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10 Best Women’s Basketballs & The New Wilson WNBA Ball

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| December 5, 2020If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

The best women’s basketballs make it easy to improve your game. Through a cushion-like feel, solid grip, and long-lasting quality, they ensure you can go to work every day. As Breanna Stewart’s WNBA quote goes, “You have to love your sport. Your passion and dedication can’t be some some-time, part-time, or spare-time. It has to be all-time.”

So to make your choice easy, we’ve pulled together some of the top women’s balls in terms of performance feel, durability, and design. Plus, with these cool patterns, you’ll never lose another ball to the “look-alike” phenomenon at your court again. Better yet, you’ll be able to ball all day and night both indoors and out.

From a replica WNBA ball to a glow in the dark ball, and more, we reveal everything you need to know — including their pros and cons. And most are under $30! So let’s find the right one for your game.

By the way, Wilson released a brand new WNBA game ball, which is now available exclusively on their website, and through select retailers, including the WNBA Store. Following the start of the 2021 WNBA season, Wilson also revealed first-of-its-kind collaborations with the WNBA, including three launches throughout the year featuring designs from artists and collaborators ranging from Liz Cambage to tastemaker Beija Velez, and more.

“We are thrilled to be tipping off our partnership with the WNBA in advance of a historic 25th milestone season,” said Amanda Lamb, Global Marketing Director, Team Sports at Wilson. “Introducing the Evo NXT to the pinnacle of the women’s game, and announcing our first WNBA Advisory Staff member, all in the midst of Women’s History Month, is truly a momentous occasion for Wilson.”

“I’m so excited to be the first WNBA player on Wilson’s Advisory Staff,” said Liz Cambage. “It’s beyond important for women like me to have a seat at the table to influence creative ideas and provide performance insights.”

Wilson release new WNBA basketball with Liz Cambage on board of advisors

Discover the best women’s basketballs

As you know, most women’s basketballs are size 6 and have a circumference of 28.5 inches. They’re used by women for high school and professional college leagues. Plus, they’re the same size they use in the WNBA!

Here we’ve pulled together the best women’s basketballs to make your decision simple and fast. We’ve included what makes each ball unique, its pros and cons, as well as its price. Pick up a handy basketball pump so you’re ready to roll no matter which ball you buy.

1. WNBA replica basketball for women

The Wilson WNBA authentic indoor/outdoor basketball is perfect for any lady hooper. It showcases the WNBA’s orange and oatmeal pattern, and is designed for indoor and outdoor use. It’s a game ball for all-surface outdoors play. So you can hoop whenever, wherever. Plus, it’s the official WNBA 28.5-inch size and weight. And it features patented two-panel construction for strong grip and feel.

Wilson WNBA authentic indoor/outdoor basketball

Why it’s special: Match the super stars! Use the same ball as the pros and get in the game. The Pure Feel Cover is designed with an advanced material compound for an unmistakable pro-level feel.


  • Nice for recreational use
  • Good grip
  • Unique design
  • Over 100 positive ratings
  • Laid-in-channels and 100% composite leather combine for extra grip points


  • Could show dirt a little because of the light panels

Price: $44.95

Reviews: 5/5 on Dick’s Sporting Goods. One reviewer says “My daughter loves practicing with her Wilson Authentic Series indoor/outdoor in our driveway that is real rough on basketballs. It’s held up great! She has the same ball in Wilson EVO Next that she uses indoors. The Authentic ball is the next best ball that we found that give the best feeling of the game ball she uses in high school ball. She carries both of them everywhere. She has used the ball for inside court drills and it has performed great! Great value and buy! Recommend Highly!” Plus check out this video to see it up close.

Get it here.

2. WNBA All Team Ball by Wilson

Love every WNBA team? No problem. Knock down shots and watch your game improve with the one-of-a-kind Wilson WNBA All Team Basketball. Show your love for all 12 squads with cover panels featuring the official logos of each WNBA team. The Performance Cover provides grip even on the roughest surfaces. And Inflation Retention Lining creates longer-lasting air retention with this ball designed for ultimate outdoor durability. This 28.5″ women’s basketball is the perfect size to honor all WNBA teams, too.

WNBA all team basketball for women

Why it’s special: Show your love for all 12 squads, no stress!


  • Coolest design that reps every WNBA team
  • Outdoor cover designed for grip on rough surfaces
  • Inflation retention lining creates longer-lasting air retention
  • Nice price!


  • It could pick up dirt on the white section

Price: $25.99

Reviews: 4.5/5 stars on Wilson. “My granddaughter loves that all the teams are on the ball.” a reviewer says.

Get it here.

3. Wilson Evolution basketball for women

The Wilson Evolution is the best ball for indoor hooping (28.5 inches). We’ve used this ball every day for the last three years (replacing it once per year), and absolutely love it. Every part of this ball, from the unparalleled soft-feel composite cover to the laid-in channels provide an exceptional grip and performance for those who aren’t satisfied with being satisfied. The heart of what makes it special is the super soft feel due to its cushion core carcass. And the premium Evo microfiber composite cover provides grip that you’ll love which will improve your handles. Plus, it’s durable enough to last all season.

