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WNBA Podcasts & Multimedia: Ways to Devour the W

ByMyles Ehrlich|@MylesEhrlich| February 6, 2021If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

WNBA podcasts, live chats, and more, provide fans with the opportunity to get to know their favorite players, hear directly how players are thinking, and develop a better understanding of the game. They can be a great way to digest breaking news, and to pick up new team insights.

Earlier this month, we highlighted some great WNBA blogs to read to keep up with the world’s best basketball league. Today, for the auditory learners, we’ve gathered some recommended podcasts. From Floor Game to Dish with Pepper and Tea with A and Phee, you’re sure to find your next favorite show (and even some words of wisdom from your favorite tipsy USWNT player). So let’s jump in!

Discover amazing WNBA podcasts and multimedia

Check out some of the greatest WNBA podcasts available right now (in alphabetical order). For each podcast, we share the producers, how often you can expect new episodes to drop, and one of our favorite episodes to listen to as you get started. So check them out and tune in.

1. A Touch More

Most of you probably remember the four-hour marathon Sue Bird, Megan Rapinoe, Diana Taurasi Instagram live, which featured a very drunk Megan Rapinoe and some heavy rookie taunting. It reinvigorated us all at our darkest point of quarantine, back before sports returned in earnest. That energy would translate to podcast form throughout the remainder of the offseason, balancing candid conversation with A-list anecdotes.

  • Updates: Once a week at its peak; on hiatus for now
  • Who: Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe
  • Recommended Listen: Pop-Life with Jimmy Butler In this episode, Megan and Sue throw on the Pop-Life playlist and talk TV, NCAA rule changes, Payless, and Bickers of the Week. Then they’re joined by Jimmy Butler who joins in on the action! Topics include: fashion, Champions League, Just GIF Me A Reason, altercations, talking s*** on the bench, Wahlburger, playing with Dwyane Wade, finding the right organization, and more!

2. Around the Rim

ESPN’s largest women’s basketball podcast features LaChina Robinson and producer Terrika Foster-Brasby. Their easy chemistry and friendship is on display in each episode. Here, you can find coverage of both the WNBA and college ball. But what really sets this podcast apart is the access to any and every big name in hoops.

  • Updates: Typically, around once-a-week. Sometimes more, sometimes less!
  • Who: LaChina Robinson and Terrika Foster-Brasby
  • Recommended Listen: Back In Action for 2021: 1/13/21 In this WNBA podcast episode, LaChina Robinson and producer Terrika Foster-Brasby restart the new season of Around the Rim with espnW writer Mechelle Voepel. Who discusses the implications COVID-19 has had on the season. And previews the upcoming top 25 matchups and surprise teams and players so far this season. Plus, Atlanta Dream’s Elizabeth Williams joins the show to shed light on the WNBA’s impact on social justice and the recent Georgia senate race.

3. Pull Up with Myles & Owen

Pull up with Myles Ehrlich and Owen Pence, senior writers from Winsidr with years of experience covering the WNBA, as they examine everything happening across the W. This dynamic duo started their podcast to speak with players and media around the WNBA to help share stories about the industry and their journeys to get there.

  • Updates: Typically, around once every two weeks.
  • Who: Myles Ehrlich and Owen Pence
  • Recommended Listen: Pull Up with Lexie Brown – this episode features Los Angeles Sparks’ Lexie Brown, who is currently playing in her second season of Athletes Unlimited Hoops. With March Madness around the corner, they also get into Lexie’s experience as a studio analyst with the ACC Network, peppering her for picks and predictions.

4. #chatHER

Arielle Chambers – a constant champion for women’s sports and a beacon of light for, well, everybody – created highlightHER, which is powered by House of Highlights. If you’ve interacted with Ari on social media at any point, you’ve come away feeling both the support and the love that radiates from her. 

“I have a highlightHER series called #chattHER,” she told QBC about these interviews, which take place on IG Live. “It gets to know players and talent in their most natural state. Yes, we talk about sports but we also discuss them, as humans, and it’s super fun to showcase and amplify the off-the-court moments of players!”

  • Updates: Regularly scheduled during the season
  • Who: Ari Chambers, plus a WNBA star
  • Recommended Listen: These aren’t always available to re-watch, but make sure you’re following both Ari and highlightHER, so you catch the next live chat!

