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The Athletes Unlimited Basketball Scoring System

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| December 3, 2021If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

The Athletes Unlimited Basketball scoring system is a game changer. It ensures hoopers compete every single play, and makes the game engaging as heck for fans to watch. The creative scoring system is kind of like fantasy sports, where individuals stack up points — in this case, the person with the most points at the end of the season is crowned the only league champion.

Each athletes’ points determine whether they get bonuses added to their Athletes Unlimited Basketball base salary, and could land them in the seat to be a weekly team captain. That unique honor provides them with the ability to select their teammates, presumably leading to more win points.

Basically, the stakes are high. So today, we’re going to review how Athletes Unlimited Basketball players score points. Alternatively, they can even lose points — so we’ll show you how that works too.

Discover Athletes Unlimited Basketball scoring system

The live leaderboard shows how many total points each player has, and provides a break down of their win points (points earned when their team wins quarters and games), stat points (points earned for offensive and defensive plays), and MVP points (points earned via MVP votes by players and fans). And you can see the breakdown of all of those stats per player, too.

How to score Athletes Unlimited Basketball team points: Win points

Team performance earns each player their win points. Win points are awarded for both individual quarters and overall game wins. Each quarter is worth +50 points and overall games are worth +100 points. If a quarter is tied, the points roll over to the subsequent quarter.

According to AU CEO Jon Patricof, around 70 percent of player points come from how well the player’s team performs. 

How to score individual points in Athletes Unlimited Basketball: Stat and MVP points

There are two ways to earn individual points.

Be a game MVP

After each game, the players and members of The Unlimited Club will vote for players who they feel had standout performances. These points are added to the player’s individual total. MVP points are awarded as follows: MVP 1: +90 points; MVP 2: +60 points; MVP 3: +30 points.

Make great offensive and defensive plays

The final component of points is individual stats. Players earn points based on their performances from assists to rebounds and effective shooting.

  • Assist: 10
  • Steal: 10
  • Block: 10
  • Shooting Foul Drawn: 4
  • Personal Foul Drawn: 4
  • Offensive Foul Drawn: 8
  • Defensive Rebound: 5
  • Offensive Rebound: 10
  • Made FT: 10
  • Made 2: 20
  • Made 3: 30

However, the catch is that players can also lose points for certain actions, such as committing fouls, turning over the ball or missing a shot.

  • Shooting Foul Committed: -8
  • Personal Foul Committed: -8
  • Offensive Foul Committed: -16
  • Other Foul Committed: -8
  • Turnover: -10
  • Missed FT: -10
  • Missed 2: -10
  • Missed 3: -10

Overtime doesn’t add any additional points

If the game is tied at the end of the fourth quarter, the teams will play a five-minute overtime until there is a winner. But no additional team of individual points can be earned – only those that have rolled over.

In short, the rules and the points system are quite a bit different from the kind of basketball most of these hoopers are used to playing in the WNBA and overseas.

Athletes Unlimited Basketball scoring system points break down

How might the Athletes Unlimited scoring system change an athlete’s mental game?

We wondered what impact the new scoring system might have on the impact of the hoopers’ mental game. Certified Mental Performance Consultant and Hoops Minded Founder, Danny Ourian, told Queen Ballers Club, “Having all these stats to consider can overload an athlete’s mind if they allow themselves to spend time worrying about it. Cognitive overload is a primary cause of athlete choking; if they are too busy thinking about this stat and that, they are not focused on the task at hand, and then seemingly simple tasks to execute can go awry.”

He continued by explaining how Athletes Unlimited hoopers can tap into their best performance. “Athletes are served by getting lost in the game, not counting points or any other stats for that matter. So that they are open, aware and receptive to the present moment. This is the only thing they can truly impact: the present play. They can’t control wins, quarter scores, free throws, or other outcomes. Getting over a self-absorbed pattern of thoughts relative to stats and ultimately winning will allow a player to play free and clear.”

Players looking to tap into the flow in the face of being held accountable to their stats can turn to meditation for help Danny shared. The best way to do this is to regularly practice mindfulness meditation. In meditation, you are spending intentional time observing your internal experience and noticing when your mind becomes distracted from an anchor, typically your breath. When you notice you’ve been distracted you return to your breath, over and over and over again. This has direct parallels to worrying about stats. When you’ve practiced mindfulness you will more quickly recognize when you’re thinking about stats and not the task at hand. Then you can skillfully refocus on cues that relate to what is needed of you in that moment.”

Ready to focus on the action yourself? Here’s how to watch Athletes Unlimited Basketball.

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