basketball glow in the dark! Needless to say, the customer reviews are absolutely glowing. Reviews say that it’s super easy to assemble, it’s super durable, and it looks awesome. Talk about a slam dunk.

Check out the coolest glow in the dark mini basketball hoop, which is a great gift

Why it’s unique: Umm… hello, it’s glow-in-the-dark! Very cool because it means hoopers can ball all night.

Pro tip: Encourage them to use it for 15 minutes every day. It’ll refine their shooting mechanics.

Price: $34.99

Get it here.

5. 3D basketball night light

This nightlight is baller. It has 7 different colors to select from, and four different color-changing modes. This 3D night light is soft and uniform, non-flicker, and won’t hurt eyes. The ball is a flat piece of glass, about 6 inches round that sits on a 4 inch base, so it won’t take up too much room on a nightstand or dresser.

Best basketball gifts

Why it’s unique:  It has a remote control and touch control, and it instantly makes a room look twice as cool.

Pro tip: It sits on a black base powered by either 3 AAA batteries (not included) or hooked up to a computer with a provided USB cord. So be sure to buy the batteries for your gift recipient too.

Price: $16.99

Get it here.

6. Basketball return net

This basketball return net is great for any player that wants to perfect their shooting. The net works with almost any existing basketball hoop and will save you from chasing after basketballs! Ideal for shooting free throws or jump shooting, either solo or with friends.

Women's basketball return net makes a great gift

Why it’s unique: Players can work on their “A” game without needing to call their buddies over. So they can spend less time retrieving balls and more time practicing for better skill retention.

Pro tip: The arms and net easily folds along the main pole of goal for discreet storage. So mom and dad won’t have to worry about any eyesore from this basketball net backstop. But you might want to clear this purchase with them ahead of time anyway.

Price: $189.95

Get it here.

7. Their favorite player’s bobblehead

Get your hooper something cool for their desk or display shelf! Choose an 8-inch, hand-painted bobblehead from tons of awesome WNBA players including Sue Bird, Sabrina Ionescu, Kahleah Copper, and more. Each bobblehead features the player posing with a basketball in their game day uniform, and a cool backdrop – sometimes featuring their SLAM Magazine cover, other times featuring iconic moments (such as the Sky winning the 2021 WNBA Championship).

WNBA player bobbleheads

Why it’s unique: Each bobblehead is handmade, so any item you purchase is one of a kind. There are no two items that are exactly the same.

Pro tip: Due to its limited nature, sales and discounts are not applicable to this item, so if you like it – buy it! No point in waiting for the big sales seasons.

Price: $55

Get it here.

8. Their favorite basketball player’s jersey

Every basketball player has to own at least one professional basketball player jersey. Ideally a WNBA or NBA player’s jersey from the WNBA Fanatics Shop. Help your friend, nephew, or significant other build their collection. Get a special one, like Kobe Bryant’s high school jersey. Or a signed Sue Bird jersey.

Kobe Bryant's old jersey makes a great basketball gift

Why it’s unique: They can rock it to practice, to cheer on their team at a game, or just lounging around the house. 

Pro tip: Compliment your gift recipient on their shirt one day and ask them what size it is. Then you’ll know the perfect size to order. To support the WNBA, check out the jerseys of Sue Bird and Sabrina Ionescu which have been top sellers (shop here). Also, the most popular NBA jerseys tends to be Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Price: $25.99

Get it here.

9. Hooper hoodie

Rep the Chicago Sky’s greatest gem with our new limited edition hoodie. This unisex adult-sized sweatshirt features a brilliant graphic on the front of an incredible WNBA player, and a logo on the left side of the hood. Enjoy a heavyweight, comfortable, eco‑friendly Champion sweatshirt. Perfect for the court and the couch!

Why it’s unique: This colorful basketball hoodie design will stand out everywhere you go.

Pro tip: NBA player Coby White wore it to a Chicago Bulls game with gray sweatpants, for a nice combination.

Price: $58.00

Get it here.

10. Basketball mug with a hoop is a great basketball gift

Hoop there it is! Help your favorite sister, brother, nephew, and more start their day with a hot cup of basketball. Get their head in the game early in the day, with this adorable ceramic coffee or tea mug. Plus, not to worry: it’s ceramic and dishwasher safe.

Basketball hoop mug

Why it’s unique: It’s funny and cute! 

Pro tip: Add in a box of hot chocolate and some marshmallows. So your gift recipient can shoot some shots.

Price: $29.95

Get it here.

11. Basketball defensive mannequin

Give the gift of a real-life game situation. Help them lose the defense and get better, faster shots off with a basketball defensive mannequin. This training aid is perfect for ballers in middle school and older, and can ensure they perfect their arc, practice breaking around players, or improve their floaters.

