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Women’s Basketball Socks: Top 10 to Unlock Elite Comfort

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| February 10, 2021

The best women’s basketball socks legitimately make a difference! You might be skeptical, because they cost quite a bit more than your standard sock. But you’ll quickly find the comfort, support and grip are well worth the investment.

So today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular women’s basketball socks. We’ll dish on what they’re made of, how comfortable they are, their durability, and what makes them unique. Plus, we even share which socks most of the pros wear! Hopefully, we’ll help make your decision an easy one.

No matter whether you’re set on heading to the WNBA or just enjoy hooping in the park, make sure you protect your feet and ankles with a great pair of socks. So let’s get after it!

Discover the best women’s and girls’ basketball socks

From Nike’s women’s basketball socks to cheaper socks, check out some of the top picks for improving your in-game and in-practice grip. See their pros and cons, price, and ratings on key attributes like comfort. They’re organized by brand and price point to make it simple to shop.

Shop Nike girls basketball socks

1. NikeGrip Quick WNBA Crew Socks

NikeGrip technology features advanced anti-slip yarn that provides traction inside your shoes for when you pivot, drive and cut. Maintain stability, control and a locked-in feel in the NikeGrip Quick WNBA Crew Socks. Designed for professional athletes, they have engineered yarns that help keep your feet from slipping inside your shoes. Targeted cushioning helps absorb impact while running the floor. And the midfoot arch band create a snug, supportive fit. Plus they rep the freaking WNBA!

WNBA socks
  • Pros: Unique design with left/right socks, great support, very comfortable, areas of mesh promote cooling, great price
  • Cons: Expensive, a little thick
  • Fabric: 63% polyester/22% nylon/9% cotton/6% spandex
  • Price: $18 per pair
Review of WNBA socks for basketball

Grab them here.

2. Nike Elite basketball crew socks

Nike’s Elite basketball crew socks are one of the best basketball socks out there from a support standpoint. First, they’re the right height: the crew-cut style sits at the calf. They have excellent cushioning and grip, including elastic arch support (a dynamic arch band contours around the foot for a locked-in fit) and Y-stitch heel. Plus, ribbed traction at the forefoot helps reduce slipping inside the shoe. As a result, they are a little thick. So they are very durable. They are high quality, and last for at least a year, making their higher price a little less of a head scratcher. They come in unisex sizing.

Nike Elite crew women's basketball socks
  • Pros: Extremely comfortable, lots of colors, great support
  • Cons: Price a little higher, thicker
  • Fabric: 61% polyester/20% nylon/17% cotton/2% spandex
  • Price: $18.50 for one pair
Comfort and durability are high on the Nike elite sock for women's basketball

Grab them here.

3. Nike Performance Cushion Crew Socks

Nike performance cushion crew socks bring comfort to your workout. These are a step above regular socks, but don’t quite have all of the plush comfort of the Elite. They’re a solid middle ground in terms of cushioning and grip, and because they’re a bit lighter, they tend to dry faster. They feature extra cushioning under the heel and forefoot and a snug, supportive arch band. Sweat-wicking power from Dri-FIT technology helps your feet stay dry. And added breathability up top helps keep your feet cool to help push you through that extra set. The reinforced heel and toe are made to last. They come in unisex sizing.

Nike performance socks for women's basketball
  • Pros: Affordability, lighter, stays dry longer, grips to legs
  • Cons: Less cushioning, less soft
  • Fabric: 61-67% cotton/30-36% polyester/2% spandex/1% nylon
  • Price: $24.99 for six pairs
Breathe is high on the Nike performance crew socks for women's basketball

Grab them here.

Shop UA basketball socks

4. Under Armour Tech Performance Crew Socks

These socks are great middle tier option for athletes. They stay put on your calf with no slouching. They keep your feet cool and dry because HeatGear® fabric wicks sweat away from your skin. And there are ventilation channels. Plus, they’re soft! And they give you dynamic arch support and strategic cushion, while being flexible. They’ve even got anti-odor technology. Finally, they don’t shrink much when washed. They come in unisex sizing.

Under Armour women's basketball socks
  • Pros: Keep feet dry, stay up well, snug fit
  • Cons: Not super plush, less arch support than others
  • Fabric: 97% Polyester/2% Polyurethane/1% Nylon
  • Price: $19.90 for six pairs
Under Armour women's basketball socks have great breathe but less comfort than others

Get them here.

5. Under Armour Phenom logo crew socks

For the price, these are excellent socks for active women. They’re lightweight and high- quality, as well as the perfect size. They stay in place and keep feet warm and dry. There’s cushioning to protect your feet, fatigue-fighting arch support, and seamless toe construction to eliminate irritation so they don’t chafe when you lace up tight. And your feet won’t feel hot or constricted. They come in unisex sizing and fit true to size.

