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In Her Bag: Kahleah Copper’s 3-Level Scoring

ByQueen Ballers Club|| June 23, 2023If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Welcome to our series where we spotlight and break down WNBA players’ style of play. We’re kicking off with dynamic guard Kahleah Copper, who led the Chicago Sky in scoring in 2022, and has already hit the 2,000 point mark. Pretty great achievements for ‘just a kid from North Philly’! Let’s take a look at how the 2021 Finals MVP gets it done on the court by checking out some of her signature moves and spots.

How to Play Basketball Like Kahleah Copper

Kahleah is the player to study if you want to improve your finishing.

1. Pro hop

The majority of Kahleah Copper’s points come at the rim, where her shooting percentage is highest. (We’re looking at 2022 here in order to have enough data points, as we’re only at the beginning of the 2023 season right now.)

One of Kahleah’s go-to moves for finishing at the rim is the pro hop. It’s how she’s able to be so explosive, helps her protect the ball better, and ensures less charges get called against her. Using a two-footed landing she can power through heavy traffic in the lane.

2. Hang time

Kahleah also finds a lot of her success in the lane by being a wiz at hanging and manipulating the ball in the air. As a result, she can easily make last minute adjustments to avoid defenders, earning her the title of expert finisher.

3. Transition speed

Looking for a display of pure hustle combined with cerebral athleticism? Look no further. Kah is the player the Sky can consistenly count on for easy transition points. She leaks out ahead and uses her incredible speed combined with superior finishing to translate turnovers into buckets.

4. Mid-range ‘counters’

Because Kah’s established herself as such as elite finisher, the defense often expects her to head to the hoop. She’s taken advantage of this by developing a nice mid-range game, and is comfortable shooting through traffic. Watch this heavy step, between the legs, hesi combo.

5. Threes round out the three-level scorer

This is what makes Kah so dangerous: she’s a true three-level scorer. She’ll make you pay off the drive, from the mid-range, and from the three. In terms of on-court placement, this is the second spot from which she’s going to make teams pay the most. This year she’s knocking in threes at a respectable 39% (up from 35% in 2022).

Another interesting component to Kah’s play is her communication and mental game. After being an assistant coach for the NCAA Division II Purdue University Northwest women’s basketball team, Chicago Sky head coach James Wade said he noticed the change in her, “The communication improved tenfold and little details you don’t take for granted. She doesn’t always depend on her athleticism now. I think she’s thinking the game more.”

To improve your game and practice playing like Kahleah Copper explore:

Kahleah Copper’s Basketball Style

Kahleah Copper’s bag is pretty much a Birkin. We can’t wait to see how her game continues to evolve. Up next, learn how Indiana Fever’s preeminent scorer Kelsey Mitchell gets it done on the court.

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