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WNBA Blogs: 21 Fascinating Reads to Bookmark

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| January 6, 2021If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Awesome WNBA blogs exist, they can just be a little hard to find. So we’ve rounded up some of our favorites (in addition to Queen Ballers Club, duh!) that cover all the teams in the league.

These WNBA news websites are in no particular order, though they are split into categories based on the depth of their league coverage. For each site we explain what types of articles they write about the league and what makes their coverage unique. As well as dive into how often the blog is updated, who contributes, and highlight a few of our favorite articles to check out.

You’ll find everything from results of the latest games, to plays you have to see, to what motivates your favorite players. So bookmark these fascinating women’s basketball blogs, and add them onto your daily reading list this year.

Discover some of the best WNBA blogs

From sites that exclusively cover the WNBA to those that cover all sports, here’s where to get your professional women’s basketball fix. Give us a shout on Twitter @QueenBallers if we missed any of your go-tos. We can’t get enough WNBA news!

Check out WNBA-only blogs

1. WNBA news

The official WNBA site has a comprehensive news section updated frequently. There they share game notes, teams’ seasons in review, partnership updates, and press releases. So you can learn more about players’ playing status (such as injury updates), coaching and staff changes, and social justice impact.

Their coverage is unique because you can learn straight from the horse’s mouth! This probably the best source that exists for getting the facts, and finding out the latest behind-the-scenes type information.

2. Winsidr

Winsidr features interviews (and podcasts!) with players and coaches. As well as predictions, opinion pieces, and updates on how the season has progressed. One nifty feature is that you can easily sort their coverage by your favorite team on their team page.

What makes Winsidr unique is that it exclusively covers the WNBA and is a site by fans for fans. Plus, their graphics are dope!

See women’s basketball blogs that cover the WNBA

3. Her Hoop Stats

This is a stat database, a newsletter, and a podcast that provides consistent, reliable, and easy to access data about women’s basketball. So while it’s not exactly a blog, it’s worth a big mention.

The idea for the site evolved from a call that founder Aaron Barzilai, former Director of Basketball Analytics for the Philadelphia 76ers, received from his friend Alex Varlan when he joined the staff at Tennessee. Alex asked Aaron if he knew of any good options for statistics the team could use. After concluding that there weren’t any he could recommend, Aaron decided to create one.

Today, the newsletter’s stories are always in-depth and of course, include a look at the numbers. As for the podcast, long-time women’s basketball broadcaster and fan John Liddle talks with the biggest names in the WNBA and women’s college basketball.

4. The Next Hoops / High Post Hoops

High Post Hoops is a women’s basketball news and opinions site that covers both college ball and the WNBA. Stories range from breaking news (Derek Fisher taking over), to social impact updates, to predictions for the upcoming season, and game recaps.

Their newsroom has since morphed into The Next. Where Editor-in-Chief Howard Megdal, Founder of The IX Newsletter and High Post Hoops, is on a mission to train the next generation to cover women’s sports with the same fierce urgency men’s sports receives, and to alter the pipeline for the industry to make women, particularly women of color, a significantly larger part.

Today the site provides some of the most comprehensive coverage in terms of the latest in-game happenings. As an added bonus, the site’s associated podcast “She Got Next” is a real gem.

5. Swish Appeal

Swish Appeal covers the WNBA and women’s college ball. One cool thing about this site is that Editor-in-Chief Tamryn Spruill puts issues of gender, race, and sexuality central to her reporting. She has followed the WNBA since its 1996 inception, and is even writing a book about its history.

Basically, she brings an awesome lens to their coverage. Which includes everything from player stories and pop culture, to the latest merchandise releases, looks at upcoming draft picks, and more.

Read sports sites that cover the WNBA

6. The Undefeated

The Undefeated has a section of its site dedicated to covering the WNBA. They interview players and staff regularly to get insights, and the writing is very conversational and easy to read.

Their coverage is unique because it steers towards the social and emotional side of women’s basketball on the court and off. They feature stories such as fatigue in the “wubble,” what it’s like to play overseas as a Black woman, and how WNBA players are impacting their communities after the season.

7. Sports Illustrated WNBA

Sports Illustrated’s WNBA section provides frequent coverage during the season and slows down afterwards. It features game results, player perspectives, social justice initiatives, and related pop culture happenings. The coverage has a strong news bent, and doesn’t go too in-depth, but ensures you know the latest.

Sports Illustrated WNBA is unique in that it also provides more visibility into the business side of the league, covering sponsorships and brand partners from an outside perspective. For example, they provided an in-depth look at the new Under Armour shoe.

