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WNBA Team Merchandise: Cool Player Tees & More

ByEdwin Garcia|@SkyInTheChi| April 23, 2021If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

WNBA team merchandise for players is in high demand. For example, some of the 2021 WNBA jerseys sold out during the pre-sale. But it can still be a challenge to find gear featuring and supporting our favorite WNBA players.

So today, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the coolest WNBA team merchandise and WBA player merchandise (including new rookies!) to make it easier to show off the league’s players and make your gift giving a walk in the park. You’ll quickly discover many players now have their own online shops, offering everything from hoodies to beanies and beyond. You can also shop signed WNBA merchandise here.

There are even some surprises, such as candles and wooden basketball hoops that you absolutely have to check out! These players are crafty on and off the court.

Shop WNBA team merchandise

For tons of player and WNBA team jerseys and tees, check out:

Discover awesome WNBA team player merchandise

Check out the list below to pick your favorite merchandise from your favorite players, and rock it out on the town! The list is in alphabetical order to make skimming easy.

Aari McDonald: Rookie with a brand

Aari McDonald lit up March Madness and was drafted by the Atlanta Dream. Today she offers an official draft day tee. As Aari puts it, “My name is [AIR]-E, not [ARR]-E. That’s all I wanted to say, thank you.”

  • What’s cool about it: It’s great to see a rookie jumping on swag opportunities early on. It’s a sign of progress and a positive for women’s basketball.
  • Price: The T-shirt costs $30 and the long-sleeve version is $45.
  • Where to buy: You can buy Aari’s design here, but only if you pronounce her name right!
Aari McDonald's WNBA tee

A’ja Wilson’s candles and store

A’ja Wilson released an amazing candle line in 2021, through her new company Burnt Wax Candles.

  • What’s cool about it: Merchandise usually means shirts and hoodies, so it’s really neat to see a player do something different. 
  • Price: $40 per candle
  • Where to buy it: Get the “National Champion”, “MVP” and more luxury candles on the Burnt Wax Candle website. Follow the company on social media, or A’ja on Twitter to hear about the next release once it’s available.
A'ja Wilson's Burnt Wax Candles

Luckily, A’ja’s fans don’t have to wait until the next candle release to buy merchandise of hers. She also offers hoodies and T-shirts on PWRFWD, a site (founded by Breanna Stewart and Sue Bird as well as other athletes) that empowers athletes to set up their own online stores with ease.

  • What’s cool about it: A’ja’s clothing is bold and exciting. Her “Queen of Vegas” hoodie is fly in all black with an explosive image featuring the queen herself against a backdrop of palm trees and neon lights. Her “tea time” gear, inspired by her podcast with Napheesa Collier, is colorful and creative.
  • Price: Ranges from $25 to $55 dollars. 
  • Where to buy it: Check out her shop here.
A'ja Wilson's signature tee for the WNBA player

Alex Harden 12 Merch

Alex Harden of the Phoenix Mercury has merchandise on 500 LEVEL, featuring a nice variety of styles, and two different designs.

  • What’s cool about it: Her shirts are a total Phoenix vibe! For example, one features the city’s skyline with her name and number across it. And the color ways on both match her Phoenix Mercury team and really pop off the shirts.
  • Price: The cost ranges from $24.99-$29.99.
  • Where to buy it: Purchase your own Harden 12 tees here.
Alex Harden WNBA tee

Allie Quigley’s tees

The Chicago Sky’s Allie Quigley is a non-stop highlight reel and was born on the 3-point line. And she’s got a BreakingT to prove it. She also has a few other designs in the shop that feature her wife, Courtney Vandersloot, as well: Vanderquigs 2020, Windy City All StarsAll Time Dimes.

  • What’s cool about it: Celebrate this elite player’s back-to-back 3-point contest titles, and the most points ever scored in a single round (29).
  • Price: Shirts are $28.
  • Where to buy: Three points for BreakingT.
Allie Quigley's cool born on the three-point line t-shirt

Alysha Clark the eraser

Alysha Clark is one of the best defenders in the league. She’ll definitely leave your stat sheet blank. This hot tee is in Washington Mystics colors and features Alysha doing her best work.

