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Winning Basketball Gifts for Boys Ages 5-18

ByQueen Ballers Club| December 30, 2023If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Looking for the perfect boys’ basketball gift? Tickets to an NBA game are a sure win. But if you’re not close to a team or the budget is wild, we’ve got you covered. Here are some fun, proven present ideas for boys ages 5-18 to bring a smile to your hooper. We’ve included something for every budget from $10 and up, and gifts that will appeal to basketball players and fans. Let’s get after it!

Fun Basketball Gifts 5-18 Year Old Boys Will Love

From a mini-hoop that will provide hours of play, to the number one hooper magazine in the country, and tees from little-known but super cool basketball brands featuring NBA players like Ja Morant, find something your friend, child, grandchild, or teammate will love.

1. SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop

OK one thing about boys: they love to play basketball. And a mini hoop allows them to do just that, any time of the year! There are tons of options to choose from but from our experience this one is the best because it’s from a trusted brand so the quality is there, it’s easy to setup in about 5 minutes, and you can actually play pretty hard with it on your dunks. It comes with a little, grippy ball too. One thing to be cautious of is in order to close the door you put it on, there needs to be a little bit of a gap, as this hoop rests on top of the door. Price: $29.99. If you want to go way bigger, check out some of the coolest basketball arcade games. These make a wildly amazing gift, but they’re very expensive.

SKLZ mini hoop

2. Basketball Croc Charms

Hoopers love to wear their Crocs and socks everywhere they go. Help your favorite boy dress their Crocs up with some flair with these fun charms. This 50-piece set comes with general basketball images, professional players, NBA team logos, sneakers, and more. So there’s sure to be enough in this grab bag to pair with any outfit. Price: $8.99

croc charms

3. SLAM Magazine

This is a cool gift because they’ll get a new magazine every month for 6 months – so it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Reading SLAM magazine is a must because it features the biggest names in basketball and their stories. It’s a great way to help your hooper learn all about basketball history and culture. They’ll be able to read all about high school, college, and professional basketball. Get your guy a 1-year subscription to the print magazine (6 issues) and a year of their digital archive. Price: $19.94

LaMelo Ball SLAM cover

4. New Sneakers

Basketball players are almost always in need of a new pair of court kicks, and even if they don’t need them, they definitely wish they could have the newest releases – hoopers are going to stay fresh! To make your gift even more personalized you could find an artist to customize the kicks with their favorite player, team, name, cartoon, anything you want. Here are three of the hottest shoes out right now to choose from:

Harden basketball shoes

5. Funko Pop

These cute little toy figurines are all the rage right now, and would look great on their nightstand or desk. So you can get them their favorite hooper, or you can customize one to look exactly like your basketball fan. It can even hold a basketball. Price: $30

Funko Pop basketball player

6. Basketball Tees

Basketball players go through tons of t-shirts during a week because of all the practices they go to! Get them a few new tees to bring a sense of freshness and fun to their wardrobe. Some of the coolest brands to shop right now, beyond all the basics in the NBA store, include:

Local Hoops Mamba tee
Jordan silencer tee

7. Basketball Shorts & Pants

No doubt your hooper needs some shorts and pants too. Here are some of the best bottoms to check out that you might not have heard of:

Overtime kids shorts
Swingmanz shorts

8. Basketball Book

Most kids end up spending some time traveling to games or lounging around at games, so books can be a nice way to help them learn about game in their down time. For ‘nerdier’ students of the game, we recommend How to Watch Basketball, a fascinating read that breaks down the history of the game and provides interesting perspectives from magicians, therapists, and more. For those looking to get motivated, we recommend Life in the G: Minor League Basketball and the Relentless Pursuit of the NBA. If your athlete is interested in developing their mental game, The Champion’s Mind can be a helpful resource. In terms of player books, Giannis: The Improbable Rise of an NBA Champion is definitely an inspiring story. Price: $15+

Basketball book

9. Favorite Player Tchotchkes

If you know their favorite player, check out all the creative stuff people have made on Etsy. For example for Ja Morant you can find posters, a candle, a car freshener, tees, autographed cards, signed jerseys, and other cool stuff. Even a cute crochet doll! Price: $10+

Ja Morant crochet doll

10. New Basketball

Your boy probably has a ball already, but it’s likely scuffed up and losing grip. A ball can seem like a bit of a boring gift. But having a nice one really makes a difference to a hooper. We love the Wilson Evolution. It’s an indoor ball, but can be used outdoors too – it’ll just wear through a bit quicker. It has the most cushiony feel and is wonderfully responsive. Select size 5 to get a kids size ball, or if your guy uses a man’s ball select size 7. You can also pick from a bunch of colors – consider getting one that will help their ball stand out from the others in the gym (like yellow), so no one accidentally takes it home. Price: $79

Boys' basketball

For a ball with a little more flair than performance, check out Market’s Smiley Tennis Ball ball or OnlyNY’s basketball.

Market basketball

11. NBA 2K24

This is the perfect gift for a gamer who’s also a gamer. LaMelo Ball has even said he used to do moves in the game, and then go outside and try to practice them on the court! NBA 2K24 is a basketball simulation video game based on the NBA. Make sure they have the console needed to play it: Get it for Playstation hereXbox here, and Nintendo Switch here. Price: $63+


12. Game Day Poster

Or help your hooper deck out their room with an original illustration from Drake Cereal. These are some of the coolest designs out there, which is why Drake Cereal has a huge following on Instagram. Get the Game Day poster that features their favorite NBA teams. Price: $27+

Lakers Celtics poster

Shop Basketball Gifts for Boys

Get your hooper a thoughtful basketball gift that shows you understand their passion. Plus pair it with a fun basketball birthday card. You might also be interested in exploring trendy NBA gift ideas and basketball gifts for kids.

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