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Pretty Basketballs You’ve Got To See

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| August 13, 2021

The connection between artists and the sport of basketball is a visual art trend that can’t be ignored. Over the last few years pretty basketballs, that function as both art and a playable ball, have emerged on the scene as a fun option for hoopers.

As Los Angeles-based artist Mark Whalen told Vice, “I love the game. Basketball in the 90’s had so much flare and hype to it, and I think a lot of artists now seem to be having fun using it as a powerful icon in their work. The basketball itself is a dominating object.”

So today, we’re going to share some of our favorite hooper eye candy. These pretty basketballs help make it easy to scoop out which ball is yours on the way out of the gym, and also add a nice pop of color to any room in your house, plus they’re a conversation starter!

Discover pretty basketballs

From a teddy bear ball to a roses ball, a rainbow basketball and more, here are some cool playable pretty basketballs designed by awesome artists. These designed basketballs tend to sell out quickly because they’re often exclusive runs, so bookmark your favorite shops and artists, and grab the ones you like if they’re still around.

1. Xmas Basketball by Good Looks!

This basketball is a piece of art and a functional basketball. It features a design inspired by Krispy Kreme donuts and would be the perfect Christmas present! It has high-quality moisture absorbing leather. And is men’s regulation size and weight. 

It’s designed by basketball photographer Cameron Look, who’s made a name for himself photographing high school basketball stars, and now the NBA for SLAM. His basketball drops sell out really quickly, so cop it right away if you want one.

2. The Jellyfish Basketball by Good Looks!

Inspired by SpongeBob, this Jellyfish basketball features a stunning pink design, also created by Cameron Look. It’s made to be admired and to be played with! It’s comprised of high-quality moisture absorbing leather. And is a men’s regulation size and weight.

3. Pretty Basketballs: Class of 2021 by Good Looks!

From the streets to the league, this ball is inspired by the class of 2021 hoopers. It has a cool teddy bear design, and is made of high-quality moisture absorbing leather. It’s men’s regulation size and weight. Designed by basketball photographer Cameron Look, it dropped in early 2021 and sold out super quickly.

The Class of 2021 Basketball by Good Looks!

4. Roses basketball by round21 – Artist Craig White

Craig White is a graphic designer and artist based in Toronto, Canada. His “Roses” basketball conveys the idea of a player’s game “in bloom.” Roses are a symbol of achievement and this visual story celebrates the big and small wins along the way, for the players who leave their heart on the court all day, every day. 

Roses basketball by round21

This ball features a versatile and durable composite leather cover, and contemporary wide concave channel for easy grip and channel recognition. It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor play. And is an official men’s size (29.5) and weight.

5. Sket x round21 basketball

Designed by LA-based artist Sket One, this is an original collectible and playable performance basketball. This official men’s size (29.5) and weight features classic graphic elements that evoke the excitement and fun of Sket’s iconic character. Its rotationally balanced butyl bladder provides excellent air retention and true rebound. And you can use it indoors and outdoors.

Sket x round21 basketball

Sket One began his career as a graffiti artist in the late 80’s. Since his start, Sket One has become widely known for his eye-catching art and creative toy designs that incorporate distinct elements from pop culture.

6. Marco Oggian Basketball

This basketball is all about play – and shows play in pattern. It’s designed by Marco Oggian, a global artist who uses strong colors and simple shapes to represent everything he sees. Born in Italy, and currently residing in Barcelona, Spain, Marco partnered with round21 on this cool basketball which is also available in the Modern Museum of Art.

Marco Oggian Basketball

Like all round21 balls it’s a men’s official size (29.5) and weight, and is both an indoor and outdoor basketball. It features a versatile and durable composite leather cover.

7. Bluniverse basketball by round21 – Artist Lola Blu

The “Bluniverse” basketball bring us into a diary of Latinx artist Lola Blu’s mind and it great for indoor and outdoor use. Complicated times can open our mind to possibilities ahead and that’s what this ball with nylon/polyester blend winding for great shape retention shows off.

Bluniverse basketball by round21 - Artist Lola Blu

The artist has built a cult following by merging art and music to bring color and feeling to unconventional canvases. As an accomplished drummer, her latest “exhibits” are on drum sets gracing the stage at the GRAMMY’s, Jimmy Fallon, and at the VH1 Save the Music foundation.    

8. Wilson Heritage Plaid Basketball

The Wilson Heritage Plaid Basketball is an indoor/outdoor ball that features a high-performance composite cover and laid-in-channels for performance plus style. It’s a men’s regulation ball. This special collaboration was created in limited quantities and is only available while supplies last.

Wilson Heritage Plaid pretty basketballs

9. Chance Premium Rubber Outdoor / Indoor Basketball

This ball is really awesome because it’s a unique design, and Chance gives back to organizations whose missions are important to them like the Boys and Girls Club. The ball has incredible grip and is long-lasting.

Chance basketball

You can count on it for excellent performance for outdoor basketball play, but it can be used indoors. It’s designed with premium rubber material, not leather, so it provides an extra strong hold and durability. One thing to keep in mind is that it ships flattened, not blown up.