A basketball defensive mannequin is a great gift

Why it’s unique: It can be adjusted to any height. And is the perfect tool to work on their offense, even when no one else can play.

Pro tip: Practice basketball handling drills such as cross overs (including between the legs). And shoot right in front of it.

Price: $79.99

Get it here.

12. NBA 2K22

This is the perfect gift for a gamer who’s also a gamer. NBA 2K22 is a basketball simulation video game based on the NBA. In 2021, a more in-depth WNBA experience was added too.

Instead of just a season, players can now play through a unique WNBA MyCareer mode with a created player. This mode, called “The W,” allows players to create their own WNBA player and turn her into a star at the highest level in the league. Users will play in WNBA games to progress their player. And, Candace Parker recently became the first female hooper to ever grace the cover.

Why it’s unique: It gives kids and adults alike great experience learning about the details of the game.

Pro tip: Make sure they have the console needed to play it: PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Price: $19.99

Get it here.

13. Player tees

Shop the entire WNBPA collection on Breaking T or Playa Society’s tees.

Why it’s unique: These make great gifts because not everyone knows about them.

Pro tip: Check out sizing information before you order, as these could be fairly non-traditional.

Price: $45.00

Get it here.

14. Basketball socks

Get them socks with their favorite NBA or WNBA team on them from Fanatics! Crisp graphics and colors ensure everyone knows where their allegiance lies. Help them add some much-needed team spirit to any outfit with these socks.

Basketball socks are a great gift

Why it’s unique: Stylish, durable, and comfortable. What more do you need? Plus, they’ll use them every single day.

Pro tip: Get them a few pairs because we all know how socks get eaten by the washing machine.

Price: $19.99+

Get it here.

See the best basketball gifts for her

Who says “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”? That’s not in our playbook. These incredible basketball gifts for her are a girl’s best friend. Spoil your favorite lady hooper with these gifts that will not disappoint.

15. A basketball necklace

Let her keep basketball close to her heart with this dainty handmade necklace. This adorable necklace comes in silver, rose, or gold-plated options in the length of your choice, and makes the perfect gift for niece or sister, or your favorite coach.

basketball necklace

Why it’s unique: It’s sleek and an absolute game-stopper.

Pro tip: Get one for her and her best friend. There’s nothing like a gift that keeps on giving.

Price: $24.95

Get it here.

16. SleeperBear’s Steel Short

These sleek and stylish basketball shorts will score your gift recipient points all day, any day. These shorts are the perfect blend of performance fabric, unique design, and a breathable, loose cut. And they’re custom made in the USA, so they’re good for the planet.

Basketball shorts gift

Why it’s unique: It’s hard to find shorts that fit female athletes well. And in interesting color patterns no less. So these one-of-a-kind shorts really stand out and make an impression. And it’s our sister company. So when you buy a pair of shorts, you help support our reporting.

Pro tip: These shorts come with deep front pockets, so stick something fun inside like your hooper’s favorite candy.

Price: $95

Get it here.

17. Women’s basketball books

Give the gift of knowledge to your favorite hooper! Shop the best women’s basketball books (or for stress relief and creativity shop the best basketball coloring books). From a look at the start of the WNBA, to a behind the scenes look at the lives of storied WNBA players, such as Elena Delle Donne, coaches like Pat Summitt, and teams, including the Gamecocks, you’re sure to find the perfect women’s basketball book. Help your player discover the rivalries of top colleges, or get them a book to improve their game.

Women's basketball books

Why it’s unique: Knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving. Learning from others will hone their game. Plus, reading is a great activity anyone can do alone, anytime.

Price: $12 plus

Get it here.

18. A cozy winter hat

Get them a cuffed knit hat featuring a fun pom pom. This cozy cap instantly elevates any game day look! You can get the iconic orange WNBA design or pick their favorite from any NBA team, such as the Charlotte Hornets, The hat is 100% soft acrylic fabric, is one size fits most, and is surface washable.

A fun basketball winter hat

Why it’s unique: Easily customize it by selecting the version of their favorite NBA team or the WNBA.

Pro tip: Pair it with a T-shirt to give them a whole fit!

Price: $25.99

Get it here.

19. Basketball fanny pack

This fun fanny pack is great for carrying basketball snacks, a phone, keys and wallet. Made using slick, sporty fabrics, with cool color contrasting, collection-specific squiggles, eye-catching graphics, adjustable closure and plenty of zip pockets for secure storage of your belongings, your hooper will rock retro-inspired style with street sophistication.

Fun basketball fanny pack is a great gift

Why it’s unique: Fanny packs have made a come back and are quite popular right now.

Pro tip: Stuff it full of some basketball candy or energy bars.