Under Armour phenom crew socks for women's basketball
  • Pros: Comfortable, cushioning is great, nice ventilation, don’t shrink in the dryer
  • Cons: Run thick
  • Fabric: 74% Polyester, 24% Cotton, 2% Spandex
  • Price: $19.99 for three pairs
Under Armour's women's basketball socks have a lot of breathe

Get them here.

Explore Jordan basketball socks

6. Nike Jordan Jumpman Dri-Fit crew socks

These socks are great for all day, every day, with arch support that offers a snug, secure fit. The sweat-wicking technology helps keep you dry and comfortable. The rib cuffs provide a snug, comfortable fit. The reinforced heel and toe make them long-lasting, even in high-wear areas. And they’re left/right-specific for an anatomical fit. Plus, they are knit from stretchy materials that help wick sweat. Flexible and sung-fitting, they come in men’s sizing, but fit women too.

Jordan basketball socks for women and girls
  • Pros: Strategic padding adds support, snug fit, stay up
  • Cons: Price is a little higher, if you lose a left or a right you’re out of luck!
  • Fabric: 96% polyester/3% spandex/1% nylon
  • Price: $38 for three pairs
Jordan socks are very comfortable and durable for basketball

Get them here.

Explore cheap women’s basketball socks

7. PUMA’s Core Athletic Cushioned crew

These are nice, basic socks for hoopers. They are sturdy, but they run a bit long on the toes. You’ll enjoy the soft feel, which makes you want to keep them on. Plus, they feature a comfort toe seam, a cushioned footbed for comfort and durability, and built-in arch support. Though, they tend to slide down the leg a bit. They come in men’s sizes but work well for women too, and fit true to size.

Puma women's basketball socks
  • Pros: Wick moisture, last well, nice price
  • Cons: A little cozy, ride down the ankle a little
  • Fabric: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester
  • Price: $17.50 for three pairs
Puma girls and women's basketball socks are comfortable

Get them here.

8. Reebok Classic Fold-Over Crew Socks

Work out or hang out in these comfortable crew socks designed by Reebok. A fold-over cuff lets you adjust the look and fit. The heel and toe are reinforced with terry for extra cushioning. Each pack includes two plain pairs and one graphic pair of socks. And they come in black or white. They’re great because they’re not too thick and not too thin.

Reebok basketball socks for women
  • Pros: Nice height, lower price
  • Cons: Not as cushioned as others
  • Fabric: Cotton, polyester, elastane, nylon
  • Price: $13 per pack
Reebok women's basketball socks are comfortable and have a lot of breathe

Get them here.

9. adidas Creator 365 Basketball crew socks

These comfy socks are made for game day or practice. These crew socks keep you dry as you work up a sweat. They’re made from lightweight, breathable, sweat-wicking Climalite fabric that’s reinforced at the heel and toe. Cushioning around the ankle adds extra comfort. Plus, they’re anatomically designed for left and right fit. They’re men’s sizing but fit women.

Adidas creator cheap socks for girls basketball
  • Pros: Price, ankle support, nice color combinations
  • Cons: Men’s sizing
  • Fabric: 60% Polyester, 17% Polypropylene, 12% Cotton, 8% Nylon, 3% Spandex
  • Price: $16 per pair
adidas creator socks for women's basketball are good for comfort

Get them here.

10. Champion men’s double dry logo socks

These crew-length Champion socks add a little bit of cushion to your step. The athletic crew socks promise comfort during the work week, weekends or workouts. The DOUBLE DRY® moisture-wicking technology helps keep your feet dry. And there’s included arch support and cushioned soles. These are men’s sizing but fit women.

Champion women's basketball socks
  • Pros: Price, clean look, fine for on the court and off
  • Cons: Not as much cushioning, not much grip
  • Fabric: 97% Polyester, 2% Spandex, 1% Other Fibers
  • Price: $17.66 for three pairs.
Champion women's basketball socks are best on breathe

Get them here.

Bonus: adidas team speed crew socks

Designed for both basketball and soccer players, the Adidas Team Speed Traxion Crew Sock is comfortable in a way that prioritizes high performance. A ribbed bottom reduces slipping, and moisture resistant technology helps keep your feet cool and dry. Additional cushioning on the heel, toe and ankle provide added shock absorption, and extra stability. These are men’s sizes but fit women as well.

Adidas Mens Team Speed Medium Cushioned Hydroshield Athletic Crew Socks work for women for basketball
  • Pros: Secure fit, comfortable, name brand trusted for quality
  • Cons: Not much arch support, it’s a soccer sock too, a little thick
  • Fabric: 95% nylon, 3% lycra, 2% spandex
  • Price: $10.99 for one pair
Adidas speed socks is average when it comes to comfort, breathe, and durability for girls basketball

Get them here.