5. Christy’s Court

Christy Winters Scott, Maryland Athletics Hall of Famer and decorated TV analyst, covers women’s college basketball in this national podcast. Since starting up in November of 2020, Christy has had on a parade of high-profile guests, such as Stanford coach Tara Vanderveer and sports commentator Debbie Antonelli.

  • Updates: Bi-weekly
  • Who: Christy Winters Scott
  • Recommended Listen: Episode 1: Dawn Staley In this episode, the legend Dawn Staley joins the show to talk through, well, everything. Her upbringing in Philadelphia. Helping kickstart the WNBA. Coaching the Women’s National Team. Running one of the best programs in college basketball. The Black Lives Matter movement that the push for social justice her team made. And, of course, why she picked Virginia because of the bathrooms. 

6. Coffee with Chrissi

This podcast, formerly known as It’s Not Just A Game, explores the business behind sports. Chrissi Sanders – an unparalleled hype-woman and friend – hosts these conversations. Which primarily look to highlight the journeys of women of color that work in the industry. She and that month’s guest talk through their experiences, while Chrissi steers the conversation with her natural kindness and charisma.

“I started the podcast because I felt like there were so many amazing women behind the scenes of sports but their stories weren’t told or celebrated,” Chrissi told us. “I wanted to have candid peer-to-peer conversations and give them a platform to share their knowledge and experience with the world, while celebrating their brilliance.”

  • Updates: Started back up recently after a hiatus; generally once-a-month
  • Who: Chrissi Sanders and that episode’s guest
  • Recommended Listen: Is the fight for equality and equal pay in women’s sports truly equal? (Parts 1 and 2: Erica Ayala and Jasmine Baker): In this episode, they candidly dissect the landscape of the fight for equality and equal pay in women’s sports.

7. Dish With Pepper/She Got Next

While A’ja Wilson narrowly edged out Breanna Stewart for league MVP this past season, media MVP was a runaway. Pepper Persley, the intrepid nine-year-old reporter, seemed somehow present in every Zoom call. Getting face time with every big name (including, recently, an incredible interview with Maya Wiley, who aspires to become NYC’s next mayor). And landing gigs with multiple outlets, including a writing job with Nets Republic. She has two programs on this list, her IG Live/recorded podcast called Dish With Pepper, and her podcast, She Got Next, hosted by The Next. We reached out to her for this piece. And she graciously answered. So here’s Pepper’s mission statement, in her own words:

“I love basketball and want to play in the WNBA, and I really believe that the W deserves more viewers and support. I created Dish With Pepper during quarantine to try to bring a smile to people’s faces, but eventually I began addressing equality and activism. On She Got Next, I try to highlight the voices and stories of people in women’s basketball. I encourage my listeners to watch the WNBA as they are incredible basketball players with platforms that are making change. I hope that both of my podcasts can shine a light on the importance of using your voice to make a difference, and paying attention to women’s sports.”

8. Double Down

The Double Down is a consistent pod that keeps the women’s hoops conversation going all year. Eric Nemchock and Stephen Trinkwald offer deep analytical breakdowns across all dozen teams. Tackling everything from the micro – like single game recaps – to the macro – like full free agency previews. “I will usually spend probably about 8 hours a week preparing for a given show,” Stephen said, “watching film, diving into statistics, etc.” As of this writing, the show has eclipsed 5,000 downloads.

“We don’t really talk about goals for the show too often, but obviously we want the show to grow and for people to like the content we are producing,” Stephen said. “The most important thing is that we are continuing to have fun working on this project and enjoying doing the show.”

  • Updates: Weekly, on Mondays
  • Who: Eric Nemchock and Stephen Trinkwald
  • Recommended Listen: 25 Players 25-and-Under In this episode, Eric and Stephen dove into the future of the WNBA. Whenever there’s healthy debate reinforced by stats, there’s lots of fun to be had.

9. Floor Game with Ben Dull

Ben Dull is one of the sharpest, most respected minds covering the W. So it’s no surprise that his podcast is a fount of information. If you’re looking for bold opinions from a keen observer that knows all the ins and outs of the WNBA, this is the pod for you. A recent series of episodes were devoted to each team’s season in review, with a beat reporter bringing their knowledge to share.