  • What’s cool about it: Lockdown defense isn’t celebrated enough. For some reason we find it sexier to talk about offense. But Alysha Clark is a game changer, and this shirt puts defense (half the game!) front and center.
  • Price: Get the tee for just $28.
  • Where to buy: Over on BreakingT.
Alysha Clark's t-shirt

Alyssa Thomas playoff queen

When the playoffs come around, Alyssa Thomas takes it to another level for Connecticut. Her “Playoff AT” t-shirt features an orange, brown, and white print on a super-comfortable heather navy tee to make that very point.

  • What’s cool about it: When Alyssa’s mom signed her up for basketball and Alyssa had a fit about it. But now, years later, she turns it up for the playoffs: Alyssa set the WNBA finals record in 2019 for total assists (38), assists in a quarter (7) and assists in a half (8).
  • Price: The tee is $28.
  • Where to buy it: Shop it on BreakingT.
Alyssa Thomas' t-shirt

Arike Ogunbowale’s dad hat

Arike Ogunbowale offers an awesome dad hat, in addition to T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. As her “Scores Every Time Tee” explains, it doesn’t matter where in the world Arike is, she will always be a certified bucket.

  • What’s cool about it: Arike’s shirts match her on-the-court personality, especially her “Metal Tee”. Bold vibes, for a bold player.
  • Price: Her dad hat is $35, and the tees start at $30. 
  • Where to buy: Purchase Arike’s merchandise here.
Arike Ogunbowale's t-shirts

Breanna Stewart: pennant, posters, and tees

Breanna Stewart‘s shop is “a whole damn vibe.” As a co-founder of PWRFWD, we’d expect nothing less. She offers a wide range of items including traditional tees, posters, and even an original pennant.

  • What’s cool about it: From Seattle Storm-styled merchandise, to her own tees and posters, Breanna’s wide range of items all showcase the style and energy we love from her. The Wubble Champion tee is definitely one of a kind.
  • Price: Her merchandise ranges from $20 to $55.
  • Where to buy: Explore Breanna’s merchandise here.
Breanna Stewart's t-shirt

Bria Hartley with all the heart

Bria Hartley not only averaged 15 points and 5 assists per game in 2020, but also she has her own brand of clothing. Damaged Crown takes great pride in manufacturing high-quality products for all ages, sizes, and genders. And the brand caters to the youth, hip hop, rock stars, and skateboard cultures.

  • What’s cool about it: It’s awesome to see Bria leaving her mark on the world in a totally original way.
  • Price: Tees start at $20 and hoodies at $50.
  • Where to buy: Shop her store.
Bria Hartley merchandise

Brittney Griner always original

Brittney Griner is one of a kind. So it comes as no surprise that her merchandise is as well. She offers colorful tees and even tank tops! And her “RISE” design would make the perfect gift for Shaquille O’Neal.

  • What’s cool about it: It’s hard to find tank top options with a WNBA focus, so it’s great Brittney offers them.
  • Price: Prices range from $20 to $45.
  • Where to buy: Scoop up your Brittney tank top here.
Brittney Griner tank top

Candace Parker arrives home

Candace Parker headed to Chicago in 2021, and that means she’s arrived home. Her tee on BreakingT highlights that the force is back! It’s a black tee with a dope design and her signature. We also have to mention Candace offers video lessons through ThroughtheLens. And, of course, had a whole Ace line drop with Adidas this year.

  • What’s cool about it: This tee is very timely! It’s not often you see merchandise drop quickly for the league so this is a big win.
  • Price: The tee costs $28.
  • Where to buy: You can buy Candace’s BreakingT merchandise here.

Charli Collier draft day tee

Charli Collier, similarly to Aari, is a WNBA rookie. She was drafted number one in this year’s WNBA Draft and will be playing this season with the Dallas Wings. In the meantime, you can already show your love for Charli by buying her draft day tee. 

  • What’s cool about it: The availability of merchandise for a player in their first year is a great step for Charli, the WNBA, and women’s basketball as a whole. Plus, the Draft Day tee has a fly black and pink color way that really pops. 
  • Price: The tee costs $30 and the long-sleeve option is $45.
  • Where to buy: You can buy Charli’s merchandise here.
Charli Collier's draft day tee

Cheyenne Parker’s calendar and more 

Cheyenne Parker’s website features cool merchandise from beanies and shirts, to posters. Plus, it has one of the most interesting WNBA player merchandise options: a digital calendar PDF.

