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Fun Elf on the Shelf Basketball Ideas & Antics

ByQueen Ballers Club| December 6, 2023If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

So you have an Elf on the Shelf and a basketball player or fan, and you need to figure out how to keep them both occupied until December 24th? No sweat. Today we’ll explore creative Elf on the Shelf basketball ideas to dazzle and delight your littles this holiday season. We’ll also share some handy printable templates (like our cute Elf notes for hoopers) and purchasable outfits that can take your displays up a notch. But they’re not required – all you need is a little imagination and magic!

Enjoy Elf on the Shelf Basketball Ideas for Tiny Hoops Hilarity

Elf on the Shelf brings with it a world of whimsical possibilities, and what better way to infuse holiday cheer than by combining the magic of the elf with the excitement of basketball? Whether your little ones are aspiring hoopers or devoted fans, these imaginative scenes not only showcase the mischievous charm of the Elf on the Shelf but also foster a spirited celebration of their beloved sport.

1. Hoops Helper Elf

Position your Elf on the Shelf on a miniature basketball court, complete with a tiny hoop and ball. Have the elf engage in a friendly game of one-on-one with another small toy or action figure, showcasing its basketball skills. You can even create a scoreboard to keep track of the “Elf Dunk Championships.”

2. Jersey Day Elf

Dress your Elf on the Shelf in a tiny basketball jersey representing the favorite NBA, WNBA, or kids’ team of the household. Place the elf near a basketball-themed setup, such as a toy basketball court or hoop. You can also scatter tiny cones around to make it look like the elf has been practicing its dribbling skills.

3. Elf Slam Dunk Mini-Hoop Contest

Set up a creative display featuring your Elf on the Shelf attempting an epic slam dunk by hanging onto the mini-hoop on the back of one of your doors. Add a touch of excitement by placing tiny cheering figures around the “court.” If you don’t have a mini-hoop you could place your elf swinging from a basketball ornament on your tree.

4. Coach Elf’s Playbook

Position the Elf on the Shelf with a tiny clipboard, wearing a makeshift coach outfit. Create a “playbook” with basketball strategies and plays drawn on tiny sheets of paper. Place miniature basketballs around the scene to illustrate the elf’s dedication to coaching and guiding the household basketball team.

5. Basketball Trading Card Extravaganza

Decorate the Elf on the Shelf’s surroundings with trading cards featuring players from your child’s beloved W/NBA team. Set up a display with tiny card stands and create a trading card “fair” where the elf can be seen trading cards with other toys. This idea not only reflects team loyalty but also adds an element of collecting fun.

6. Team Locker Room Setup

Recreate a miniature locker room scene for your Elf on the Shelf, adorned with the colors and logo of your child’s favorite W/NBA team. Arrange tiny jerseys, sneakers, and basketballs, showcasing the elf as a dedicated player or coach. This idea brings the excitement of the W/NBA to your child’s holiday celebration.

7. WNBA Championship Parade

Design a festive parade scene celebrating your child’s favorite team’s championship victory. Use confetti, miniature banners, and even craft a tiny replica of the W/NBA trophy. Use miniature props like toy cars, tiny banners, and confetti to create a lively parade scene. Position the elf on a decorated “float” made from a small toy vehicle, leading a procession of other basketball-related toys or figures.

8. Sneaky Sneakers Elf

Create elf footprints by placing a string of flour on the floor and walking the elf’s feet through it. Make the walking lead to your hooper’s basketball kicks. Put the elf sleeping inside on a little pillow made out of a cotton ball and a blanket from a tissue. You could even put the elf in their own pair of new kicks.

9. Game Day or Practice Bag Elf

Your elf is getting ready for their big game! But they might have gotten a little distracted…place your elf in their basketball backpack or basketball duffle bag with a slew of snacks cascading to the ground around it. Have one snack open and put some in the elf’s hand.

10. Elf Photo Booth/Team Media Day

Create a mini photo booth scene with your Elf on the Shelf. Set up a small backdrop with basketball-themed decorations, and provide tiny props like sunglasses, hats, and basketballs. Please a disposable camera nearby. Encourage kids to take festive photos with the elf, showcasing their best basketball poses.

Basketball Elf on the Shelf Props to Save Time

We get it: it can be a lot to come up with 25+ days of ideas and execute them. And we know you’ll probably wake up at 2AM thinking, “Did I move that dang elf?!” a few times. So to make it as simple as possible to bring your basketball scenes to life and lower your stress this joyful season, here are a few handy basketball props than can quickly take your displays to the next level.

1. Elf Notes for Basketball Players

These printable notes make it easy for your Elf to drop clues, words of encouragement, and little gifts to your favorite hoopers.

2. Christmas Elf Basketball Scene 

These adorable props can help you set up a whole mini-scene including a court, scoreboard, jersey, hoop, trophy and more. It’s an instant download PDF that you can quickly print off.

Christmas elf basketball scene

3. Elf Basketball Scene

Perfect for kids that love hoops! Here’s another cute option that even comes with a fun standup card and stylish sneakers. You can print this downloadable file as many times as you’d like.

Elf basketball scene

4. Elf BasketBall Court & Ball

Have a ball! If you’re looking for something more tactile and 3D, you’re in luck. This elf-sized basketball court is made of felt and measures 8 1/2″x6″ and comes with a felt ball as well.

Felt basketball court in brown

5. Custom Elf Jersey

Dress their elf up just like them! This is a cool option to customize the colors, team name and number of your elf’s gear. The outfit fits any standard size 12″ doll, and comes complete with the jersey, shorts and mini plastic basketball. The basketball has a mini glue dot, simply peel the paper and stick to your elf’s hand.

Elf basketball jersey

6. Custom Christmas Elf Basketball Outfit 

If you just want to customize the color to match their favorite team, this elf felt North Pole outfit and ball are for you. Please keep in mind the clothes are slip on (there’s no velcro) and you need to have removed the stitches holding the hands together in order to dress your elf.

Custom North Pole jersey

7. Hoop There It Is Elf Clothing Set

This elf outfit is the cutest thing! It includes the shirt, pants, and ball. It’s more expensive than some other options, but the style is a slam dunk.

Hoop there it is white t-shirt for elf on the shelf

8. World’s Smallest Basketball Hoop

Use this Nerf hoop as a free-standing basketball hoop, perfect for ages 6 and up. This mini kit includes a ball, backboard and stand, and suction cup to keep it upright.

Mini nerf basketball hoop for elfs

Enjoy Clever Basketball Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Get ready for a holiday season filled with laughter, surprises, and a dash of basketball magic. Use these enchanting ideas to spark excitement throughout December- and make it one to remember! You might also enjoy browsing basketball stocking stuffer ideas and basketball Christmas gift ideas.

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