  • Updates: Sometimes up to several times a week
  • Who: Ben Dull plus a guest
  • Recommended Listen: Wings season in review Justin Carter joins to look back on Dallas’ 2020 season and preview the offseason for the Wings.

10. Her Hoops Stats Podcast

This podcast – or series of podcasts – covers a wide range of topics related to both professional and college women’s hoops. John Liddle, a long-time women’s basketball broadcaster, talks to guests weekly throughout the sports world. Concurrently, other series produce beneath the HHS umbrella, like Courtside or Unplugged. What does this mean? You’re seeing new episodes populate with more frequency than most other pods on this list.

  • Updates: Every few days
  • Who: John Liddle, Gabe Ibrahim, Christy Winters-Scott, Megan Gauer, and more
  • Recommended Listen: Unplugged #53 – Mock WNBA Free Agency In a special edition of Unplugged, they simulate the 2021 WNBA free agency period. Megan Gauer (a.k.a. agent of the players for this episode) is joined by representation of the league’s General Managers in Kevin Pelton, Ben Dull, Gabe Ibrahim, Richard Cohen, Aaron Barzilai, and Clay Kallam. Tune in for the contracts, the free agency movements, the trades and more. 

11. The Hoops Talk

Together, Liz, Karen, and Kyndall comprise The Hoops Talk podcast team. They talk about the way sports intersect with women’s issues, culture, and society. Both on their own, or with a guest from any and every corner of the sports world. While they don’t speak exclusively on the W, it’s often on the menu for that episode’s conversation. The trio’s friendship is inviting, and each episode is filled with laughs and good-natured digs (often directed at team loyalties).

  • Updates: Every Wednesday
  • Who: Lizz Lapp, Karen Uyenco, and Kyndall Freer
  • Recommended Listen: Ep 73 Stars on the Rise with Pepper Persley As a 9-year-old journalist, Pepper Persley has created her own lane in Sports reporting. In this Zoom interview she discusses her passion for the WNBA, nurturing her craft, memorable interviews, and much more.

12. The Jump Around with Blake DuDonis

If you’re keyed into the women’s basketball community, chances are you’ve already come across Blake DuDonis on Twitter. He’s the head coach of the D3 University of Wisconsin-River Falls basketball program. And he’s a shining star as an advocate for both women in sports and social justice. In each of his podcast episodes, he interviews a different head coach at a large college basketball program. His mission statement: “Backgrounds get dove into, laughs are had, and hopefully, you’ll learn something you didn’t know before listening.” 

  • Updates: Infrequently and episodes tend to come out in batches
  • Who: Blake DuDonis and that episode’s guest
  • Recommended Listen: Montana State head coach Tricia Binford After going 25-6 (19-1) and making it to the Big Sky Conference tournament championship game, Montana State saw their season come to a sudden stop due to the coronavirus. In this episode, Blake talks to head coach Tricia Binford about a special season having such a strange end.

13. Kickin’ It with Khristina

Khristina Williams, who we mentioned above with the weekly Clubhouse series, has built both Girls Talk Sports TV and this podcast from the ground up to unimaginable heights. In her own words, “Kickin’ It with Khristina is a podcast that brings you candid conversations with some of the biggest names in and around the WNBA.” Khristina was recently recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree for her incredible efforts to grow the game. 

“My goal when I set out to create the podcast,” she told us, “was to create something that humanized athletes, while also amplifying their story and voice. Through these conversations listeners are able to relate and embrace the women of the WNBA in a whole new way, beyond the typical state and scores.”

  • Updates: Every couple of weeks, generally
  • Who: Khristina Williams, plus a WNBA guest
  • Recommended Listen: Kickin’ It with Khristina with Allisha Gray. In this WNBA podcast episode 2017 WNBA Rookie of the Year Allisha Gray of the Dallas Wings joins to talk upcoming WNBA free agency and the Wings’ new head coach, Esports, and the Georgia Senate runoff race.

14. Locked on Women’s Basketball

Do you need your women’s basketball more than once a week? How about nearly every day? This pod has you covered. Howard Megdal – the editor-in-chief of The Next and founder of The IX newsletter – has staffed a superteam of podcasters to keep you up to date on everything happening in the sport (both college and pro). The normal lineup has Gabe Ibrahim and Amy Audibert on Mondays, Erica Ayala on Tuesdays, Lindsay Gibbs on Wednesdays, and Howard Megdal on Fridays. 