  • What’s cool about it: This calendar could only be done by Cheyenne. Someone so expressive, so daring, and so confident.
  • Price: The calendar costs $14.99
  • Where to buy it: You can purchase the calendar here.
Cheyenne Parker's t-shirts and gear

Dearica Hamby the heave

It never gets old! Dearica Hamby‘s steal and improbable heave sent Las Vegas through to the next round, and is now forever commemorated with a stylish tee.

  • What’s cool about it: With 7.2 seconds left, Dearica sunk a crazy game winner. When you know, you know.
  • Price: The tee is $28.
  • Where to buy it: Over on BreakingT, along with her The Steal, The Shot, The Game tee.
Dearica Hamby heave

Diamond DeShields making moves

Diamond DeShields has T-shirts available on 500 LEVEL, with a dope design featuring her making a move and her autograph. It’s a comfy, premium T-shirts available in both grey and Chicago Sky blue. Queen Ballers Club also for a limited time has a sweatshirt featuring the star.

  • What’s cool about it: This is a one-of-a-kind design for a one-of-a-kind player. And the T-shirts come in all sorts of sizes for everyone, including babies!
  • Price: The cost ranges from $24.99 to $29.99 depending on which version you buy.
  • Where to buy it: You can buy Diamond’s shirt here.

Diana Taurasi the goat

Diana Taurasi seizes the opportunity every time she steps on the court. Fittingly, her tee features a goat and her number on the top left chest.

Diana Taurasi GOAT tee

Elena Delle Donne candles, trucker hats, and hoops

Elena Delle Donne also offers a fun mix of merchandise, including a candle, along with trucker hats and traditional tees featuring designs such as “50-40-90 Club” and “Demand Excellence.” She also sells very original basketball hoop art, and cutting boards.

Elena Delle Donne's merchandise and gear

Erica Wheeler belongs

After going undrafted, Erica Wheeler has already proven she belongs in the league. Now she wants to prove she belongs in the City of Angels. Her tee features cool “I BELONG” text with her signature on a black backdrop.

Erica Wheeler gear

Glory Johnson’s buckets and boards

Glory Johnson has a nice selection of shirts with multiple designs on 500 LEVEL.

  • What’s cool about it: Glory not only offers Dallas Wings-friendly merchandise, but also has shirts in red and blue color ways that really pop. The “Glory Johnson 1,000 B”  image looks fantastic and demonstrates what makes Glory so fun to watch.
  • Price: Shirts range from $24.99 to $29.99.
  • Where to buy: Buy Glory’s gear here.
Glory Johnson gear

Jacki Gemelos

Jacki Gemelos has battled injuries her entire hooper career. She tore her ACL 5 consecutive times within a 6 year time frame. And yet, she has persevered and overcome adversity time and again. After being released by the Sun in 2020, Jacki was signed by the Washington Mystics, and most recently she’s made the jump to Assistant Coach for the New York Liberty. As a result, her gear is inspiring, and aims to empower others to chase their goals.

  • What’s cool about it: Jacki’s threads send a powerful message to folks all over the world, that no matter what they’re facing, they can keep going.
  • Price: Shirts begin at $30.
  • Where to buy: Her PWRFWD collection or her brand Overcome’s website.
Jacki Gemelos' t-shirt WNBA player

Jewell Loyd, the Gold Mamba

Jewell Loyd has a great looking logo and a phenomenal design for her “Gold Mamba” merchandise. She has hoodies, t-shirts, and prints available for purchase.

  • What’s cool about it: The “Gold Mamba” design is a must cop, featuring electric green and yellow, and the mamba herself. It looks so good that even if you’re not a Jewell fan, you should probably consider buying it.
  • Price: Items range from as low as $20 to as high as $60. 
  • Where to buy: Explore Jewell’s merchandise in her shop.
Jewell Loyd gear

Jonquel Jones welcomes you to her house

Bahamas-born Jonquel Jones has set up her house in Connecticut. She offers a premium blue, yellow, orange and white “House of Jones” printed design on a super-comfortable heather navy tee.