Get it here.

20. The Linnaeus Short by SleeperBear

The Linnaeus Short is designed for all day wear and made in the USA. You’ll find it provides the perfect blend of cozy cotton fabric, original design, and standout details. The short features a washed out Carolina Blue pattern with bold bursts of red Chrysanthemums. Enjoy a relaxed cut that provides both comfort and performance options all day long for lady hoopers. 

Why it’s unique: They’re super unique and comfy – you won’t find this original design anywhere else. And it’s our sister company so you’re supporting women’s sports reporting.

Pro tip: Make your purchase quickly because these are limited edition. So they’ll sell out fast.

Price: $95

Get it here.

21. Nike Swoosh sport headbands

Help your hooper’s performance with a stylish Jacquard elastic band that holds hair in place for secure fit. This 6-pack of headbands is made of polyester, rubber, and silicone and is 8.66 inches in length.

Headbands for girls basketball gift

Why it’s unique: A fun twist on headbands with one to match every outfit.

Pro tip: Only 10 left in stock, so now’s the time to scoop them up.

Price: $24.95

Get it here.

22. Basketball planter

Got a basketball lover who also has a green thumb? Plant one of these bad boys in her hands and she will love it! These are handmade and crafted with care from a Nike Swoosh Mini Basketball. This is a brand new basketball and not previously used for play. This planter has a 5 inch nursery pot built-in, and it is best designed for nursery potted plants 4” and below. 

Basketball planter makes a great gift for her

Why it’s unique: It’s made from an actual basketball! How cool. You can also pick your own stand: a round acrylic ball stand or a wall mount : 6″ wide, includes screws and wall anchors.

Pro tip: Plants are not included, so be sure to scoop one up ideally in its own nursery pot.

Price: $45 plus

Get it here.

23. Basketball hair scrunchies

Give a gift that will help any lady hooper keep her head in the game, and her hair out! These adorable velvet scrunchies will keep hair out of her face while she’s knocking down baskets. And they’re super soft.

Velvet basketball hair scrunchies make a great gift for girls

Why it’s unique: These basketball hair scrunchies are both practical and adorable.

Pro tip: These would even make an awesome gift for a team.

Price: $9.99

Get it here.

24. Basketball hoop lights

The perfect gift for younger ballers, this LED hoop light brings some color to the game. Make it easy and fun to play at night with this simple to install light. And it comes with 8 lighting modes. Also it’s solar powered, so no extra batteries are needed.

Cool basketball hoop lights gift

Why it’s unique: This gift makes it possible to play at night.

Pro tip: Pair this with a glow in the dark basketball for an even more fun gift.

Price: $31.99

Get it here.

25. Basketball bath bombs

Give the gift of relaxation after an intense game with basketball bath bombs. When you drop one of these into your bath, it fizzes and releases delightful scents for the soothing and spa-level experience your hooper deserves after a W! It includes a pack of 5.

Basketball bath bombs are a fun present

Why it’s unique: Even the biggest ballers deserve to be pampered.

Pro tip: These bath bombs are non-toxic and vegan, so they’re also a great gift for anyone who cares about the planet.

Price: $19.99

Get it here.

26. Mini basketball game

This is a cool mini basketball game your hooper can carry in their book bag with ease. It’s a classic arcade basketball shooting game that fits on a tabletop! This set comes with 1 desktop basketball game and 6 miniature basketballs. It’s great for de-stressing and a fun way to bring teammates together with a challenge.

Mini basketball game makes a great gift for kids and adults

Why it’s unique: It’s a fun way they can take basketball with them all the time.

Pro tip: Great for beginners no matter the age, and for taking to games.

Price: $17.97

Get it here.

Explore the best basketball gifts under $15

If you’re ballin’ on a budget, check out these basketball gifts under $15! Get these affordable gifts without having to jump through any hoops.

27. Basketball cones

These cones are a great gift for players looking to improve their game. The cones’ low profile design keeps the court safe while still serving as durable markers for drills. They’re great for all sorts of agility and ball handling drills. Plus, they’ll improve footwork.

Basketball cones are a great gift for kids

Why it’s unique: These cones help players master a fundamental skill.

Pro tip: Tuck some drill ideas into the carrying bag as a fun surprise.

Price: $11.99

Get it here.

28. Personalized basketball keychain

This personalized acrylic keychain makes a thoughtful gift for any teammate or hooper. Customize it with their last name and jersey number.

Personalized basketball keychain gift

Why it’s unique: They’ll think of you every time they grab their keys to head to practice or the big game. And it’s made with care in the USA.

Pro tip: Ships pretty fast so it’s a great last-minute gift.

Price: $14.99

Get it here.

