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Basketball Gifts for Kids: Youth Basketball Presents

ByQueen Ballers Club| June 1, 2023If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

So you’re looking for the perfect basketball present for the child in your life for a birthday, Christmas, or holiday? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Today we’ve pulled together a helpful gift guide packed full of basketball gifts for kids that are sure to be a slam dunk. From a fun mini-hoop to a custom water bottle, and even awesome ping pong paddles, find something every kid will love!

Explore the Best Unique Basketball Gifts for Kids

Of course, we have to tell you about our WNBA sweatshirt featuring the awesome Diamond DeShields, and one-of-a-kind basketball shorts featuring both NBA and WNBA players.

Also if you’re looking for a fast unique gift, check out our fun printable basketball IQ card game (here for beginners and here for advanced), created in partnership with a Nike basketball trainer! And our printable basketball journal to encourage your basketball player to be reflective about their games and practices, create great goals, and improve.

Besides that, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite gifts for children that love basketball to save you some time.

We’ve included items our team has tried and enjoyed, as well as items with strong reviews from customers. We’ve also been sure to include gifts you won’t find on other lists, so your gift feels like one-of-a-kind to its special recipient!

Just to kick it off with another idea, you could even get your child a custom video from an NBA player or WNBA player using Cameo!

1. Overtime Kids Gear

OK, while clothes may not seem like a riveting gift, they’re a basketball player essential. Many young athletes workout frequently, sometimes multiple times a day, and that means many outfit changes. We’d recommend scooping up some tees and shirts from Overtime because they come in a ton of fun colors and the quality holds up pretty well. If you haven’t heard of Overtime, it’s a newer basketball media company that puts out a ton of popular content on social media, and even has an academy (OTE) for hoopers to attend to get ready to enter the NBA draft. Price: $45+

2. Mini Glow-in-the-Dark Basketball Hoop

Make playing hoops even more fun! Get a cool glow in the dark hoop they can hang in their room or the basement. The backboard, rope and basketball all glow in the dark. It’s durable, has padding on the back to protect doors, and it’s easy to setup. Price: $29.99

Mini basketball hoop gift

3. Point 3 Backpacks

If your hooper plays basketball year round, they need a backpack that is durable enough to keep up with them, but spacious enough to carry all their gear. This bag is the perfect solution and even has pockets for their shoes. Choose from a variety of colors and NBA teams. Plus, you can personalize it with their name and number. Price: $89

basketball bag

4. Custom Basketball

Most basketball players go through a ball a year, so this will be a handy and cool gift. Customize a Wilson Evolution – one of the best balls on the market and the best-selling game ball in the country – with your kid’s jersey number, favorite team logo, AAU team logo, or anything you can dream up! Your logo will be roughly 2” in size, direct printed in full color above the Wilson wordmark. The Evolutions signature feel can’t be beat. The secret is in the cushion core carcass that provides the softer feel that gives hands more control. It’s designed for indoor use, but can be used outdoor as well – it will just wear a bit more quickly. The nice thing about a custom ball is that it’s less likely someone else leaves the gym with their ball. Price: $94.95

Custom basketball gift for kids

5. Basketball Socks

Every hooper needs tons of socks, and these come in all sorts of awesome designs. These feature a breathable construction, and have soft padding and nice fit, so your hooper will be comfortable throughout every game and practice. Choose from NBA socks and WNBA socks to find your child’s favorite team. Price: $15+

WNBA socks

6. EDGE Basketball Shoe Grip

EDGE is a great way for your kid to keep their traction on the court. Kids can just spray their sneaker soles and kick the floor a few times to instantly improve their sneaker grip. The formula was engineered to enhance agility and minimize injury and leaves zero stickiness or residue so it will not increase dust pickup. A single bottle will last a full season for most athletes, which makes it the perfect gift! Price: $28

7. Basketball Earrings

The perfect gift for any basketball fan or player to take their outfit to the next level!These super cute, tiny basketball earrings are fade and water resistant, and titanium posts make them comfortable enough for all day wear. And they’re hypoallergenic for sensitive ears. Price: $12