Jonquel Jones gear

Kahleah Copper t-shirts and hoodies

The Chicago Sky are officially the 2021 WNBA Finals Champions and Kahleah Copper is the WNBA Finals MVP! Celebrate her epic performance with her MVP t-shirt and hoodie, and “Never Forget” t-shirt and hoodie documenting her iconic interaction with Sophie Cunningham during the series. Sophie, by the way, told media, “Put me on all the T-shirts you want. My hair looked nice.” Lucky for us, Kahleah took her up on it, and now we can sport this historic moment for years to come.

  • What’s cool about it: Sold by Kahleah herself on her own Shopify site, so all proceeds go right to her.
  • Price: $30
  • Where to buy: Shop right here.
Kahleah Copper t-shirts

Karima Christmas-Kelly’s powerful message

Karima Christmas-Kelly uses her platform to stand up for what is right. She created Confident Vibes Clothing, a clothing line centered around promoting confidence and empowerment. Her tees feature phrases such as ‘Black Lives Matter,” “Black Women Are Dope Period,” and “Bet On Black Women”.

  • What’s cool about it: It’s great to see athletes standing up for what they believe in and fighting for what is right. Karima’s clothes are not only stylish, but also merchandise has a social justice and women empowerment angle that is inspiring, sending a powerful message to the world.
  • Price: T-shirts range from $20 to $55.
  • Where to buy: You can support Karima and spread a powerful message by wearing her merchandise, available here.
Karima Christmas-Kelly gear

Katie Lou Samuelson always smiling

Katie Lou Samuelson takes a unique approach to her merchandise, in that she offers threads not only about her on the court play, but also about positivity. Her colorful tee options promote a positive message regarding mental health, and they do so in style. “No matter the state of the world, please know you are valued,” shared Katie Lou Samuelson.

  • What’s cool about it: As a society, we’ve come a long way in terms of mental health. We are much more open to talking about it and sharing our feelings about it. Still, there can be a stigma and it’s not an easy thing to talk about. That’s why wearing Katie Lou’s shirts can actually help open up that conversation. You can wear an “It’s okay not to be okay” tee and strike up a conversation about mental health with someone. Even just wearing the shirt is a statement. It lets everyone know that you support mental health, and it’s a warm, reassuring message.
  • Price: Tees are $30 and hoodies are $55. 
  • Where to buy:  You can buy a Katie Lou tee or hoodie here.
Katie Lou Samuelson gear

Kayla McBride McBuckets

Kayla McBride had the kind of debut season in Las Vegas that got the crowd chanting “McBuckets.” Her black tee has a basketball hitting nothing but net in Vegas team colors.

  • What’s cool about it: It’s very cool that the fans influenced the merchandise’s slogan.
  • Price: The tee costs $28.
  • Where to buy: Scoop it up over on BreakingT.
Kayla McBride gear

Kelsey Mitchell graffiti hoodie and altruism 

Kelsey Mitchell has a short and sweet merchandise store. She offers some graffiti hoodies and tees, as well as merchandise based on the definition of altruism. 

  • What’s cool about it: The graffiti gear is very stylish and sharp. And the fact that Kelsey would highlight the word “altruism” and its definition tells you a lot about her values.
  • Price: Tees are $35 and hoodies cost $55.
  • Where to buy: You can buy Kelsey Mitchell’s merchandise here.
Kelsey Mitchell gear

Layshia Clarendon tee

Layshia calls himself a “lead by example person,” and that statement holds true on and off the court. They are a member of the WNBA’s Social Justice Council. And they know that nothing is more important than being true to yourself. Layshia has a wonderful Trans People Belong In Sports T-shirt.

  • What’s cool about it: A percentage of proceeds will benefit one of Layshia’s favorite organizations: GLITS (Gay & Lesbian in a Transgender Society).
  • Price: The tee is $28.
  • Where to buy it: Shop it on BreakingT.
Layshia Clarendon gear

Lexie Brown slides

Slide right into a good time! Slides are a summer favorite for many, and Lexie has joined in on the fun with her own slides. Including options such as “Beast & Beauty,” “Bye Felicia,” and “Hoop Over Hype.” She also has a fun signed T-shirt, featuring herself hooping, on 500LEVEL.