“Our goal is to bring daily coverage to women’s basketball,” Gabe Ibrahim said to QBC, “because these women deserve our attention every day. Each day’s show brings a different perspective from people who care deeply about this game.”

  • Updates: Nearly every weekday.
  • Who: Amy Audibert, Erica Ayala, Lindsay Gibbs, Gabe Ibrahim, and Howard Megdal
  • Recommended Listen: WNBA Free Agency heats up! Erica L. Ayala recaps the news WNBA stars Candace Parker, Chelsea Gray, and Kayla McBride are on the move. Erica ends the show discussing Asia Durr’s recovery from COVID and what that means for the New York Liberty.

15. See You In the Lobby

WNBA writer Matt Ellentuck and former WNBA All-Star Marissa Coleman host See You in the Lobby, an unfiltered women’s basketball podcast designed by Gaming Society. On Her Turf is now its exclusive distribution. The series is distributed weekly throughout the WNBA season and provides an unfiltered and raw look at the league’s biggest storylines and personalities from those who know it best, including frequent athlete guests.

  • Updates: About once per week when in-season
  • Who: Matt Ellentuck and Marissa Coleman
  • Recommended Listen: Ball Is Life with Angel McCoughtry – In this episode Olympian and WNBA All-Star Angel McCoughtry joins the show to discuss the NIL, life as an overseas basketball player, and how the WNBA can bridge the gap between college and the pros.

16. Nat Chat

On this list, you’ll see several current or former WNBA players sharing their own stories. Last season, Natalie Achonwa (recently signed to the Minnesota Lynx, but then a member of the Indiana Fever) put together #NatChat, a video blog with short interviews of players and personalities around the WNBA. 

  • Updates: None lately, but frequent postings in May and June of 2020, right before the Bradenton Bubble
  • Who: Natalie Achonwa and guest(s)
  • Recommended Listen: Episode 2: Imani McGee-Stafford joins Natalie Achonwa Listen, especially, to the last few minutes of this chat, when Natalie and Imani talk mental health in sports. Very powerful and important.

17. Remotely Renee

Here’s another current player taking her talents off the court, as well as on. Remotely Renee doesn’t just stick to the W, though. But highlights Renee Montgomery’s bright future as a journalist talking about everything major that has happened that week.

There are two types of episodes: the general weekly show, which releases once a week on Fridays. And the half-episodes, which are 1-on-1s with famous guests, like Pete Buttigieg or Shea Serrano. What makes this pod stand apart is the personal aspect. You’re invited into Renee’s inner circle, as she shares the mic with her manager, Paul Guarino; her sister, Nicole Young; and her mother, Bertlela “Snook” Montgomery.

“One of the major goals of the Remotely Renee Podcast,” Bertlela told QBC, “is to be a platform that brings family and sports together in an entertaining and engaging medium. It also allows me to share some of the interesting things about our colorful family and the state of West Virginia.”

Just last week, Snook received her first vaccine dose. And using this platform to share her experience is just one example of the strong values and organic conversation this whole team has put together. Also, we’ve got to mention the stunning artwork – go check it out!

  • Updates: Typically twice a week – a family episode and a .5 interview
  • Who: Renee Montgomery, Paul Guarino, Nicole Young, and Bertlela “Snook” Montgomery
  • Recommended Listen: Episode 6.5 Renee goes one on one with Stacey Abrams – Founder of Fair Fight IRL

18. The Skyhook Podcast

James Kay and Chris Pennant are The Skyhook Podcast, a pod under the Winsidr umbrella. And the pair offer in-depth coverage of all things Chicago Sky. They often bring on guests that are media voices surrounding the team. So there’s really no better consistent Sky coverage elsewhere in the audio medium.

“We believe Chicago has some of the greatest sports teams and fans in the world,” James said. “Each time we release a podcast, our goal is to provide them with the same passion they bring to every game, discussion and heated social media interaction. Above all else, we are here to help grow the profile of one of the best products in sports today: the WNBA.”

19. The Spark Report

Like Ben Dull’s Floor Game and The Skyhook Podcast, this show is a member of the Winsidr network of podcasts. John W. Davis and Pavy get into everything going down around the Los Angeles Sparks. During the season, they keep up with the team’s performance, while occasionally talking to people around the team.

