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WNBA Players’ Name Pronunciation Guide

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| June 27, 2021If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

During the 2021 WNBA season, we noticed a lot of WNBA fans and players taking to Twitter to express their frustration with the announcers’ pronunciation of WNBA players’ names. Then, we read about the New York Liberty’s in-game announcer mispronouncing Dallas Wings star player Arike Ogunbowale’s name for the entire game. Professional athletes should not have to deal with that mental performance inhibitor.

So while the league provides a helpful written pronunciation guide, we thought a verbal guide might help as well. Here, you’ll find every active players’ name being pronounced correctly. It’s organized by team in alphabetical order, and then by player in alphabetical order.

When possible, we tried to include the athlete saying their own name. When we couldn’t find that, we used home arena footage or the trustworthiest reporter we could find (here’s looking at you Ari Chambers, Pepper Persley, and more). For any players that the league’s official pronunciation guide (published May 14, 2021) has a written phonetic pronunciation included for, we’ve included that here as well.

If you are a PR officer, player, or agent, and have a better clip you’d suggest we update the guide with, please drop us a DM. We hope this helps everyone out.

Atlanta Dream Players’ Name Pronunciation

Here’s how to pronounce the names of the players on the Atlanta Dream.

Aari McDonald

First name: AIR-ee

Blake Dietrich

Candice Dupree

Chennedy Carter

First name: KEN-eh-dee

Cheyenne Parker

First name: SHY-ann

Courtney Williams

Crystal Bradford

Elizabeth Williams

Monique Billings

Odyssey Sims

Tianna Hawkins

First name: TEE-ah-nah

Tiffany Hayes

Shekinna Stricklen

First name: Sheh-KEE-nuh

Chicago Sky

Here’s how to pronounce the names of the players on the Chicago Sky.

Allie Quigley

Astou Ndour-Fall

First name: ah-stew

Last name: N-Dour (similar to endure) fall

Azura Stevens

First name: azz-ur-RAY

Candace Parker

Courtney Vandersloot

Last name: VAN-der-SLEWT

Dana Evans

Diamond DeShields

Kahleah Copper

First name: kuh-LEE-ah

Lexie Brown

Ruthy Hebard

Last name: HE-bird

Stefanie Dolson

Connecticut Sun

Here’s how to pronounce the names of the players on the Connecticut Sun.

Alyssa Thomas

First name: uh-LISS-uh

Beatrice Mompremier

First name: BEE-uh-triss

Last name: MOM-prih-meer

Briann January

First name: bree-ON

Brionna Jones

DeWanna Bonner

DiJonai Carrington

First name: DEE-zjahn-ay

Jasmine Thomas

Jonquel Jones

First name: john-KWELL

Kaila Charles

First name: KY-lah

Natisha Heideman

First name: nah-TEE-shuh

Last name: HIDE-uh-mun

Stephanie Jones

Dallas Wings

Here’s how to pronounce the names of the players on the Dallas Wings.

Allisha Gray

First name: UH-LEE-shuh

Arike Ogunbowale

First name: uh-REE-kay

Last name: OH-goon-buh-WALL-ay

0:20 in this video

Awak Kuier

Bella Alarie

Last name: AL-uh-ree

Charli Collier

Chelsea Dungee

Last name: dun-JEE

Isabelle Harrison

Kayla Thornton

Marina Mabrey

Last name: MAY-bree

Moriah Jefferson

Tyasha Harris

First name: ty-A-shuh

Satou Sabally

First name: sah-TWO

Last name: sah-buh-LEE

Indiana Fever

Here’s how to pronounce the names of the players on the Indiana Fever.

Aaliyah Wilson

First name: uh-LEE-uh

Bernadett Hatar

Last name: huh-TAR

Chelsey Perry

Danielle Robinson

Emma Cannon

Jantel Lavender

First name: JANN-tell

Jessica Breland

Last name: BREE-land

Kelsey Mitchell

First name: KY-zuhr

Last name: Gone-druh-zick

Kysre Gondrezick

Lindsay Allen

Teaira McCowan

First name: tee-AIR-uh

Tiffany Mitchell

Victoria Vivians

Last name: VIHV-ee-ens

Las Vegas Aces

Here’s how to pronounce the names of the players on the Las Vegas Aces.