  • What’s cool about it: The product and designs are super fun, and each ISlide sandal is custom printed by hand using a unique printing process.
  • Price: $44.99
  • Where to buy it: You can buy them on ISlidesUSA.
Lexie Brown gear

Liz Cambage logo gear

If you thought Liz Cambage’s Wilson basketball launch photoshoot was fire, be sure to check out her gear. Liz Cambage‘s stylish merchandise features her ec8 logo across black and white shirts, and a hoodie.

  • What’s cool about it: Liz Cambage keeps it short and sweet in black and white. Her minimalistic vibe doesn’t scream “sports!,” it just screams style. 
  • Price: Tees are $35, hoodies are $60, and crew necks are $50.
  • Where to buy: Buy Liz Cambage’s merchandise here.
Liz Cambage gear

Marina Mabrey takes on the trolls

Marina Mabrey has a very interesting design for sale across T-shirts and hoodies, that says “This is my kitchen” with an image of her balling out.

  • What’s cool about it: We’ve unfortunately all heard the sexist saying, “get back into the kitchen” before. Marina decided to get back at the trolls pointing out that the court is her kitchen. “To all the male women’s basketball haters, y’all can get in the kitchen and make us a sandwich now, thanks,” shared Marina Mabrey. It’s a cool, powerful way to take control of a dumb comment.
  • Price: $25.99
  • Where to buy it: You can buy her awesome shirt here.
Marina Mabrey gear

Maya Moore win with justice

Superstar Maya Moore is using her platform to fight for justice. She has a line of black and white merchandise with the words “Win With Justice” written across the front.

  • What’s cool about it: It’s great to see Maya advocate for what she believes in and to do it her way. Here is her statement on what this brand is about: “I’m working to bring a new vision to our justice system that moves beyond simply a result-driven finish line and instead brings a broader lens to promoting safe and healthy communities.”
  • Price: Tees are $35 and hoodies cost $55.
  • Where to buy: You can purchase Maya Moore’s merchandise here.
Maya Moore gear

Megan Walker with MKW

Megan Walker has her own brand MKW, featuring all sorts of bright, tie-dye tees. Her clothing stands out the same way she does on the court. As Phoenix said, “If Megan Walker had stayed for her senior season at UConn, we believe that she would have been considered among the top prospects of the 2021 draft class. She shot over 45 percent from three-point range her last year in college, is shooting better than 40% from three in Europe this offseason, and has the potential to be an important part of our roster in 2021. We are excited to welcome her to Phoenix.”

  • What’s cool about it: Megan has a ton of different tee designs, with more on the way. Plus, she sells wristbands that match.
  • Price: Not listed.
  • Where to buy: Follow MKWBrand.
Megan Walker gear

Michaela Onyenwere – grandma is a vibe

A 2012 McDonald’s All-American who went on to ball at UCLA, Michaela Onyenwere joined the New York Liberty in 2021. She made her impact immediately known in the W, earning the Rookie of the Month title in May. She now has a bunch of dope gear on PWRFWD including a grandma shirt and a Brooklyn shirt.

  • What’s cool about it: One special design highlights her WNBA draft night experience. Her grandma was very hype, and we loved it! With this electric shirt she pays tribute to her grandma.
  • Price: Tees cost $30 and hoodies cost $55.
  • Where to buy: Purchase Michaela Onyenwere gear.

Napheesa Collier swaggy Phee

Napheesa Collier has quickly become a WNBA fan favorite. She offers colorful shirts and hoodies with her nickname “Swaggy Phee”.  And a cool Rookie Phenom tee on BreakingT.

  • What’s cool about it: The color and font of Napheesa’s “Swaggy Phee” merchandise just oozes style. It’s a drop dead gorgeous piece of gear.
  • Price: Tees cost $30 and the hoodie costs $55.
  • Where to buy: Purchase Napheesa Collier tees here.

Napheesa also has video basketball skills lessons available with Through The Lens, where she teaches fades and physicality, among many other things about her path to becoming one of the brightest young stars in the game.