Basketball earrings are good gifts

8. Playa Society Gear

For young fans of the WNBA, we recommend checking out Playa Society tees. Former WNBA player, Esther Wallace started Playa Society back in 2018, and the shop features cool tees with icons such as Sylvia Fowles, Sue Bird, and more. Price: $45+

WNBA gear from Playa Society

9. Basketball Hair Ties & Hats

Keep their hair out of their face and help them show off their team spirit with these cute hair ties! Each card comes with three elastic hair ties: one basketball hair tie, one solid color hair tie of your choice, and a second basketball hair tie or a second solid color hair tie of your choice. For hoopers with tighter cuts, cap off their head with a great cap instead. Choose from all sorts of NBA designs on Fanatics or WNBA designs. Price: $4+

Basketball gift hair ties
WNBA hat makes a great kids gift

10. Basketball Catapult Game

This one is for your youngest budding hoopers! Designed by STEM toy company KiwiCo, kids can aim, shoot, and score with this physics-friendly crate! With this kit they’ll be able to engineer an adjustable catapult and play a spirited game of basketball. Along the way they’ll learn about the science of sports, and experiment with different angles and arcs until they’re a hoop superstar. It has a lot of small parts so be sure to supervise their play time. Price: $24.95

KiwiCo basketball catapult game crate gift

11. Rope Lights LED Basketball Hoop Light

Add a little flair to every hoop session with these colorful bright lights! This basketball hoop light is equipped with upgraded LED bulbs and a new version 32-key remote control, to light up the rim of a basketball hoop. It’s compatible with a standard basketball hoop size, and comes with instructions and two size zip ties, for easy installation. And don’t worry, it’s waterproof! Price: $20.99

12. Bean Bag Toss

Give them a game featuring their favorite game! This cool game brings together basketball and the fun bean bag toss. It comes complete with the backboard, balls, and accessories to easily hang it up. Price: $199

Bean bag basketball game

13. NBA Basketball All-Star Players Figurines

Get your hooper a cool handmade gift they can show off in their room, on their desk, or anywhere they can imagine! These fun Lego-like NBA All-Star players is a 9-pack and includes Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Steph Curry, and more. Each figure comes with a small base plate and basketball. Price: $24.77+

mini basketball figurines

14. Weighted Basketball

Improve their game by helping them work on their ball control, dribbling, and strength with a weighted basketball from reputable brand, SKLZ. This ball is great for hoopers of all ages and can be used indoors or out. Your child will find when they switch back to a regular ball it feels a heck of a lot easier! Price: $44.99

Other popular gifts for helping serious basketball kids train and work out include a rung ladder, a weighted jump rope, hurdles for doing plyometrics and a reaction catch trainer.

weighted basketball

15. Basketball Drill Cards

Take your hooper’s basketball knowledge to the next level! This set features 64 waterproof cards full of guided drills and workouts for at home, practice, and the gym. Includes 5 categories with illustrations and step-by-step instructions. It’s even fun for beginners! Price: $14.99

Basketball drill cards

Bonus: Smart Basketball Hoop

Go big or go home they say! If your child wants the latest in basketball technology – this is it. The huupe is the world’s first smart basketball hoop, with a high definition screen for a backboard, that allows kids to train like a pro, track their performance and play basketball against other huupe users right from their driveway. For a similar but much less experience experience, recommend your young hooper download Nike’s HomeCourt app – its basic level is free and can track all your shots, plus has fun workouts. Price: $3,995

Huupe smart basketball hoop gift for kids

Bonus: Shoe Charms

Help your hooper deck out their crocs and shoes! Get 30 shoe charms including basketballs, shoes, and more. Price: $9.99

Basketball shoe charms

Shop Unique Basketball Gifts for Children

Get your favorite gifts fast! Some items are sure to sell out. Still looking for more inspiration? Explore more of the best basketball gifts here – for “kids” of all ages, or check out basketball gift ideas for boys and basketball gift ideas for girls.

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