A’ja Wilson

First name: A-zhuh (like the continent, Asia)

Angel McCoughtry

Last name: mc-CAW-tree

Bria Holmes

Chelsea Gray

Dearica Hamby

First name: dee-AIR-ick-uh

Last name: HAM-bee

Destiny Slocum

Last name: SLOKE-um

Jackie Young

JiSu Park

First name: G-SOO

Kelsey Plum

Kiah Stokes

First name: KEY-uh

Liz Cambage

Last name: cam-BAYZH

Riquna Williams

First name: rih-QUAHN-uh

Los Angeles Sparks

Here’s how to pronounce the names of the players on the Los Angeles Sparks.

Amanda Zahui B.

Last name: Zow-EEE BEE

Arella Guirantes

First name: uh-REL-uh

Last name: guh-RAHN-tez

Brittney Sykes

Chiney Ogwumike

First name: chin-NAY

Last name: Oh-gwoo-ME-kay

Erica Wheeler

Jasmine Walker

Kristi Toliver

Lauren Cox

Maria Vadeeva

Last name: Va-DEE-vah

Nia Coffey

First name: NEE-uh

Nneka Ogwumike

First name: NEH-kuh

Last name: Oh-gwoo-ME-kay

Te’a Cooper

First name: TAY-uh

Minnesota Lynx

Here’s how to pronounce the names of the players on the Minnesota Lynx.

Aerial Powers

First name: AIR-ee-ul

Bridget Carleton

Crystal Dangerfield

Damiris Dantas

First name: Duh-MEER-iss

Last name: DAHN-tahs

Jessica Shepard

Jillian Alleyne

Kayla McBride

Layshia Clarendon

First name: LAY-shuh

Last name: CLAIR-en-dun

Napheesa Collier

First name: nuh-FEE-suh

Natalie Achonwa

Last name: uh-CHON-wuh

Rachel Banham

Last name: BAN-um

Rennia Davis

First name: reh-NYE-uh

Sylvia Fowles

Last name: FOULS

New York Liberty

Here’s how to pronounce the names of the players on the New York Liberty.

Betnijah Laney

First name: buh-NAW-juh

Deauzya (DiDi) Richards


Jazmine Jones

Jocelyn Willoughby

Kylee Shook

Leaonna Odom

First name: Lee-AH-nah

Michaela Onyenwere

First name: mik-KAY-luh

Last name: own-yen-WEH-day

Natasha Howard

Rebecca Allen

Reshanda Gray

Sabrina Ionescu

Last name: yo-NESS-coo

Sami Whitcomb

First name: sam-EE

Last name: witt-cum

Phoenix Mercury

Here’s how to pronounce the names of the players on the Phoenix Mercury.

Alanna Smith

First name: uh-LON-uh

Bria Hartley

Brianna Turner

Brittney Griner

Diana Taurasi

Last name: tuh-rah-SEE

Kia Nurse

First name: KEY-uh

Kia Vaughn

First name: KEE-uh

Megan Walker

Skylar Diggins-Smith

Sophie Cunningham

Shey Peddy

Seattle Storm

Here’s how to pronounce the names of the players on the Seattle Storm.

Breanna Stewart

First name: bre-ANN-na

Cierra Burdick

Epiphanny Prince

Ezi Magbegor

First name: EH-zee

Last name: MAG-buh-gore

Jewell Loyd

Jordin Canada

Karlie Samuelson

Katie Lou Samuelson

Kennedy Burke

Mercedes Russell

Stephanie Talbot

Sue Bird

Washington Mystics

Here’s how to pronounce the names of the players on the Washington Mystics.

Alysha Clark

Ariel Atkins

First name: AIR-ee-ul

Elena Delle Donne

First name: eh-LAY-neh

Last name: DELL-eh-DONN

Erica McCall

Megan Gustafson

Myisha Hines-Allen

First name: My-ee-shah

Leilani Mitchell

First name: lay-LAH-nee

Natasha Cloud

Shatori Walker-Kimbrough

Shavonte Zellous

First name: SHUH-vahn-tay

Last name: ZELL-us

Sydney Wiese

Last name: WEECE (rhymes with REESE)

Theresa Plaisance

Last name: play-ZAWNCE

Tina Charles

Up next, read all about the evolution of three-ball in the WNBA and how it’s changing the game.

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