  • Updates: Weekly in-season, sparingly off-season
  • Who: John W. Davis and Pavy
  • Recommended Listen: Candace Parker Gone + What’s Next For Sparks John W. Davis and Pavy break down the departures of Candace Parker and Chelsea Gray. And discuss what’s next for the LA Sparks.

20. Sports Talk with ELA

Another mention here of Erica Ayala, this time shouting out her tremendous YouTube series, Sports Talk with Erica L. Ayala. Erica is one of the smartest people covering women’s sports. And each of her conversations seem to be effortlessly filled with nuggets that will deepen how you observe the game.

She’s so assertive and confident with her takes that, even if you start that listen disagreeing with her, you’ll have rethought your position within minutes. Erica champions all women’s sports, but is an especially passionate voice hyping up the NWHL – she’s just recently returned from a commentating gig at the N-Dubble, the NWHL’s ill-fated attempt at a single-site tournament. (If you want to hear more about women’s hockey, give a listen to Erica’s Founding 4 Podcast.)

  • Updates: Typically, several times a week
  • Who: Erica Ayala
  • Recommended Listen: To Kneel or Not to Kneel? Social Justice in Women’s soccer with Bria Felicien and Kelsey Trainor

21. Tea with A and Phee

The second best thing A’ja Wilson did in the Bradenton Bubble – after winning MVP for the runner-up Las Vegas Aces, of course – was pair up with the Minnesota Lynx’s Napheesa Collier for this hilarious podcast. The average Q-rating of each guest likely laps every other show on this list. And the Wilson/Collier double teams each famous person that rolls through, grilling them with fun on-court questions. This series has gone quiet since the season’s close in September, but we’re hoping more tea gets spilled in 2021.

  • Updates: Every couple of weeks in the bubble
  • Who: A’ja Wilson and Napheesa Collier
  • Recommended Listen: EmergenTEA Pod with Damian Lillard Dame D.O.L.L.A joins the podcast to talk about the historic scoring tear he is on right now. And the mindset behind leading his team to the playoffs. We also get all the tea: the music he’s recording, theNBA bubble, his beef with Patrick Beverley and Skip Bayless, and more.

22. The WNBA Show

The WNBA Show — hosted by former pro player and WNBA practice player, Daniel Artest, and avid WNBA supporter, Kevin “K-Dot” Lewis — is one of the newest podcasts in the W space. Part of the 2Sixty5Media Podcast network, this weekly show aims to tackle the latest in the league.

Daniel is a newer fan, though long appreciative of the W; paired with his basketball acumen, he brings a refreshing observational angle to his takes, from someone who has been in the trenches with these athletes. K-Dot brings a balance with some of his deeper league-level knowledge, but both these guys are authentic in their passion and respect for the game.

“Our goal is to grow the game,” they told QBC, “and to show other men that are on the fence that women’s basketball is more enjoyable than they might think. It’s really the purest form of fundamental basketball.”

  • Updates: Once a week
  • Who: Daniel Artest and Kevin “K-Dot” Lewis

Recommended Listen: Talking #wnbajerseygate and Scheduling Daniel and K-Dot talk about the new WNBA jerseys, covering their top-fives. They also dive into the schedule for important games to watch this upcoming season.

23. Winsidr Show

Aryeh Schwartz (the founder of Winsidr) and Rachel Galligan (the Woj of the W) team up to interview people all around women’s basketball: players, coaches, and media. This is Winsidr’s flagship podcast. But – as you can see from this list – the company puts out quality work for fans of the WNBA.

“I started the Winsidr Show,” Aryeh Schwartz told QBC, “because at the time there were not many WNBA podcasts, and even less that strictly focused on the basketball. Other leagues have so many voices debating takes on players and teams, the W deserves that. Our goal is to have in-depth discussions with the people that know the league best.”

  • Updates: Once or twice a week
  • Who: Aryeh Schwartz and Rachel Galligan 
  • Recommended Listen: Tully Bevilaqua From undrafted to winning a WNBA Championship and an Olympic medal. Tully Bevilaqua joins the show to discuss her WNBA/overseas career and drop some inspiration while she is at it.