Napheesa Collier gear

Tiffany Hayes real role model

Tiffany Hayes has a line of clothes that’s just as bold and electrifying as she is. She has a wide variety of shirts, slogans, and styles that are sure to make any WNBA fan happy. 

  • What’s cool about it: Tiffany offers three different shirts: a  “Real Role Model” tee shirt, “TIP Logo Shirt”, and the “Ankle snatcher.” They all have a unique look and satisfy a different audience. The color options are spectacular as well. 
  • Price: The shirts range from $20.00 to $25.00.
  • Where to buy: Buy Tiffany’s merch here.
Tiffany Hayes gear

Tyasha Harris tees

An exceptional facilitator on both ends of the court, Tyasha “Ty” Harris is a twenty-two year old 5’10” point guard for the WNBA’s Dallas Wings. Tyasha Harris learned from the best in Columbia, South Carolina, and Dallas no doubt reaped the benefits. Her Dallas Tyasha shirt and South Carolina basketball tee are easily two must cops.

  • What’s cool about it: Unisex sizing with a snug fit makes these a great gift for anyone in the squad.
  • Price: The tees are $28.
  • Where to buy: Breaking T here and here.
Tyasha Harris gear

Sabrina Ionescu gear

Sabrina Ionescu will headline the first shoe in Nike’s Greater Than franchise, slated to be Nike’s key hoops launch for 2021. Other Sabrina Ionescu gear you can get is an autographed New York Liberty tank top, or a T-shirt with her name and number.

  • What’s cool about it: She had lots of input on the design.  “I know that a big part that I honed in on was having a shoe that was comfortable and low to the ground, but also covered all the aspects of comfort – you’re able to jump, you’re able to run and having all of that in one – and not sacrificing one for the others,” she recalled. “That was a huge thing that I had said.”
  • Price: To be determined.
  • Where to buy: Cop them on Nike’s website, after they launch later this year.
Sabrina Ionescu gear

Satou Sabally style included

One would struggle to find a merchandise store more daring than Satou Sabally’s. She offers beautiful tees, creative hoodies, and a gorgeous poster.

  • What’s cool about it: The variety Satou offers is unmatched. Tees such as “Unicorn”, “Masterpiece”, and “Pose” are so different and so cool for so many different reasons.
  • Price: Tees start at $30 and hoodies start at $55.
  • Where to buy: You can buy Satou’s colorful merchandise here.
Satou Sabally gear

Sue Bird merchandise

Sue Bird‘s SLAM cover tee is sold out, but she still has a GOAT tee and hoodie on BreakingT. Because if you ask the fans in Seattle, Sue Bird is the only GOAT when it comes to women’s basketball. Especially after winning another championship. You can also get her Explorer jersey in the WNBA shop.

  • What’s cool about it: Give props where props are due! This dope design on a green background is a great way to do it.
  • Price: The shirt costs $28.
  • Where to buy it: On BreakingT.
Sue Bird gear

Sylvia Fowles plant-based gear

Sylvia Fowles has a wonderful line of clothing inspired by plants. Her shirts and hoodies have phrases on them such as “Grow the game” and “Planting seeds.”

  • What’s cool about it: The concept of her merchandise is incredibly charming. Using plants as a way to express herself and promote her values is a very creative take! 
  • Price: Cost ranges from $30 to $55 dollars depending on what you buy. 
  • Where to buy it: Purchase Sylvia’s merchandise here.
Sylvia Fowles gear WNBA player merchandise

Victoria Vivians tees

Victoria Vivians has some real stylish gear on 500 LEVEL. She has a few shirts rocking her name and number, some featuring her name and her signature, and a beautiful shirt with her in action that really pops when you see it. 

  • What’s cool about it: The variety of her store and the depth in options available for all ages and styles makes the store welcoming for all. There’s something for everyone!
  • Price: Prices range from $19.99 to $44.99.
  • Where to buy it: Shop Victoria Vivians’ designs here.
Victoria Vivians tees

Get WNBA team tees and jerseys!

There you have it: a comprehensive list of WNBA player and team merchandise to show off your love for the game. We hope you’ve found some cool gifts to buy for yourself and others. Also, cop your favorite player’s jersey anytime in the WNBA shop.

Up next, explore some awesome women’s basketball socks to pair with your new gear.

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