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Basketball Gifts for Girls Ages 5-18 For The Win

ByQueen Ballers Club| December 30, 2023If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Looking for the perfect basketball gift for a girl ages 5-18? We’ve got you covered. Today we’ll reveal gear and merch from some of the hottest up-and-coming women’s basketball brands. From unique basketball T-shirts to the latest reads from WNBA MVPs, and gifts to help your female hooper improve their performance such as a new journal, discover the best basketball gifts for girls. Let’s get after it!

Discover Unique Girls’ Basketball Gifts for 5-18 Year Olds

Whether you’re shopping for a teammate’s birthday or your grandchild for Christmas, find a gifts for girls that like basketball at the price that’s right for you. We’ve included presents from $15 and up. But first things first: if you can buy your hooper tickets to a WNBA game do that. Because that’s an amazing experience, and they’ll remember it for a long time. Also be sure they’ve got WNBA League Pass so they can easily watch WNBA games.

1. Basketball Tees

Tees are a hooper essential because between practices and pick up, we’re constantly changing outfits. So an easy win is to get your girl some of the latest basketball threads! Beyond all the basics at the WNBA Store, here are some of the top indie brands for cool women’s basketball merch:

Breanna Stewart t-shirt
Sabrina Ionescu t-shirt

2. Basketball Shorts

Just like shirts, shorts are a necessary, and it can be quite tricky to find interesting looking hooper shorts for girls. Here are a few of the brands that make basketball shorts for girls that make for a really thoughtful gift:

SleeperBear: Our shorts are hella soft and airy, designed for comfort specifically for women’s hips and butts, and have deep pockets to boot. They come in limited drops, so they’ll be very unique for your hooper. Check out bright floral, basketball, and WNBA designs. These are best for larger and older girls as they’re adult sizes. Price: $75

Ryoko Rain: For true kids sizing this company’s got you. The shorts are a little uncomfortable for practice, but they’re nice to wear off the court. And there are fun designs to pick from, but they arrive every few weeks and are in limited batches.

Hoop York City: Another women’s classic in adult sizing is this indie New York-based hooper collective brand. They partner with brands such as adidas and AKTR to release awesome shorts from time to time.

Venice Ball: LA-based Venice ball released a collection with PUMA earlier this year that has a lot of bright color ways girls who prefer longer shorts enjoy. These are men’s size though (and no pockets), so size down.

Basketball women's shorts
Pink basketball shorts

3. Plantsketball

Sometimes falling in love with other hobbies can help hoopers find balance that makes them less stressed on the court. Gardening and growing things, in particular, can deliver a sense of satisfaction. So Portland-based Plantsketball’s beautiful mini basketball planters and hanging planters make a great gift for those with a green thumb. They easily brighten up any room. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! Price: $55+

Basketball planter

4. Flagrant Magazine

This artful women-founded magazine covers basketball culture and features many stars from the WNBA to inspire your young hooper. It also covers issues like mental health, inequality, and activism. There are a handful of issues you can purchase individually, each with a different theme. Issue 03 is a fan favorite. Price: $25

Flagrant Magazine

5. WNBA Little Words Bracelets

Give them a cute accessory they can wear anytime. Beaded bracelets are all the rage right now, and these live up to the type. This cool bracelet series features inspiring words, comfortable bands, and nice charms. Shop Show Up, Aim High, Trailblazer, and Baller. Price: $25

Show Up WNBA bracelet in black and white

6. Basketball Journal

Journaling can help your hooper achieve more wins on the court and off. Writing things down in a basketball journal can help them see their progress and build on their success; follow through on building new habits; and be more grateful. Our favorite journal is one designed by a pro (author James Clear known for his habit building book Atomic Habits) for building better habits. Or you could get them a simple bullet journal. And for something quick, a 20-page instantly printable journal with pre- and post-game check ins, weekly goal setting, inspiration, a nerve calming checklist, an easy way to record plays on basketball courts, note taking while watching film, and more. Price: $26

Black basketball journal by James Clear

7. Basketball Socks

Socks are another staple, and somehow we’re always losing them, errr the washing machine is eating them. So this can be a nice gift, perhaps to pair with another like their favorite player’s jersey. By far the comfiest plushiest socks that stand a beating are Nike’s Elite series. You can’t go wrong with the black and white classics, but there are also some with a little flair such as the orange WNBA ones or funky Christmas sweater ones. Some hoopers are a little particular about whether they want high socks or mid socks, so pay attention to what your girl is wearing. Price: $20

Nike Elite socks

8. Women’s Basketball Book

To explore all things WNBA and women’s basketball, we recommend the gorgeously illustrated Hoop Muses for a light-hearted read chock full of history. If your athlete is interested in developing their mental game, The Champion’s Mind can be a helpful resource. In terms of player books, the most recent launches from a WNBA athlete is WNBA ALl-Star and MVP A’ja Wilson’s Dear Black Girls. Price: $15+

Dear Black Girls

9. New Sneakers

Basketball players are almost always in need of a new pair of court kicks, and even if they don’t need them, they definitely wish they could have the newest releases – hoopers are going to stay fresh! To make your gift even more personalized you could find an artist to customize the kicks with their favorite player, team, name, cartoon, anything you want. Here are three of the hottest shoes out right now to choose from:

Sabrina 1s

There’s also a women’s basketball-only shoe brand called Moolah Kicks that could be worth checking out.

10. New Basketball

Your gal probably has a ball already, but it’s likely scuffed up and losing grip. A ball can seem like a bit of a boring gift. But having a nice one really makes a difference to a hooper. We love the Wilson Evolution. It’s an indoor ball, but can be used outdoors too – it’ll just wear through a bit quicker. It has the most cushiony feel and is wonderfully responsive. Select size 5 to get a kids size ball, or if your girl uses a women’s ball select size 6. You can also pick from a bunch of colors – consider getting one that will help their ball stand out from the others in the gym (like yellow), so no one accidentally takes it home. Price: $79

Evolution with black and gold logo

If you want to invest in their game and training, you might also want to check out other basketball accessories like jump ropes and cones.

11. Rim Lights

This is a fun gift that can add a little pizzazz to their experience, if your hooper has a net in their driveway. These cool rim lights can flip through 17 different colors, during the night or daytime. Be sure to buy and include the batteries it needs too. Price: $12.99

basketball rim lights

12. Nerf Mini Hoop

A mini-hoop is hours of fun, and can be hung in a bedroom, basement, or family room. This one is one of the cheapest, so quality isn’t amazing (it’s a hard cardboard backboard), but it really gets the job done for a more affordable price. It’s one of the easiest to pop together and get playing quickly. And it comes with a 4-inch foam basketball. Price: $12.23

Mini Nerf hoop

Shop Cool Basketball Gifts for Female Hoopers

Now you’re equipped to find the best gift for your girl’s birthday, graduation, Christmas present, and more! You might also be interested in exploring WNBA gift ideas and basketball gifts for kids for more inspiration.

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