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The Pro Hop Move: Finishing Powerfully

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| April 7, 2022If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Sick of getting charges called on you at the basket or need to do a better job protecting the ball in traffic? The pro hop is a great move you can use to effectively finish around the basket. And it’s a creative way for shorter players to be more explosive by the rim. So today we’ll share how to do the move, when to use it, and provide a few fun drills to practice it. Plus, we’ll show you a few pros from the WNBA and NBA using it in action. Let’s get after it!

What is the pro hop?

The pro hop basketball finish got its name because of its popularity in the NBA and WNBA. Today, lots of wings use this move when coming off the drive into the lane. Basically it’s a quick way to land on two feet in the lane, even in heavy traffic, before powering up into your shot.

How to do the pro hop

The pro hop is pretty simple when you break it down:

  1. First you catch the ball and drive to beat your defender. You can even use a move like an in and out jab to create space before you drive.
  2. When the help defense steps up, pound dribble to pull up the ball and pull off your inside foot.
  3. Rip the ball through and protect it close to your body.
  4. Land into your two footed hop (like a jump stop), keeping your body low and on balance so you can explode out of it up towards the basket. Think about landing quietly on the balls of your feet or toes, so you’re primed to spring up.
  5. Finish by making the basket anyway you want. A popular move is the up and under, or you can try the harder inside hand finish to really put your skills to the test.

The key is to make sure that you are under control and can sell the move as you make your way to the basket. Here’s Chicago Sky‘s dynamic guard Kahleah Copper using the pro hop:

Situations to use the pro hop in

The pro hop is a great go-to move when you’re deep in the lane. Or if you’re dribbling while surveying the floor closer to the top of the key, rather than running into wide open space.

This move provides more power than a typical finish. So try using it when you believe you’re stronger than the defenders you’re up against. It’s also a good move when you’re working to get through multiple defenders in the lane and to split them. Especially if they’re a bit high off the blocks and there’s space behind them by the basket.

As an added bonus, this move can also help you avoid a charge call as long as you’ve left the ground before the help defense arrives.

Pro hop examples from the WNBA and NBA

Here’s Chelsea Gray doing the pro hop to get through a busy lane.

Here’s Stephon Marbury weaving through traffic with the pro hop.

Pro hop finishing drills

Here are a few drills to try to practice the pro hop before you use it in a game.

  1. Pro hop practice: Try to get 5 pro hops made starting from the foul line on each side (so a total of 10). If you miss three in a row, start over.
  2. Guarded pro hop: Now add a layer of defense. Your opponent starts at the baseline and you start at the foul line. When you dribble, they can move. Use the pro hop to get by your defender. The goal is to get 5 points first. Switch off as you make or miss – winner keeps the ball.
  3. Wing hop: Begin at a wing with a defender on you. You can score by using the pro hop or making a three – those are your only two options. The goal is to get 5 points first. Switch off as you make or miss – winner keeps the ball.

Try the pro hop finishing move

The pro hop is a great tool to add to your offensive bag. Using it as an alternative to the 1-2 stop in certain situations can make you hard to defend. Up next, learn all about the hesi move in basketball and the push cross move.

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