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Allie Quigley Highlights Ranked: Top 10 of All Time

ByEdwin Garcia|@SkyInTheChi| March 1, 2021If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Today we’re celebrating one of the most dynamic three-point shooters in the league, with the top ten Allie Quigley highlights ranked. Allie Quigley is a Chicago legend and a three-time WNBA All-Star, with a storied career already spanning twelve years. She’s averaged 10.7 points per game over her career and has a 39.2% three-point field goal percentage. In fact, in 2020, 40.8% of her points made were threes, and she was one of the league’s top outside shooters at 34.6%.

She’s a key Chicago Sky player, and has been a part of many of the greatest Chicago Sky highlights of all time. So it only makes sense that we look at the most clutch moments of her career – and break down how she makes the magic happen.

Allie’s highlights are ranked in order, and reveal what makes this shooting guard such a special player. For each highlight, we’ve broken down exactly how she pulled off the incredible feat in three steps. (Sneak preview: she’s great at using mental tricks to get a good angle for screens that lead to open looks.) Read on to enjoy game winning shots, career milestones, and even some basketball overseas!

Discover the best Allie Quigley highlights ranked

From knock-down threes, to plays where Allie created for her teammates, check out some of the most memorable moments of this sniper’s career so far.

10. The EuroLeague Allie Quigley game winner

When people think of Allie Quigley’s career they usually just think of her time with the Chicago Sky. But she has actually played a lot of basketball overseas. In fact, most WNBA players play overseas.

During Allie Quigley’s overseas career she had some great games with Galatasaray. One of her biggest moments was against Bourges, where she hit the game winning shot in a EuroLeague Women’s match. You can watch  the entire play below. 

This play demonstrates so much about what makes Allie Quigley special. Her speed, her intelligence, and her ability to stay mentally strong and hit tough shots when they matter. On this inbound play Allie set a pick, which wasn’t very successful. But it did keep her defender behind her and waiting to see if she would have to switch. This gave Allie just a bit of space. 

Allie Quigley sets a pick and her defense waits behind her

Then Allie does a great job running her man right into a screen set for her. She keeps herself elbow to elbow with her own teammate.

Allie runs tight past a screen in this Allie Quigley highlight

She then pumped fakes and take a tough and contested shot. Allie did a lot right in these sequences. But she still had to make a tough shot and she had the skillset to do it under pressure. 

Allie pump fakes and takes a dribble and knocks the shot down through the defenders arm

9. Allie Quigley’s Wubble game winner 

The Chicago Sky had a hard fought playoff matchup versus the Las Vegas Aces in the playoffs in 2019. So when the 2020 season opener was Chicago versus Las Vegas, people were excited to see the matchup again.

It did not disappoint. Yes, the game was in the Wubble due to the coronavirus pandemic. But the game still had the competitive high level basketball we’ve come to expect from a Chicago vs Las Vegas game. It ended with an iconic game winning shot from Allie Quigley. 

Allie Quigley inbounds the ball from around mid-court. She stunts a little to the left, bringing her player under the three point, and then fakes a screen coming from the right.

Instead, she gets a screen from Stefanie Dolson on the left. Which helps her totally lose the defense. This gives her enough space to catch the ball in the corner.

Allie runs hard through the screen and gets open to catch the ball

However she sees the defender coming full speed to close out. So Allie pump fakes, drives to the right with one bounce, and fires. Knocking down the game winning shot. 

Allie loses the defense with a pump fake

Similar to her EuroLeague game winner, Allie Quigley was able to use screens to create space ,and then get a better look with a pump fake. Neither shot was uncontested. So she still had to play through contact and finish.

8. The EuroCup career-high Allie Quigley highlight

While Allie Quigley has a career high of 29 points in the WNBA, in the EuroCup she once dropped 37 points. She did so in the first leg of the EuroCup finals game against Reyer Venezia. Her team went on to win the EuroCup championship and her performance is a big reason why. Check out the highlights of her 37 point performance below. 

