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The Ultimate Basketball Nets Guide

ByQueen Ballers Club|| August 14, 2023If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Any hooper will tell you, the sound a ball makes at it goes through the net is one of the most satisfying in the world. So today, we’ve pulled together the best basketball nets for your home hoop, whether it’s a portable hoop or in-ground hoop.

The majority of nets are available for under $10. Though if you want specialty nets such as those that glow-in-the-dark, they’re going to cost you quite a bit more. But that seems pretty fair for the trade off of being able to play around the clock!

We’ll also cover the best chain link net if that’s more your style, answer common net questions, and walk you through installing your new net in a couple simple steps. Let’s jump right in.

Discover the Best Basketball Nets for Home Hoops

Explore a selection of popular outdoor basketball nets from heavy-duty white nets to the official NBA net, fancy light up colored nets, and even antimicrobial cleaning nets. We hope these nets help to make your decision an easy one, so you can get back to playing!

Best outdoor basketball nets chart

1. Ultra Sporting Goods Heavy-Duty Basketball Net

With over 5,000 5-star ratings, this net is the sure winner – and it’s currently under $10. It’s a simple, basic solution that will hold up for a while. Made from high-quality and thick polyester fibers, this net is made to combat all weather conditions and the constant pulling and hanging that comes with regular gameplay. It’s the standard net size with 12 loops and 21 inches in total length. And comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Check the current price.

2. Amble Basketball Net Replacement Heavy-Duty Net

Amble’s net is another popular option, that’s slightly cheaper but is shorter as well (which could cause more snagging). It’s made of a high-quality polyester and tetoron material – and is also under $10. It is durable and long-lasting and resists various weather conditions such as rain and snow. The net has the standard 12 loops, 7 row grid pattern and is 20 inches in length.

Check the current price.

For similar quality but with a red, white, and blue theme, check out Wilson’s NBA DRV net.

3. Official NBA On-Court Spalding Heavy-Duty Basketball Net

Spalding creates the official net of the NBA, and this is a net by Spalding for under $5. It’s a polyester net that is hand-tied, with rigid loops at the top to prevent whipping. Built to handle the fiercest slams, it has a slightly stiff construction that softens up when you’ve earned the points. It’s a little longer and harder than other nets.

Check the current price on Amazon. Check the price on Spalding.

4. Mcnick & Company Glow In The Dark Outdoor Basketball Net Rim Hoop Heavy Duty

Nets that glow in the dark give players an opportunity to play at night outdoors. This glow-in-the-dark net (and glow in the dark ball) – that’s under $40 – works by using the sun’s light to energize and glow the net at night. In order to see the glow at peak performance it needs a full day of sun light, just like solar powered lights. Each net comes with 12 loop holes (standard basketball net) and is 20 inches long (standard NBA and NCAA basketball size). There’s also a 30-day risk free guarantee included.

Check the current price.

5. Rukket Basketball Light Up Hoop Net

This net is a great option if you’d like to play basketball late into the night and impress the neighbors. It features 20+ custom color modes for endless fun. This product is under $60 includes everything you need: a LED Rukket Basketball Net, a wireless remote and a power supply case. The net loops easily fit on any basketball hoop and attach in seconds! The power supply has a velcro strip on the back for easy attachment to the back of the backboard. The 100% satisfaction guarantee includes lifetime replacement parts and outstanding USA-based customer service for no-risk purchasing.

Check the current price.

Bonus basketball net options

There are superior see-at-night options to led strip lights, though they are more expensive. If you’d like to go extreme, get the Light Up Action Super Hoop Neon LED Basketball Hoop Light Net and Rim (it’s under $140). It even has interactive components: the net flashes green when you make it, and red when you rebound.

Also be on the look out for the AVIV Basketball Net (under $30) to become available. It’s currently in pre-order status. This moisture wicking and antimicrobial basketball net is engineered to dry and clean the ball each time it goes through the hoop (great for pandemic times). Constructed with a proprietary blend of three high-performance fibers, the Aviv Net removes more moisture and bacteria in comparison to a quality, traditional nylon net. It’s NBA Regulation weight and is 18” long.

Best outdoor basketball nets

When it comes to hooping outdoors, what most customers care about is durability. So considerations for your net include the sun and the weather such as rain and snow. Polyester nets tend to withstand the elements the best. If you’re hooping outdoors, make sure you also check out the best outdoor basketballs.

Best basketball nets for pool

For your pool basketball hoop, select a replacement net either from the brand you initially purchased, or get a heavy-duty polyester net. Don’t get a chain net because the net will be low so your fingers could easily get caught and hurt.

Basketball chain net

If you’re set on getting a basketball chain net for your outdoor hoop, because they make an awesome sound and do hold up nicely in all weather and intense use, we recommend the Champion Sports Heavy Duty Chain Link.

Made with rust proof, zinc plated galvanized steel, this chain basketball net is rated a 4.6/5 on more than 5,000 reviews, and holds up to outdoor weather conditions. It’s pretty easy to install, but you need a pair of pliers for closing the hooks.

For a slightly more premium chain net, check out the NBA Forge Chain Net by Wilson.

What nets does the NBA use?

The NBA uses the Spalding NBA on-court basketball net in 30 NBA basketball arenas. This court accessory is anti-whip and constructed from 100% polyester with Polypropylene in the tips for extra strength.

How much do basketball nets cost?

Basketball nets cost anywhere from $2 to $100. Though most fall closer to the $10-15 range, and that can easily buy you 6 months of standard use.

What are basketball nets made of?

Basketball nets are made of steel, nylon, and polyester. Nylon is the cheapest material that nets are made from, and has a shorter life span than the other materials. If you play every day, go with a polyester heavy-duty net. Chain nets last as long as polyester but can more easily get tangled, and they can badly mess up your fingers and arms.

Can you wash a basketball net?

Sure! Wash your white nylon or polyester basketball net as you would normal laundry in white. Then hang dry it.

How to install a basketball net

Now that you’ve got a new net on the way, here’s how to install it in a few simple steps.

What you need:

1. Position the ladder

Lower the hoop if you have an adjustable hoop, and/or position your ladder directly in front of the net.

2. Remove the old net

Pull out each loop by the rim. Alternatively you can do some cutting with your scissors to remove what’s hard to get out.

3. Position your net

Flip your net to be the right way. You want to attach the end with the longer loops to the rim.

4. Attach the net loop to the rim hook

Grab one net loop and from the inside of the rim push it through the rim hook towards the outside of the rim. Now open up and pull it down a little to attach it under the tiny hook in the center.

5. Pull it

Hold the loop in place with one hand and with your other hand, pull a little from the inside of the rim, so that it comes through and tightens firmly on the rim hook.

6. Repeat for all hooks

Because there are 12 hooks on a standard rim, there are 11 more to go. Don’t skip any loops or hooks, and go slowly to ensure you’re getting the right piece of net each time. 

7. Secure the net

Now that all the hooks have a piece of net in them, grab the bottom of the net and pull it downward. This will ensure all the loops are firmly attached and will stretch and straighten the net out a little so your ball goes through on the first new shot.

If for some reason your hoop doesn’t have hooks, you can use tape or tie knots to attach the hoop to the rim.

Now that your net is all set, you might want to explore the best basketball net backstops to prevent your ball from drifting away.

Shop the best basketball nets for home and outdoor hoops

Now you know the best nets to keep your game going from home. If you purchase certain nets from this article, we’ll get a few cents back to help fund our website. However, we’ve included all sorts of outdoor nets in order to show you the very best nets. Up next, check out basketball handling drills you can do at home, and the best footwork drills for guards.

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