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The Ultimate Women’s Basketballs For Quality Hooping

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| July 5, 2023If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

The best women’s basketballs make it easy to improve your game. Through a cushion-like feel, solid grip, and long-lasting quality, they ensure you can go to work every day. As Breanna Stewart said, “You have to love your sport. Your passion and dedication can’t be some some-time, part-time, or spare-time. It has to be all-time.”

So to make your choice easy, we’ve pulled together some of the top women’s balls in terms of performance feel, durability, and design. Plus, with these cool patterns, you’ll never lose another ball to the “look-alike” phenomenon at your court again. Better yet, you’ll be able to ball all day and night both indoors and out.

From a replica WNBA ball to a weighted women’s ball and even silent balls, we reveal everything you need to know — including their pros and cons. Some are under $30 so there’s an affordable option for every budget! So let’s find the right one for your game.

Discover the Best Women’s Basketballs

Just to kick things off to be sure you get the right size: women’s basketballs are size 6 and have a circumference of 28.5 inches. This same size is used in high school, college, and the WNBA for female hoopers. So check out the best women’s basketballs to make your decision simple and fast, so you can hit the court happy. Plus pick up a handy basketball pump so you’re ready to roll no matter which ball you buy.

Many NBA and WNBA players practice with Wilson basketballs, as you can see during some of their private work outs with trainer Chris Brickley (who also has his own weighted ball series with Wilson), because Wilson is now the official basketball of the NBA and WNBA, so we’ve included more Wilson balls than any other brand.

1. WNBA Authentic Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

This ball is the best way to match the superstars on a budget. The Wilson WNBA authentic indoor/outdoor basketball is ideal for recreational use. It features the WNBA’s orange and oatmeal pattern, and is equipped with padding for all-surface play. It’s definitely one of the most grippy balls we’ve played with. Something to keep in mind is that it picks up dirt pretty quick on the white panels. But it’s a great value for the price. If you want the legit one, here’s the expensive version used by the pros.

Wilson WNBA authentic indoor/outdoor basketball

2. WNBA All Team Ball by Wilson

OK this ball is the cheapest one on the list making it an easy pick up, and we also included it because of it’s cool design. (By the way if you’re looking for a ball based on looks alone, be sure to check out our collection of pretty basketballs). Anyhow, this ball is ideal for any hooper that loves the WNBA because it features the logos from all 12 teams. It’s great for outdoor use and for taking to events and gyms, because it’s less likely someone will walk out with your ball. We’ve found it loses air a bit more quickly than some others though.

WNBA all team basketball for women

3. Wilson Evolution Basketball for Women

This is our go-to ball for serious hoopers, so we highly recommend it if you can afford to invest in a quality ball. It’s also used by a lot of pros. We’ve used this ball every day for the last five years (replacing it about once per year), and absolutely love it. Anyhow it’s super plush and comfortable, yet has plenty of grip. The bounce is predictable, and it now comes with the logomark in a range of colors. It’s the best indoor ball on the market, in our world!

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball for women

4. Baden Women’s Basketball

OK some of our favorite hoopers have been hyping up this ball for a while, so we had to give it a try. Like other premium balls, it’s a relatively soft ball compared to all those out there. What makes it different from the Wilson balls is that it’s a bit more grippy. It’s also a true indoor ball. So overall this is a nice ball for serious hoopers training in the gym.

Baden Elite game ball for women

5. Wilson’s WNBA Tribute Basketball

This is the ideal ball for a girl who loves a specific WNBA team. Similar to the All-Team ball, this ball is a lower quality option in terms of play, but a great way to rep your hooper’s favorite team. It’s grippy as heck. This makes it a nice outdoor ball, and the neighborhood is sure to love it.

WILSON WNBA Tribute Basketball

6. Wilson NCAA Evo Nxt Official Game Indoor Ball

This women’s ball is billed as Wilson’s greatest and latest innovation and has the high price tag to back that up. So it’s a great indoor ball for serious hoopers. If you want to play with the official ball of March Madness, this is the ball for you. It’s built for long range shooters and it’s a lighter ball than most.


7. round21 WNBA Legends Ball

This ball reps some of the greatest female legends pushing the game forward, and is sure to inspire girls everywhere. It’s more of a fun ball and collectible than a serious trainer’s ball, but can be used for both indoor and outdoor hooping. It’s an official round21 x WNBA Players Association basketball.

Legends basketball

8. Chance Premium Rubber Women’s basketball

The Chance brand is all about giving back to the community, so we had to include a ball from them on the list. The quality is fine for recreational use, and they have plenty of cool designs to chose from – so your ball will clearly be your ball, no matter where you take it. The ball is a premium leather material and it works indoors and out. It’s offered in all sizes, so be sure to select the women’s size 6, and be aware that it arrives deflated so you’ll need to pump it up.

Chance Premium Rubber Outdoor Indoor Basketball for women 28.5 inches

9. Weighted WNBA Women’s Basketball

Training with a weighted basketball can improve your dribbling, passing, and rebounding strength. Even with its 3lb weight, this one still mostly bounces like a regulation basketball. This is the official weighted basketball of the WNBA, and features a microfiber composite leather cover for an in-game feel.

Weighted women's basketball

10. Silent Basketballs

Silent basketballs claim to help you not disturb the rest of your fam and neighbors while practicing your dribbling. The verdict on these is still out, and most don’t come specifically in women’s sizes. However we wanted to mention them because they could be a nice way to keep elementary and middle school hoopers happy at home. Here are a few to check out: In the Lab and TravelTopp.

In the Lab silent basketball

How to Pick the Best Women’s Basketball

Here are a few pro tips for how to choose a basketball.

1. Size of the ball:

The first step in choosing a basketball is to determine what size is ideal for your level of play. This will impact your technique and different leagues have different requirements. Size 6 basketballs measure 28.5” and have a standard weight of 20 oz. Size 6 balls are the official ball size for most women’s professional basketball associations, such as the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) 3×3,  in addition to women’s college and high school basketball leagues, and in youth leagues for players 12 and up. If you have a younger female hooper, you might consider a youth size 5 ball.

2. Court:

Will you be playing indoors or outdoors? For outdoor courts look for basketballs that are durable enough to handle abrasive surfaces and retain their playability in adverse weather conditions such as rain. For indoor courts look for basketballs that will perform without damaging more delicate playing surfaces. Shop indoor basketballs here and outdoor basketballs here. Be sure to select a women’s ball – size 6!

3. Price:

Everyone has a budget, so be sure to stick to yours. You can find options for all prices. But consider what your goal is for the ball. Do you intend to just shoot around with friends sometimes, or are you training seriously to get to the next level? Make the investment based on what your goal is.

4. Reviews:

See what others are saying about the basketball. Did it last long? Do they like the feel on their hands? Searching for videos of the ball being used on YouTube can be helpful too.

Shop the Best Women’s Basketballs

So now that you know what’s out there, pick the ball that’s right for you. Then take it with you everywhere you go! Seriously, even as you’re watching TV sitting on the sofa, dribble that bad boy under your legs.

If you purchase one of these women’s basketballs from Wilson they send us a little bit back which helps keep our women’s basketball reporting flowing – and it doesn’t cost you any more than it always would. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases there as well. However, as always, we’ve included the best balls based on reviews and our team’s experience, period.

Up next, get to work with the best basketball guard drills, and shooting drills for increasing your range.


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