Allie made so many great plays. But one that stands out is at the ten second mark, during the 5:15 mark of the first quarter. Allie Quigley got the ball at the top of the key and two defenders double teamed her.

Allie notices that her defense is rushing straight towards her though. She uses the defense’s momentum to her advantage. Simply dribbling right by her, through the middle of two defender.

Allie pulls up short in the open pocket

Then, she pulls up for a midrange jumper before the defenders in the paint can contest the shot. Notice how she fires from above her head with her arms almost fully extended. She does this to keep the ball away from the defenders in front of her.

Allie Quigley shoots above her head to get her shot off protected

The defense behind her almost tips it. But that’s a bad defense play because with that angle, you’re undoubtedly going to get a foul called if you get in there.

When people think of Allie Quigley, usually speed and three-point shooting ability come to mind. This play demonstrates that she’s not just an all-time shooter, she has great handles and can create open shots off the dribble. 

7. Allie Quigley’s game winner versus the Mystics 

The Chicago Sky have had up years and down years. In 2015, the Chicago Sky were having one of their best seasons. They still had Elena Delle Donne and a core group of rising stars. And were very much in contention for the WNBA title. In this regular season game Allie Quigley hit a great game winning shot. 

Allie begins near the ball, which is currently with Courtney Vandersloot. She cuts away from the ball, putting her defender more at ease.

She beautifully runs her defender into traffic, and the defender gets stuck on the backdoor screen.

She’s open at this point, but the angle between her and Courtney is not good. There’s a tall defender in the way. So Allie keeps going up the three. Courtney makes the dish once she’s high enough, and Allie knocks down the three.

Now, any other player – you’d probably want them to step in for the easier two. But Allie is a sniper, and she sinks the three with a ton of pressure on the line.

6. Allie Quigley’s 2014 Eastern Conference Finals performance 

Big players make big plays in big games. When the pressure gets higher, the top players rise to the challenge and achieve things never achieved before. In 2014, Allie Quigley did just that in the Eastern Conference Finals.

She led the team with 24 points. And helped the Sky become Eastern Conference Champions and make their first and only WNBA Finals appearance. Below you can watch the highlights from Allie Quigley’s game.

She did it all in this game. She hit open jumpers, created space off of screens, and broke players down one on one to score. This was a clinic on all the things Allie Quigley can do offensively. It was not only a great game for her, but also a historic game for the Chicago Sky.

Allie brings up the ball and stunts right

Allie starts off bringing up the ball and stunting right. But, the defense nearly strips her of the ball. So she retreats – keeping her body between the ball and the defender. And looks to setup something new.

Allie Quigley retreats and resets

She doesn’t let the mishap phase her. Instead she crosses over to the left. Takes a few dribbles, scanning the floor, lulling the defense to sleep, and then fires a knock down!

Allie lulls the defense to sleep and then shoots the three

What’s interesting about this play is that every Chicago Sky player is nearly at the three. So there isn’t anyone to get a rebound if she misses. Her firing the three was clearly not the play they were running. But, that’s what makes it even more incredible. She had the confidence to sink the unplanned show. Because her defense’s arms are down – not up.

5. Allie Quigley helps Courtney Vandersloot become the assist leader

On August 31st, 2020 Courtney Vandersloot became the WNBA assists leader when she made her record breaking 18th assist against the Indian Fever. She made the assist to Allie Quigley, her teammate and also her wife. The moment was special for them, the team, and the WNBA as a whole. You can relive the moment below.

The play had some nuance to it – as the initial screen set by Stefanie Dolson did not free Allie up. Courtney still gets the ball to her, but Allie has to kick it back out because she’s got two defensive players right on her.

Allie fails to lose her defender off the screen

She uses her whole body to wrestle the ball free, and kicks back out to Courtney to reset. Which puts her defense at ease. But, Allie tricked her, making her think she’d taken herself out of the play.