Bonus: Bombas women’s performance running calf-sock

These crew socks are super lightweight and designed for women. While they’re made for running, they’re the perfect fit for any workout, especially where speed is important. Bombas Hex Tec construction has nice breathability and moisture-wicking. And these socks come complete with comfort innovations like strategic zone cushioning and airflow ventilation for speed.

Bombas girl's basketball socks
  • Pros: Very soft, snug fit stays up
  • Cons: Price is a bit high
  • Fabric: Proprietary poly/cotton blend yarns
  • Price: $48 for three pairs
Bombas basketball socks are very durable and comfortable

Get them here.

How to pick the best women’s and girl’s basketball socks

Let’s explore a few variables that could impact your women’s basketball sock preferences.

Women’s basketball sock material

Basketball can be tough on your feet. So many women’s technical performance socks use a mix of synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, acrylic, polyester, and spandex. These fabrics offer stretch which prevents irritation, and they wick moisture away from the surface of your skin to keep your feet dry. As well as good value and durability. Purely cotton socks, on the other hand, are more likely to cause blisters, because of the friction of the material against the foot. Plus, hold in moisture which can be super uncomfortable.

  • Pros of synthetics: Durable, wicks moisture, cushions
  • Cons of synthetics: Less comfortable when it’s hot out, insulation reduced when wet

Sock color for women’s basketball

Obviously, hoopers go crazy with their outfits. And really any color of sock should do. But we recommend mostly staying away from white socks. White socks get dirty really quickly, especially if you play on outdoor courts. So they don’t end up looking as fresh as you’d hope. Our recommendation is always black socks. That way your socks go with everything, and don’t reveal the dirt.

Women’s hooping sock thickness

In general, thicker socks help a little bit more with basketball. They ensure your feet stay snug in your shoes and don’t slip. Basically they can help you avoid blisters better. And thicker socks tend to have more cushioning for an overall softer feel. The one exception might be if you are balling outside in the middle of the summer. Then, thin socks might be helpful just for heat control.

  • Pros of thick socks: More cushioning, fewer blisters, more foot stability and security
  • Cons of thick socks: Less comfortable when it’s hot out
Thicks vs thin socks
Thick and thin socks for women’s basketball

Women’s basketball sock length

Crew cut and mid cut socks are the most popular lengths for basketball players. Both can help you avoid painful friction from the tops of your basketball shoes, as well as from any ankle braces you wear. So it mostly comes down to a style choice between the two.

  • Women’s crew cut socks: Crew sock lengths tend to be around 6-8 inches from the heel to the top of the cuff. So they go up to about the middle of your shin. They’re longer than low cut socks or mid cut, but they don’t go up to your knees like over the calf socks.
  • Women’s mid cut socks: These socks stop just above your ankle. They’re taller than low cut socks, but shorter than crew cut. As a result, they show above your shoes, but only a little bit. They’re low-cut and comfortable.
  • No show socks: No-show socks are invisible when worn with most shoes. No shows pair well with low-top shoes. And can be a good solution for warmer months, as they let your legs and ankles breathe. 
The difference between mid socks, crew socks, and ankle socks
Nike Mid, Crew, and Ankle socks

Girl’s sock performance cushioning

Certain performance socks have extra cushioning at key pressure points delivers comfort where you need it most. Such as added cushioning on the toes and heel. They also have compression bands for arch support in the middle of the foot that contour around the foot for a locked-in fit. As well as ribbed traction at the forefoot to reduce slipping inside the shoe.

Compression and ribbing on a performance sock for women's basketball
See the compression, cushioning, and ribbing on a women’s performance sock

Pro tip: Make sure your socks fit right

The final key to getting the best socks for your game, are that they need to fit you right. Socks should fit snugly without making your toes feel too cramped or have a bunch of extra material at the end. Make sure your sock’s heel aligns perfectly with your entire heel. The arch area should hit right at your arch and hold it tight. Finally, seams should be flat, and should not rub or pinch any part of your foot.

Women’s and girls’ sock size chart

Best women’s basketball socks FAQs

What socks do famous WNBA players wear?

Many famous WNBA players and professionals wear Nike’s Elite basketball sock because it is a comfortable, crew-cut.

How long do basketball socks last?

Basketball socks last for at least a year. Just make sure you wash them as soon as possible after wearing them.

Are basketball socks worth it?

Basketball socks are worth it. They provide extra comfort, breathability, and durability. They’ll make you more confident in your game, because you can focus without worrying about your gear.

Get the best women’s basketball socks!

Now you know the best girls’ and women’s basketball socks to up your game. Pick your favorite pair and give them a try. As a major bonus, if you purchase these women’s basketball socks from Amazon, they send us a little tip to help keep our WNBA reporting flowing – and it doesn’t cost you any more than it always would.

Up next, keep your wardrobe reset going and check out the best women’s basketball shorts.

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