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Women’s Basketball Newsletters for Insider WBB News

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| September 5, 2023If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Want to know about the latest happenings in college, WNBA, and overseas ball? Or get insights to improve your game by learning from the pros? Check out these women’s basketball newsletters. Some offer in-depth stats and former player perspective, others feature the latest news and gossip on college and pro ball. In addition the cadences vary quite a bit – with some coming once a week, while others come three times a week. Find a good read for your needs!

Discover Interesting Women’s Basketball Newsletters

1. Across the Timeline

There’s a reason this website gets mentioned on pro game broadcasts all the time: it’s got information you can’t find anywhere else, and it’s shared in ways that make it super interesting. This website hosts tons of really important women’s basketball data from the WNBA, NCAAW, and Athletes Unlimited with helpful visualizations. So you can explore draft history, all stars, GM surveys, and much more. Providing content fueled by the website, this is our go-to newsletter for all the facts, stats, milestones, and stories from the world of women’s basketball we need. If you’re interested in women’s basketball history, this is one you have to subscribe to.

2. Her Hoop Stats

Her Hoop Stats is a great resource for college and pro stats – and also critically, salary information – and provides betting resources for the women’s game, annual women’s awards, and much more. This is one of our favorite newsletters because founder Richard Cohen really knows his stuff when it comes to the league’s history and each of its players, and isn’t afraid to add valuable critique. So when he writes it, it’s a slam dunk of perspective. If you want to know what to expect from a WNBA team in the year ahead, look out for their team off-season guides written by a variety of journalists.

3. The Next

For daily news on women’s college and pro ball, The Next is an easy win. It’s created by The IX providing 24/7/365 women’s basketball coverage, and includes breaking news, analysis, historical deep dives, and projections about the game we love. If you’re into free agency and player movement (find out when someone is getting traded or has asked to be traded), or the latest fines from the league, or players’ unique stories, this newsletter very often has the tea – and from multiple reliable sources. During the WNBA season they always have some nice long reads including specific players’ stories.

4.  A Farewell to Takes

Every week A Farewell to Takes brought to you By the Old Man and the Three, provides a quick trip around the NBA and WNBA highlighting a handful of happenings and providing critical analysis. This is always a fun read, and includes insights from none other than former NBA superstar JJ Redick, as well as often Nekias Duncan and Steve Jones Jr. From talking playoffs with Sabrina Ionescu to what it means to be a star in your role, this newsletter stands out from others because its founder is an athlete. The analysis is always spot on, and provides really important insights for future pro hoopers to consider. It should be required reading for players – for real.

5. Togethxr

Started by pro athletes including Alex Morgan and Sue Bird, Togethxr writes the Friday Five, which is perhaps exactly what it sounds like: five cool things in women’s sports each week. So, while this one isn’t basketball specific, it does feature plenty of WNBA moments (hello, expansion!) and news. It’s a quick skim of a read and ensures you’re in the loop for chatting with fellow sports industry folks and fans. You’ll also get news on their latest events and gear drops.

6. Just Women’s Sports

This women’s sports focused media company provides a newsletter three times a week. Which on the one hand, is a bit much. But on the other, it’s also a quick fun read that’s expertly curated and crafted by Claire Watkins. It features about 10 newsworthy bits in each. The site skews pretty soccer heavy, so it’s likely you’ll just get an update or two about basketball. It’s one to subscribe to to ensure you don’t miss any simple updates, the latest game results, or gossip.

7. The Gist

Written by women for everyone, The Gist offers three different newsletters: one for pro sports, one for college sports, and one for women’s sports business. We’d recommend subscribing to at least the sports business one and the pro one. Even though there can be some kind of un-useful info in the business one, there are enough industry updates – brands investing in women’s sports, new products, etc – to keep it interesting and save some time from having to hunt down the news yourself. The pro one isn’t all basketball, but has some interesting news and quick hit buzzer beater news, what to watch, read, and buy – which are quite fun.

8. Flagrant

Flagrant magazine is very dope. Written by women (yay!), their newsletter comes once a week and covers all basketball (men’s and women’s). It often includes the latest bits from their podcast and articles. There’s a quick hits section of newsworthy links and some fun trivia in most episodes. However the information tends to be a little sparse and covers more of the NBA, so if you’re a fan of both leagues, this one could be good to subscribe to.

Read Fun Women’s Basketball Newsletters

Now you know how to get the latest women’s basketball news delivered direct to your inbox. Never miss another WNBA scoring milestone (hello Diana Taurasi’s 10,000 points), Brittany Griner dunk, or review of how WNBA coaches are performing.

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