Allie kicks the ball out to Courtney to reset

Instead, Allie cuts sharply to the corner, running her defender right into a second Stefanie Dolson screen. Just a perfect moment of cohesion from all three players. Courtney made the pass, Stefanie laid down a monster screen, and Allie hit the shot.

Allie runs her defender into the screen and gets an open look

This all resulted in one of the coolest moments in Allie’s career and in Chicago Sky history.

4. All-Star Allie Quigley activated 

2017 was a special year for Allie Quigley. She finally got the respect from the WNBA that she deserved. She was named to the All- Star game for the first time in her career. Here are some highlights from that All- Star season. 

The entire video is a joy to watch, but one incredible play happens at the 1:36 mark. On this play Stefanie Dolson sets a screen for Allie, which we’ve seen many times before.

Runs her defender into the screen

The pick was helpful, but the defender recovered enough to crowd up Allie’s space. The defender in front also helps and now Allie has two defenders on her. So she retreats, bringing the ball out past the three and resets.

Allie resets to open the floor

Then with a crossover, and another crossover, Allie slips by her defender, making a cut to the basket. She scoops up the ball early to cradle and protect it, because she sees the incoming big. Then, she finishes with an underhanded layup in wide open space.

Allie scoops up the ball to protect it

This play was not just an impressive demonstration of her speed and handles, it reminds you of what makes Allie such an offensive force. She truly is a triple threat player. She can pass, shoot, and dribble at an elite level making her tough to defend. In 2017 very few players could stand in front of her. 

3. Allie Quigley’s career-high 29 points versus the New York Liberty

Allie Quigley has lots of offensive highlights in her career. On July 8, 2016 Allie set her own personal record of 29 points versus the New York Liberty. The game ended in a loss, but Allie’s 29 points was a shining moment in a dark season for the Sky. 

The highlight here is an incredible pass she made late in the game. First Allie Quigley acts like she’s going to set up a play for Elena Delle Donne, signaling to her left. This tricks the defense, so Allie can blow by to the right.

Allie plays a mental trick by faking a call for a screen

Unfortunately Allie didn’t get by the defense as she’d hoped to, and ends up with two defenders collapsing on her under the basket. Interestingly she doesn’t read that she has a teammate wide open in the paint behind her, which would have made for a strong pass.

The defense keeps up with Allie Quigley in this highlight

Instead, she leaps in the air to connect the ball with an open Tamera Young, for a game tying two point shot. The theatrics!

Allie Quigley jumps to deliver the pass

This play shows that she’s not just a scoring machine. Even in a game where she secures a career-high in points, she finds other ways to set her teammates up.

2. Allie Quigley is the points leader in Skytown 

Allie is the Chicago Sky’s franchise leading scorer. She set the mark on September 2, 2020 and she will continue to add more points to that record in the years to come. Hear more about her story and what the accomplishment means to Allie Quigley in the video below.  

1.  3-Point champion

Allie Quigley’s shooting in the three-point contest is her number one highlight for a couple of reasons. One, it exemplified what she does best, which is shoot threes. Second, it demonstrated her talent to a bigger WNBA audience since it was during All-Star weekend. Lastly, it was such an incredible shooting display that it was going viral worldwide.

Social media was a buzz, SportsCenter covered the highlights, and perhaps that shooting display is why she was invited to be a part of the NBA Horse Challenge that took place in 2020. It’s also why Chicago Bulls star Zach Lavine didn’t want to get into a shooting contest with her. But that’s a story for another day. For now, let’s just enjoy the greatest shooting display in WNBA history.

There you have it, the top ten highlights of Allie Quigley’s career. Hopefully we have more highlights to add in the future. A EuroLeague championship this year; a WNBA championship; maybe even an MVP season – who knows? Either way we can’t wait to watch Allie Quigley keep balling out.

Hope you enjoyed the Allie Quigley highlights!

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