10. Spalding Rainbow Basketball

Bring a splash of color to the court when you shoot hoops with this rainbow panel Spalding basketball. This is a special design exclusive to Urban Outfitters.

Spalding Rainbow Basketball

This ball is made of rubber and is an official, men’s 29.5″ regulation-size. It features a soft grip and is great for outdoor play. Show it off on the court or display it in your space.

11. Spalding UO Exclusive Globe Pretty Basketball

The colors are vivid on this original by Spalding and Urban Outfitters. Go round the world from the court when you shoot hoops with this rubber map-print Spalding basketball. It’s an official men’s regulation-sized soft grip basketball. Show it off on the court or it’ll look great sitting near your desk as a conversation piece.

Spalding UO Exclusive Globe Basketball

12. Disney X Diamond Supply Co Basketball

Bring a little Disney magic to the court with this faux-leather basketball with each panel featuring the smiling faces of the Sensational 6 including Goofy, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and more. This is a men’s regulation size ball that’s a bright ball of color.

Disney X Diamond Supply Co Basketball

13. Chinatown Market Secret Club Dior Ball

This special basketball was released originally through Chinatown Market’s exclusive Secret Club in 2021. It features the traditional black lines that fans might expect on a standard basketball. It is also the same size as a regulation men’s ball.

Chinatown Market Secret Club Dior pretty basketballs

A Dior monogram print covers every surface of the orb in a dark blue font. It’s set against a lighter blue background color that complements the darker iconic logo.

14. AND1 Fantom Chaos Graffiti

AND1 began in the summer of ’93 in Philadelphia as a graduate school project of Jay Coen Gilbert, Seth Berger, and Tom Austin who were selling t-shirts out of the backseat of their cars. Years later, the brand launched the infamous AND1 Mixtape Tour, a traveling basketball competition and exhibition of streetball players. 

AND1 Fantom Chaos Graffiti Basketball

This AND1 Chaos rubber ball is men’s regulation size 7 (29. 5”) and weight, and is great for indoor and outdoor use. It features deep channel construction for improved ball grip and control. AND1 basketballs are built to last and withstand wear and tear, and this one ships inflated so it can be used right away

15. Victor Solomon’s NBA 2K22 Kintsugi Basketball Sculpture Kit

Victor Solomon, known for his delicate stained glass backboards, and NBA 2K teamed up to celebrate the release of NBA 2K22, collaborating on a hoops-themed kintsugi kit, featuring a ceramic NBA 2K basketball sculpture, a copy of NBA 2K22 NBA 75th Anniversary Edition, a Midnight Black PlayStation®5 DualSense™ controller, a Victor Solomon “Heat Check” candle, gold dust, a gold hammer, glue, and a step-by-step tutorial describing how to break and create, your own one-of-one, perfectly imperfect collaborative sculpture.

Victor Solomon's NBA 2K22 Kintsugi Basketball Sculpture

Kintsugi is the storied and ancient craft of repairing broken pottery with gold-dusted lacquer, celebrating the imperfections and showing the beauty in resurrecting something to make it new again, much like an athlete’s journey to greatness. The best part is you can enter for a chance to win one of 12 NBA 2K22 Kintsugi kits, with one winner selected each day between December 13 and December 24, 2021.

Bonus – Basketball Purses

Still need more basketball beauty in your life? Well you’re in luck! Check out a variety of stunning luxury ball hand bags created from athletic balls, high quality hardware and hand-selected premium hides. These basketball purses, designed by artist Andrea Bergart, are individually handmade in New York City by a small team of highly skilled craftspeople. She also takes custom projects by request. There are also some pretty basketball purses on Etsy.

Basketball purses

Bonus Basketball Planters

Fear not, that’s not all! There are also pretty basketball planters you can grow awesome house plants in. Check out tons of options on Etsy to purchase handmade and crafted with care Wilson basketball planters. Each planter is made of brand new basketball that’s never been used for play.

Basketball planter

NBA All-Star Basketball

In 2022, a limited-edition Wilson basketball was created collaboration with jeweler and luxury purveyor Tiffany & Co for the NBA All-Star weekend in Cleveland. And it’s pretty enough to be added to our list! Artist Daniel Arsham was enlisted to design the commemorative item.

“I wanted to add something new so this one has my studio monogram embossed into it,” Daniel explained to Esquire. “It has the double ‘A’ logo inside of the Tiffany graphic with a dual brand lockup, and it commemorates the All-Star game in Cleveland. Collabs like these are even more unique when the canvas you’re working with is something as special as the official NBA game ball from Wilson.”

NBA All-Star Weekend Tiffany and Wilson ball

Shop pretty basketballs

Pick your favorite pretty basketballs and get your order in so you can get to work and always know which ball is yours after practice! If you purchase certain balls from this article, we’ll get a little something back to help fund this website. However, we’ve included all sorts of balls in order to show you the very best – not just ones that will help us out. Up next, explore the best women’s basketballs.

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