24. WNBA Nation is a WNBA podcast

The WNBA Nation pod, as stated in its title, covers all corners of the W. There are four hosts, but rarely will all four hit the mic at once: two or three is the norm. In the offseason, they go into activities around the league like coaching hires or draft news. But in-season, they analyze storylines as they are written.

“We aim to help tell the league’s story and be a sounding board for WNBA fans by delivering world class content for world class athletes,” they told QBC.

Another cool component of their pod is that they livestream their recordings on Twitch, interacting along the way with commenters in the audience. This unique multimedia hybrid allows another level of engagement, as it also allows the guys to interact with their fans in real time. It’s really cool stuff.

  • Updates: Frequently! About once every week or two in the offseason, multiple times a week during the season
  • Who: Kyle Heywood, Steve Schwartzman, Jason Snow, and Logan Jones
  • Recommended Listen: Who Needs Shoulders? Semifinals, shoulders (or lack thereof), and speculation on who will move on to the finals.

25. WBB Weekly (Clubhouse)

This might be the most out-of-the-box item on this list, but sports media looks to be flocking to the new audio platform (currently in a beta mode that’s invite-only and restricted to iPhone users). Clubhouse allows people to ping into a live chat, tiered into speakers and audience members, who then have the opportunity to “raise their hands” and ask a question for that week’s panel.

Back in January, Khristina Williams of Girls Talk Sports TV organized a weekly chat with friends across the WNBA media community, and it’s continued to grow from there. Players, agents, and coaches have been among the guests, and you never know who will pop up to offer their knowledge of the game. Some noteworthy names so far have been Natasha Cloud of the Washington Mystics (whose comments about her offseason marriage generated headlines), Chelsea Gray of the Las Vegas Aces (who discussed her documentary, Unrestricted, which offered insight into her free agency experience), and many more.

WNBA Clubhouse chat is a great WNBA media podcast to listen to
  • Updates: Wednesday nights at 5 PM EST
  • Who: Khristina Williams and more
  • Recommended Listen: N/A – these conversations don’t save (yet), so you’ve got to be there!

26. WNBA With Shay

This pod, unfortunately, has been dormant for a while, but was a regular throughout much of the Wubble season. Shay brought some personalities from WNBA Twitter on to break down their favorite teams, often bringing insight through the lens of their own fandom. Hopefully, we see this one return in the future, but it’s worth revisiting the archive in the meantime.

  • Updates: Every three days or so, at its peak
  • Who: Shay, plus a single guest each episode
  • Recommended List: Ep. 12: Sky Talk with TheSkyShowCHI In this episode, they talk about the Chicago Sky… no surprise there. And they also talked about the Instagram live between Sue, Megan, Diana, and Penny.

Bonus Pod: Moments with Candace Parker

The multi-talented Candace Parker has taken her on-air talents to the audio medium. In Moments, produced by Wonder Media Network, Candace talks to celebrity guests about navigating all the triumphs and challenges of parenthood. “Candace has had something of an unconventional parenthood journey,” Wonder Media Network producer Maddy Foley told Queen Ballers Club. “She had her daughter at 23, a year into her professional career, and faced a lot of criticism about her decision to become a mother. We wanted to celebrate that passion and that persistence with ‘Moments.”

This is a much different look from the Candace Parker fans know on the court, or even in her analyst gig with TNT. There’s both deep vulnerability and humanity in the aphoristic anecdotes surrounding the experiences of raising children.”‘Moments’ is really driven by Candace’s ability to become friends with just about anyone,” said Maddy Foley. “We built the show around those conversations. Candace talks to parents of all kinds of families, in all kinds of relationships, but at the core is always an exploration of the bond between parents and their kids.” 

  • Updates: Weekly, on Tuesdays
  • Who: Candace Parker and guests
  • Recommended Listen: Chris and Adrienne Bosh – The Journey of Learning In this episode, Candace talks to the Boshs about finding balance in their relationship and their professional goals, all while raising five children.

Listen to the top WNBA podcasts!

Now you know some of the best WNBA podcasts to get your fill of elite competition coverage and updates on the W’s social justice initiatives. For even more media to enjoy, check out an extensive list of pods over at Across the Timeline, which was integral to gathering some of this information.

Up next, learn more about how to watch the WNBA, or get familiar with one of the greatest rising stars, Arike Ogunbowale.


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