8. SB Nation WNBA

SB Nation is part of the Vox Media family. They cover the WNBA draft, make predictions, reveal the latest team winners, and writer player interest pieces. Each article isn’t super in-depth but they do cover some unique topics that make it worth reading. Like, for instance, their redesigned WNBA jerseys post, which is a gem.


ESPN WNBA covers all angles of the WNBA. They feature interviews with players and coaches. And provide updates on social justice initiatives, cover WNBA history, and write about pop culture too.

Mechelle Voepel’s work in particular is a joy to read. Her stories tend to be in-depth, have excellent perspective added by quotes, and very easy to read. She really finds the essence, and has been covering the beat for a quite a while.

10. The AthleticWNBA

The Athletic covers college basketball and the WNBA by publishing some of the very best storytelling in sports. They basically recruit authors who are experts in their beat, who have been covering the game for a long time. Then those writers write about whatever interest them.

The coverage, which is some of the best in the biz, includes looking at how players have grown and revealing their life stories. It also includes social activism stories, and of course, updates on how teams are doing (and more importantly, why!).

11. Sports Are From Venus

This blog covers the WNBA and college ball, including pop culture pieces, plus the latest news from players and coaches. Actually the blog covers all sorts of sports, and aims to level the playing field for anyone who loves to talk sports. But they do have a dedicated WNBA section.

What makes their coverage unique is fun series like “know your meme”. And their pop culture heavy bent: it’s the place to go to find out your favorite player’s halloween costume or what their dog looks like – in addition to how their game went.

12. MadefortheW

Made for the W is a lifestyle platform creating inclusion for women’s sports and sneaker culture on and off the court. They’re filling the void for women’s basketball in sneaker culture, lifestyle marketing, and cross-promotion for the WNBA and women’s sports.

What makes their coverage is unique is that it’s all about the kicks! You can even sort by game day sneakers for specific WNBA teams. The conversation around sneakers has become such a large topic, that as a result, created a full movement that sparked waves from national media attention, player mentions, fan engagement and more.

13. The Players’ Tribune

The Players’ Tribune covers all sports, in the voices of the athletes themselves. So while they don’t provide a ton of WNBA coverage, the coverage they do have is really interesting. Stars such as Nneka Ogwumike, Napheesa Collier, and Elena Delle Donne have shared their personal stories.

14. Just Women’s Sports

From highlights to exclusive interviews, this site bringing you everything you need to see and know about women’s sports. Which means they cover more than the WNBA (and unfortunately you can’t sort articles by the league). Anyhow, their W articles tend to be player interviews.

In terms of what’s most unique it’s their podcast, hosted by Kelley O’Hara. They’ve featured WNBA players such as Nneka Ogwumike, Candace Parker, and Breanna Stewart. Each of whom discuss their career progression.

Explore a few newsletters & extras

15. WSlam

WSlam is @slamonline covering women’s hoops. It’s one of the best social accounts to follow to stay up on the league. They post videos, photos, player quotes, and more, on the regular.

16. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report compiles the latest interesting content across the WNBA-social media sphere in one place. They also do in-depth WNBA original reporting from time-to-time, such as this piece about fan favorite Sabrina Ionescu.

17. Floor Game

Floor Game is an insightful newsletter by Ben Dull. He examines all angles of the league. 2021’s big point guard question is a great read.

18. Power Plays

Three days a week Power Plays subscribers get a mixture of one-on-one interviews, history lessons, and analysis about the biggest issues surrounding gender in sports. Including updates on the WNBA. This awesome newsletter takes a look at the power structures and decision makers that keep women’s sports — and women and nonbinary people who work in sports — on the margins.

19. Across the Timeline

Across the Timeline is a cool league toolset created by Kurtis Zimmerman. There’s a WNBA player database where you can easily visualize players’ key stats. As well as visualizations for WNBA attendance, and so much more.

20. Courtside

Courtside is a Q&A series by WNBA writer Lyndsey D’Arcangelo, featuring unfiltered, honest, revealing and fun chats with some of the greatest players in WNBA history as well players in the league today. While it’s temporarily on pause, there’s a great library of existing content. Check out Courtside with Crystal Dangerfield.

21. The GIST

The GIST is best known for their newsletter which covers all sports. Their goal is to create an inclusive and accessible community for all sports fans through their irreverent, fun and female voice. 

See WNBA team blogs

Have a favorite team you like to follow? We’ve got your back for team news, too. Here are a few WNBA team specific blogs to keep up with.

Read WNBA blogs for the latest news

Now you have your reading list for the year! Be sure to bookmark each site so it’s easy to get back to. Up next, keep up your media frenzy. Check out how to watch WNBA games. Or learn all about one of the most impactful players in the league, Liz Cambage.

Written by Megan Mitzel, youth basketball coach, and Founder of Queen Ballers Club.

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