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball for women

Why it’s special: This ball is legit quality. It’s NFHS approved for play by the national federation of state high school associations.


  • Best grip and quality in the game
  • Even though it’s an indoor ball, it lasts for a long time outside too


  • Higher price

Price: $69.99

Reviews: 4.3/5 stars on Wilson. “We’ve played with many basketballs and the Evolution is by far the BEST ball!”

Get it here.

4. Wilson’s WNBA Tribute Basketball

This 28.5 inch women’s basketball is used by all types of players from beginners to advanced. So it’s time to put your team spirit on display with the Wilson WNBA Tribute Basketball. Available in all 12 WNBA teams, the cover features your team’s logo and team colors. The performance cover provides grip even on the roughest surfaces. And inflation retention lining creates longer lasting air retention with this ball designed for ultimate outdoor durability.

WILSON WNBA Tribute Basketball

Why it’s special: Show off your favorite WNBA team! Plus its durable all-surface cover makes this ball suitable for play on any court surface.


  • Deeper channels between the panels of the ball allow for more grip points and better ball control when dribbling and shooting
  • Designed for long lasting play
  • Outdoor cover designed for grip on rough surfaces
  • Great price!


  • It’s hard to pick just one team!
  • Best for outdoor use

Price: $15.99

Reviews: 4.8/5 stars on Wilson. “I play girls high school basketball and this ball has the best grip! Great for shooting 3s as well as shots inside the key. Because of the grip it makes for easy ball control. Whether you are bringing it down the court, driving in or passing it off. All around it’s an incredible ball.” one reviewer said.

Get it here.

5. Wilson WNBA Heir Geo

The Wilson WNBA Heir Geo Basketball is 28.5 inches, and has superior feel and durability, perfect for newer basketball enthusiasts. Wilson Basketball is an institution on the court, the name is synonymous with authenticity, dependability, and innovation. A durable all-surface cover makes this ball suitable for play on any court surface.

Best women's basketball Wilson Heir Geo

Why it’s special: Designed with WNBA DNA and hybrid GeoBlocked pattern, this ball is like no other. It features a vibrant, unique pattern that stands out on any court. No one can walk off with your ball by accident if it looks this unique.


  • Inflation retention lining creates longer lasting air retention
  • Outdoor cover designed for grip on rough surfaces
  • Improved durability
  • Deeper channels between the panels of the ball allow for more grip points and better ball control when dribbling and shooting.
  • Great price!


  • Grippy, rubber feel (to accommodate rough surfaces)

Price: $25.00

Get it here.

6. Chance Premium Rubber women’s basketball

The Chance women’s basketball is great for recreational, training, or competitive play. So it’s quite versatile. It’s a great modern design that delivers excellent performance both outdoors and indoors. And its premium rubber material (not leather) provides an extra strong hold. In addition to helping it be more durable. Finally, the butyl bladder locks in air for optimal ball pressure to ensure a consistent bounce throughout your game.

Chance Premium Rubber Outdoor Indoor Basketball for women 28.5 inches

Why it’s special: This ball comes in a ton of drippy designs. And the brand is all about giving back to the community, and encouraging, optimistic, high-fives no matter whether you win or lose.


  • 100% risk free purchase
  • Over 600 positive reviews
  • Unique design so no one walks away with your ball


  • Ball does not come inflated

Price: $29.00

Reviews: 5/5 on Chance Basketball. “I like to casually go shoot some hoops here and there. This ball has held up. It’s nice and bouncy the material feels nice. It’s priced perfectly it’s a good ball.”

Get it here.

7. Wilson Carolina ball – one of the best women’s basketballs

Like a good crossover, the Wilson Killer Crossover Carolina ball (28.5 inches) helps you change pace and direction. It features pebbled channels for increased grip and control. And a pressure lock bladder to main optimal ball pressure. Which makes it great for playing outdoors or indoors. So any recreational player can make it rain, rain or shine.

Wilson Killer Crossover Basketball, Carolina Blue/White for women

Why it’s special: The cool Carolina Blue color of course. Get inspired by the colors ex-WNBA player Ivory Latta and other UNC players bleed.


  • Low price
  • Great durability
  • Improved grip
  • Over 600 positive reviews


  • Ideal for recreational use

Price: $20.99

Reviews: 4.3/5 on Wilson. “I’m going to say that this basically is a great ball. Lots of fun for a player. If I can find the best word for it, it would be bounce. It’s easy to dribble and fun to use on court. However, the texture of the rubber makes it bounce a bit more around the rim.”

Get it here.