29. 3D basketball charm

This adorable necklace would be a hit for any ball players. Each necklace comes with a beautiful inspirational quote. Sure to tug on heart-strings.

A basketball charm necklace makes a great gift for basketball players

Why it’s unique: It’s a meaningful gift without breaking the bank.

Pro tip: Pair it with a silver bracelet to complete the look. Or with a basketball scrunchy.

Price: $8.99

Get the basketball charm here.

30. Space Jam poster

This basketball poster would be an awesome addition to any basketball lover’s bedroom. It’s 24 inches by 36 inches and shipped in a protective tube.

A Space Jam poster is a fun basketball gift

Why it’s unique: It wins for nostalgia throwback vibes, and features a basketball great.

Pro tip: Include some wall poster strips to make it easy to hang.

Price: $14.78

Get it here.

31. NBA Nike Performance Sleeve

Keep their shooting arm warmed up to sink jump shots with this NBA 2.0 shooter sleeve from Nike. It wicks away moisture using Dri-FIT technology and features a contoured fit for smooth, natural movement. The fabric is also designed to hold up against wear and tear for lasting use.

NBA shooting sleeve is a great basketball gift

Why it’s unique: It’s 83% Polyester/17% Spandex so it has the right amount of stretch. And it’s available in black, blue, and red so you can pick your hooper’s favorite color.

Pro tip: Be sure to practice wearing it, and not just bring it out for games.

Price: $14.99

Get it here.

Find personalized basketball gifts

Looking for personalized basketball gifts? Look no further. We’ve pulled together a few one of a kind ideas for extra unique gifts for your special basketball fan.

32. Personalized basketball sign

This 10 inch by 20 inch personalized basketball sign is sure to look baller in any bedroom. This one-of-a-kind gift is great for anyone that wants to bring the magic of the game into their home. These signs are especially great for a teammate gift or school graduation gift.

A personalized basketball name poster

Why it’s unique: The best kind of gifts have a personal touch. This sign is classy, sleek, and one-of-a-kind.

Pro tip: Since this is custom made, remember to order with plenty of time before the date you need it.

Price:  $9.99

Get it here.

33. Personalized water bottle

Encourage kids of all ages to drink up in style with this custom water bottle. This water bottle is a 24oz single wall Tritan. Tritan is a tough, shatter-resistant, 100% BPA free polyester that can withstand sub-freezing and boiling temperatures. It comes with a twist-on lid that features a clear flip-up spout with sipper straw. And it’s available in tons of colors: clear, smoke, pink, green, orange, red, aqua, blue, and purple. Everyone will be saying “H2Oh my gosh, that water bottle is so cute!”

Personalized water bottle gift

Why it’s unique: This water bottle basketball gift is personalized and will be sure to keep your favorite player hydrated during an intense game.

Pro tip: We recommend that you hand-wash for optimal longevity.

Price: $13

Get it here.

34. Personalized basketball gym towel

Every players knows, there’s nothing worse than wiping sweat from your face with your towel, and then realizing that wasn’t your towel. With this gift, the recipient’s towel will now be safe from intruders. This is a lightweight 14″ wide x 32″ long towel with an embroidered basketball design and the player’s name.

Personalized basketball towel gift

Why it’s unique: Customize it with any name, team name, or nickname.

Pro tip:  Pick from three colors including white, black, and royal. Try a darker color to help it look clean for longer.

Price: $13.99

Get it here.

35. Personalized basketball wall decor gift

This wall decor is so cool and inspiring for any baller headed out the door to a game! This wall decal is made from premium indoor removable vinyl with a matte finish.

Why it’s unique: You can pick the silhouette color, the player’s name, and the number.

A basketball silhouette cut out gift

Pro tip: If it’s going on a freshly painted allow at least three weeks for the paint to cure first.

Price: $27.99 plus

Get it here.

Hopefully you’ve found a special Christmas or birthday gift for each basketball player on your list.

Quick answers to commonly asked questions about the best gifts for basketball players

What does every basketball player need?

Every basketball player needs a basketball, a pump, and a needle. That’s it! And a water bottle if it’s a hot day.

What to get a girl who loves basketball?

Get a girl who loves basketball comfortable workout shirts and shorts, new high-top basketball shoes, basketball training classes, a WNBA jersey, or a personalized water bottle.

What do basketball players want for Christmas?

Basketball players wants basketball tickets, their favorite player’s jersey or autographed picture or ball, new high-top basketball shoes, and training classes.

Shop the rest of our gift guides if you still haven’t been inspired:

Shop the best basketball gifts

Get one of these gifts for the basketball player in your life, and they’ll thank you for years to come! And so will we, because when you purchase some of these gifts, we’ll receive a tiny bit of funding to keep this site going. We’ve included the cool gifts we could find.

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