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Best Pool Basketball Hoops: Complete Guide

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| April 24, 2021If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

The best pool basketball hoops add endless hours of outdoor fun! There are tons of options to choose from for both floating basketball hoops and poolside hoops. So today we take a look at some of the top options, including those best for saltwater, the best cheapest option, the hoop best for dunking, and more!

Types of pool basketball hoops

Before you pick a hoop, it’s important to understand their differences. There are two categories of pool basketball hoops: floating and poolside. Here are their pros and cons.

Floating basketball hoops

Floating basketball hoops are hoops that sit on top of the water in the pool. They come in versions that you blow up or with foam bottoms that allow them to float. They’re the cheaper of the two options and can easily be taken anywhere or put away. Typically they’re smaller than poolside hoops, and use much smaller balls. They can flip over as you’re playing, too. But you can dunk on them and they’re a much softer landing.

Poolside basketball hoops

Poolside basketball hoops get installed on the side of your pool. They either have a base and stand on their own, or you can get mounted versions that you install into your pool deck. Poolside hoops tend to be more expensive than floating hoops, and require more assembly and setup. You also might spend more time chasing missed shots outside of the pool! However, they feel much more like playing real basketball once installed. You can dunk on these too, as they’re sturdy when the base is filled up. Now that you know which type of hoop is best suited for your needs, check out some great options!

Discover the best pool basketball hoops

We selected some awesome hoops based on customer reviews, other review site recommendations, and our own experience playing. For each hoop we’ll share the category it wins, as well as provide key features, pros, cons, and reviews for a holistic view.

Best pool basketball hoops

Best pool basketball hoop for saltwater

The best pool basketball hoop for saltwater will not have metal construction, because it’s hard to keep it from rusting. Instead, look for options that are stainless steel, which are capable of protecting against this type of corrosion.

1. Dunn Rite Splash and Shoot Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop with Stainless Steel Rim

This is a solid, sturdy pool hoop that offers endless aquatic fun. The strong plastic base is super heavy when filled with water. The post is high-quality metal pipe. The backboard is thick plastic, with extra arms for support. And once the hoop is assembled, it really stays in place and handles a lot of play. It includes a base with an anchor kit, pole, rim, backboard, net, and a 9-inch basketball.

Key features:



Price: $$$

Check the current price.

Runner up: Deck Mounted Dunn-Rite Deck with Stainless Steel Rim

Best pool basketball hoop floating

Floating hoops can be tons of fun too – and they won’t rust because they’re all plastic!

2. G-Loco Basketball Hoop Set

This hoop is lots of fun for kids to use in the pool everyday. It is extremely sturdy for a floating option, and is great for rough housing in the pool. It features a cool neon net, and comes with 2 basketballs and the net. Plus, it’s not inflatable plastic so it won’t get ruptured, and should last beyond 6 months.

Key Features:



Price: $

Check the current price.

Runner up: GoSports Splash Hoop 360

Best poolside basketball hoop

Looking for the perfect poolside hoop? Look no further!

3. GoSports Splash Hoop Elite Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop

This premium poolside hoop brings pro style basketball to the pool and is simple to set up. It will provide countless hours of pool fun for the family. And if you have young kids, you can also raise the hoop a bit and practice outside of the pool. The hoop set includes everything you need to play including two full-size 9” rubber water basketballs and a ball pump. The design is very solid, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it bending, breaking, or falling into pool – and it works fine for saltwater as well. The price is also very good for its quality and function!

Key features:



Price: $$

Check the current price.

Runner up: GoSports Splash Hoop Pro

Best pool basketball hoop for dunking

The best dunking hoops are floatable because they’re not going to tip over onto anyone.

4. iBaseToy Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop

This fun inflatable basketball hoop comes with two balls and a pump. The foam base helps the set float, while the legs keep the game sturdy for game play so it does not tip over easily. It’s suitable for all ages and even sturdy enough for teenagers. Plus, you can use the random scores printed on the openings where the ball pops out after a basket to keep score for a fun game.

best cheap pool hoop

Key features:



Price: $

Check the current price.

Runner up: AOLUXLM Pool Toys Basketball Hoop Sets

Best cheapest pool hoop

The cheapest pool hoops are great for young kids.

5. COOP Hydro Spring Hoops

This hoop is great value, good durability, and lots of pool fun! It’s easy to inflate. There is a thick vinyl covering over most of the inflatable parts, except for the three poles holding up the hoop. The hoop actually allows you to slam dunk very hard on it. If kids land on the hoop (which they like to do) it doesn’t pop and just kind of squishes down and then comes back up.  This is the perfect hoop to purchase on the cheaper end. 

Key features:



Price: $

Check current price.

Runner up: Intex Floating Hoop

Top pool basketball hoop brands

Here’s a little more information about the top pool hoop brands to factor into your purchase consideration set.

Dunn Rite: Dunn Rite offers solid materials and construction to last a lifetime, for pool basketball summer after summer. Their products get some of the strongest customer reviews and their hoops are sturdy, albeit more expensive. They’re great for wild kids and can take dunking. Dunn-Rite Products is a third-generation family owned company located in Elwood, Indiana. Since 1983 Dunn-Rite has been developing new products for water lovers of all ages, including salt-friendly pool basketball units.

GoSports: GoSports has proudly been developing products in the USA for almost 15 years with a focus on fun for kids and adults. Their sporting goods and outdoor games can be used in the backyard, at school, and during family parties. Hassle-free assembly and durability are two features that make their pool hoops unique.

Lifetime: Lifetime offers a 5 year warranty on their hoops, and pride themselves on innovation and quality.  Lifetime started as an idea in a garage in Riverdale, Utah. As a dedicated father and fan of basketball, the Lifetime Products’ founder simply wanted to build a better basketball hoop for his family. Today they have a wide range of hoops, including poolside hoops. However many reviewers state that their poolside hoops rust a lot, so we didn’t include any on our list of top picks.

Best pool basketball hoop to buy

Hopefully seeing pros, cons, and reviews for each hoop makes your decision an easy one. We hope you land on endless hours of pool fun! Up next, check out the best portable basketball hoops guide.

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