8. Luminous Performance basketball by Wilson

The Wilson Luminous Performance Basketball is one of the only glow balls to use iridescent panels to light up its cover. Built so you can train day and night, with the Slick trainer you can strengthen your handles dribbling using the gripless cover. A premium core construction offers exceptional durability and shape retention, game after game – indoors and outdoors. Finally, you can keep training or playing even after dark. But this is a 29.5″ basketball which is typically a men’s size. However it was too cool not to include – and we, here at QBC, actually use a men’s ball quite often to shoot.

Glow in the dark women's basketball

Why it’s special: This ball is a perfect basketball gift for all ages. It’ll be a slam dunk for birthdays, holiday gifts or any occasion because it provides fun all night long.


  • The High Performance Composite Cover features a top coating that strengths the layers and optimizes durability
  • Train your handles using the slick cover to strengthen your ball control
  • Great for playing all night
  • Stay safe even hooping against your curb at night


  • The size isn’t designed for women

Price: $29.99

Reviews: 3.9/5 on Wilson. “The Luminous Basketball is super sick and the feel is just as good as my genuine leather Wilson. Highly recommend.” said one reviewer.

Get it here.

9. WNBA DRV Outdoor Basketball

Hit the neighborhood court with the Wilson WNBA DRV Basketball. Its Performance Cover is designed for outdoor play and built to stand up to the elements. That means rain or shine, you have no excuses! Inflation Retention Lining creates longer-lasting air retention with this ball designed for ultimate outdoor durability. And of course, it’s size 28.5″ for women.


Why it’s special: With this unique color combination of light blue panels and orange channels, and the WNBA logo, no one can walk off with your ball without you noticing. Show your love for the league!


  • The price!
  • Created for ultimate outdoor durability
  • Outdoor cover designed for grip on rough surfaces
  • Good bounce


  • Light color could show dirt quickly

Price: $15.99

Reviews: 5/5 on Dick’s Sporting Goods. “Best outdoor ball ever.” said one reviewer.

Get it here.

10. Weighted WNBA Women’s Basketball

Training with a weighted basketball can improve your dribbling, passing, and rebounding strength. Even with its 3lb weight, it still bounces like a regulation basketball. This official weighted basketball of the WNBA comes in a standard size 6 and a microfiber composite leather cover for an in-game feel.

Weighted women's basketball

Why it’s special: Utilizes weight training for your fingers, wrists and forearms for better command of the ball.


  • This ball features official WNBA branding coupled with the iconic Wilson script.
  • Bounces like a regulation basketball.
  • Standard size 6 / 28.5” construction, the same sized used in all WNBA games.


  • Need to know your own drills to take advantage of this ball.
  • Price is high.
  • You don’t need this ball to hoop with friends.

Price: $79.95

Reviews: 4/5 on Wilson. “I bought this a month ago to help my kids train. This ball has been a good tool to have. It challenges their handles differently each time!”

Get it here.

You could also check out pretty basketballs, including the Jelly Ball and other art basketballs that Cameron Look is dropping – if what you care about most is your drip. But those won’t be women’s sizes.

Factors to consider when buying a women’s basketball

Here are a few pro tips for how to choose a basketball.

1. Size of the ball:

The first step in choosing a basketball is to determine what size is ideal for your level of play. This will impact your technique and different leagues have different requirements. Size 6 basketballs measure 28.5” and have a standard weight of 20 oz. Size 6 balls are the official ball size for most women’s professional basketball associations, such as the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) 3×3,  in addition to women’s college and high school basketball leagues, and in youth leagues for players 12 and up. 

2. Court:

Will you be playing indoors or outdoors? For outdoor courts look for basketballs that are durable enough to handle abrasive surfaces and retain their playability in adverse weather conditions such as rain. For indoor courts look for basketballs that will perform without damaging more delicate playing surfaces. 

3. Price:

Everyone has a budget, so be sure to stick to yours. You can find options for all prices. But consider what your goal is for the ball. Do you intend to just shoot around with friends sometimes, or are you training seriously to get to the next level? Make the investment based on what your goal is.

4. Reviews:

See what others are saying about the basketball. Did it last long? Do they like the feel on their hands? Searching for videos of the ball being used on YouTube can be helpful too.

Common women’s basketball FAQs

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s basketballs?

Women’s basketballs are slightly smaller and weigh less than men’s basketballs. Women’s balls are most commonly 28.5″ (size 6) and men’s are 29.5″.

What size basketball should I purchase?

The WNBA plays with a 28.5″ basketball, so purchasing that size will line you up with the pros.

Shop the best women’s basketballs of 2022

So now that you know what’s out there, pick the ball that’s right for you. Then take it with you everywhere you go! Seriously, even as you’re watching TV sitting on the sofa, dribble that bad boy under your legs.

If you purchase one of these women’s basketballs from Wilson they send us a little bit back which helps keep our women’s basketball reporting flowing – and it doesn’t cost you any more than it always would. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases there as well.

Up next, check out the best basketball guard drills or some hot new shoes for basketball guards.

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