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Where to Find Women’s Basketball News

ByQueen Ballers Club| September 20, 2023If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Tis the season for hoops! Trying to tap into all things college and pro women’s ball? Get inspired by player stories, see how the pros make their magic happen with skill break downs, and catch the latest WNBA free agency gossip with these go-to sources. Since most sites still burry women’s sports on sub-tabs, we wanted to make it easy for you to find the good stuff. Here are some of our favorite outlets to discover the latest women’s basketball news and stories first.

Enjoy Women’s Basketball News: Players, Teams, Stats

Add these to your daily reading lists, or peep them from time to time to catch the latest women’s college and pro basketball news.

  1. SLAM – Get periodic news and in-depth player stories from the hoopers’ magazine. These are some of our favorite in-depth articles that go behind the scenes with players like Benijah Laney, A’ja Wilson, and more.
  2. Her Hoop Stats – Get handy college and pro stats, plus in-depth analysis of those stats from a team of writers. There’s also WBB betting coverage, and a cool feature that lets you hear how players’ pronounce their own names.
  3. The Next – Enjoy in-depth nearly daily coverage of college WBB and pro hoops with a focus on every WNBA team.
  4. The Players’ Tribune – Hear about the players from the players with articles and videos featuring big names in their words.
  5. Togethxr – Watch occasional interesting video stories about some of the biggest names in WBB such as the birth of Stewie’s daughter or AD’s covid get back to Atlanta.
  6. Yahoo! Sports College & WNBA – Read the latest headlines in women’s basketball and exclusive scoops from senior writers.
  7. ESPN WNBA & College – ESPN is a resource for stats, scores, and standings, as well as news from team press conferences with both MAVoepel and Alexa Philippou on the beat.
  8. The Athletic – Read team scores and standings, and exclusive WNBA stories such as the exclusive series that followed the two ‘super teams’ last season.
  9. SBNation – Get league-wide coverage including game analysis and player stories. Heavier coverage on LA, NY, MN, and DC which all have their own sub-sites.
  10. Andscape – From time to time they’ll do some really nice in-depth stories about a specific topic such as pro players’ experience abroad. Definitely worth looking out for.
  11. Winsidr – Read WNBA stories and analysis from fans turned journalists with a beat for each WNBA team – their Dallas Wings coverage is particularly strong. This is also one of few outlets that provides overseas hooping coverage.
  12. Queen Ballers Club – Ayyy you’re already here! Read in-depth pro player stories, get drills to develop your basketball skills, and find out about the latest basketball merch drops.
  13. WNBA – The official site of the WNBA has the best advanced stats with video clips, and news about teams, players, and the league such as the schedule and sponsorships. Mark Schindler provides nice analysis.
  14. Athletes Unlimited – Go right to the source of this three-month long winter pro league in the US with player stories and game insights.
  15. Made for the W – Follow this social account for all things women’s basketball, lifestyle and sneaker culture. Find out about the hottest hoop shoes before they drop and catch tunnel fits to keep your style fresh.
  16. The Gist – Get news on WNBA expansion, league changes, the latest women’s basketball sponsorships, and more via this newsletter.
  17. The Committee – Join live discussions with some of the top athletes in the game on this social account.
  18. HighlightHER – See the latest amazing moments and inspiring feats by female hoopers on this social stream.
  19. Khristina Williams – Get the scoop on WNBA free agency with her breaking news tweets about trades and interest.
  20. Overtime WBB – This is a social account that will show you the latest highlights, funny moments, and sound bites from lady hoopers.
  21. Queens of the Court – Hosted by hoops legend Sheryl Swoopes and women’s sports journalist Jordan Ligons Robinson – this weekly podcast delivers news, in-depth interviews with WNBA players, and deep dives on the history of the game.
  22. Just Women’s Sports – Read the latest WNBA headlines and gossip from college and pro ball with these skim-worthy articles.
  23. Across the Timeline – OK this isn’t news so much as stats but it’s the best visual stats resource there is for the women’s game so we had to mention it.

Follow Women’s Basketball News

A great way to learn is to see what others have done – so become a fan of the game, and study up. Check out more WNBA podcasts here, more WNBA blogs here, and women’s basketball newsletters.

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