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The Best Mini-Basketball Hoops Guide

ByQueen Ballers Club| July 2, 2022If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Mini-basketball hoops make great gifts, as they can improve any room or office, and can even help young kids improve their skills. Today we’ll share a few favorites, including some as low as $15! We’ll reveal a very creative backboard designed by an artist, as well as a hoop from a popular hooper brand from the 90s. Let’s jump right into the best mini-basketball hoops!

Discover the best mini basketball hoops for fun

Check out five basketball hoops to consider. For each hoop we outline the basics about it, share some pros and cons, and explain what type of hooper it might be a good fit for. Hopefully this helps make your decision an easy one.

1. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

SKLZ mini basketball hoop

With nearly 30,000 purchases and a 4.5 star rating, this hoop is Amazon’s top pick, and also ours. The SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop is a small hoop you can easily mount on a door or wall. It comes with a spring-action break-away rim, which means that it will flex when you slam the ball into it, so it won’t break. The backboard is made of a clear, shatter-resistant material, and the hoop comes with a small 5″ rubber basketball. It’s easy to assemble and mount, and the pro-style graphics make it look like a real hoop. Use it to practice shooting or play games with friends!

Pros: Most reviewers say this hoop fits on their door well and that it holds up well, even to kids’ dunking.

Cons: Slightly more expensive than others but a nice value for the money.

Best for: Super durable so it’s great for young kids.

Price: $29.99

2. Glow in the Dark Basketball Mini Hoop

Glow in the dark mini basketball hoop with green ball and rim

This one is for the night owls and makes a great basketball gift for kids! It’s also the most popular mini-hoop with our readers today and has been rated 4.5/5 stars by over 2,500 people. It’s just a touch smaller than some hoops at 16 x 12 x 2 inches. The backboard is made of a clear, shatter-resistant material, and the hoop has thick dense foam padding on the backboard and brackets to protect your door from damage and reduce noise. It’s comes with all the necessary tools to assemble it and set of instructions, but reviewers say it can take a while to assemble due to all the screws. The hoop can be taken off the backboard for storage, and it doesn’t take up much space. The best part is that the net and basketballs all glow in the dark (the backboard is supposed to as well), so you can play basketball even in the dark!

Pros: Their customer support is very responsive. Comes with a small pump for the included basketballs.

Cons: Some reviews say the backboard of the hoop doesn’t glow for them.

Best for: Young kids and adults who still want to be kids, as a fun gift.

Price: $29.99

3. Wilson’s NBA Team Mini Basketball Hoop for Door

NBA mini basketball hoop for kids and adults in the black and gray and white Brooklyn Nets colorway

This mini hoop is great for any pro basketball fan – and it’s a bargain! The NBA Team Mini Hoop is mountable on any door or wall, and features different NBA teams’ color ways, and has the official NBA branding and logo on it. It’s easy to assemble and mount, and it’s built sturdy and ready for action, so it can handle lots of dunking and shooting. It comes with a little official NBA basketball from Wilson, with the Wilson script and NBA branding on it.

4. Round21 Love of Sport Basketball Mini Hoop

Colorful repeating basketball pattern on this Round21 mini basketball hoop

Founded by Jasmine Maietta, a former pro basketball player in Spain, who transitioned into coaching and later marketing, including leadership roles at Under Armour and Peloton, round21 aims to empower the creative spirit in everyone with cool sports drops created by artists, as well as unique experiences. Their Love of Sport Mini Hoop features an artful repeating basketballs pattern in fabulous blue, pink, green and yellow. It’s easy to assemble and will last a long time as it includes a shatterproof backboard and a durable steel rim. The hoop is lightweight and also includes padding to protect doors. It comes with a small, inflatable rubber basketball that you can adjust the bounce of by inflating it to your preferred level. It’s a great product for practicing your basketball skills and having fun playing the game – while also adding a really nice decor touch to any room.

5. AND1 Over the Door Mini Hoop

AND1 is for the real hoopers. Or it was, anyway. Today AND1 is a brand of athletic apparel, footwear, and equipment, exclusively for basketball, that’s kind of barely hanging on. It was founded in 1993 by a group of streetball players and professional basketball players, Seth Berger, Jay Coen Gilbert, and Tom Austin. They wanted to create a brand that represented the style and attitude of streetball players, and that would provide high-quality gear for players at all levels. The company started out by selling T-shirts and other clothing with bold graphics and slogans, and quickly gained a loyal following.

In the late 1990s, AND1 expanded into the basketball shoe market, releasing a number of innovative and stylish shoes that became popular with players of all levels. The company also sponsored streetball tournaments and teams, and helped to popularize the sport through its marketing and sponsorship efforts. But things definitely took a fall from there. You can check out the whole story in Netflix’s documentary, Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1.

Anyhow, about this hoop – at 18″ x 12″ this mini hoop is on the slightly larger size and has been rated 4.5/5 stars by over 2,000 hoopers. It comes with two small basketballs and a hand pump, so you can inflate them and start playing right away. You can chose from a ton of colorful designs for the backboard – all in their signature graffiti style. The hoop is easy to mount on the top of most doors and doesn’t require any assembly – that’s right, no tools required! It has a spring-loaded rim that bounces back into place when you slam the ball into it, and a heavy-duty net to catch the ball. And the backboard is made of a shatterproof material, which makes it very durable. Plus it has foam padding on the back to protect your door from damage.

How to chose the best mini-basketball hoop

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best mini-basketball hoop, and the best option for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a mini-basketball hoop:

  1. Size and weight: Mini-basketball hoops come in a range of sizes, that you’ll want to make sure align with your door or wall.
  2. Assembly: Some require following instructions and involve a lot of screws, others arrive fully put together.
  3. Backboard material: Mini-basketball hoops typically have a backboard made of plastic, but some have wood or glass. Plastic is the most flexible.
  4. Rim: Decide whether your hoop will need to withstand dunking because not all do. Keep an eye out for breakaway rims or rims with springs if you’d like to dunk a lot.
  5. Price: Mini hoops range from $15 to over $100. Pick your budget before shopping so you can find the best value at your level.
  6. The extras: Check to see if a ball and pump is included, as needed.

Shop the best mini-basketball hoops

Now you’re equipped to get the mini-basketball hoop of your dreams – or your gift recipient’s dreams! Up next check out some great basketball shooting drills to try. You might also be interested in getting a custom basketball for your favorite hooper. Check out our custom basketball guide.

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