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WNBA League Pass 2023: Everything You Need to Know

ByQueen Ballers Club|| May 15, 2021If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

So you’re thinking about getting the WNBA League Pass 2023, but you’re not sure where to begin or what exactly it comes with? Or you’ve bought it, but you’re not sure how to actually access it to watch games? No sweat, we’ve got you covered.

Today, we’ll walk you through what the League Pass costs, what it comes with, how to buy it, what devices you can watch the games on through the pass, and how to figure out what games are blacked out. (Spoiler alert: You’ll still be able to watch blacked out games, just not live as they happen.)

But before we jump into it, we’ve got to let you know the WNBA League Pass 2023 is an incredible deal – and yes, you should definitely buy it. It’s one of the best ways to catch every game, on your own schedule. And it’s a bargain price (basically the cost of a lunch)!

How does WNBA League Pass work?

League Pass is a webpage you can go to online, or a section you can access with the WNBA App on your phone, and watch all sorts of WNBA games in just a few clicks. You pay a one-time flat fee each season, and it gives you access for a whole year.

It includes WNBA live regular season games and playoff games for 2023. You can watch the games as they happen in real-time, or watch the recordings anytime later. There’s also a library of every recorded WNBA game since 2015 that you can watch anytime you want. Plus you can watch WNBA original series including League Pass exclusive Vibin’ with Chloe Jackson.

Is WNBA League Pass free?

WNBA League Pass is free for 7 days. And then costs $24.99 total for the entire season, after that to get access to games from every team. League Pass will provide access to an increased number of games this year over last season, with at least 130 live regular-season games.

WNBA League Pass cost

League Pass: How much does WNBA League Pass cost? League Pass costs just $24.99 for the entire season (after a 7-day free trial), and comes with multi-game viewing, statistical overlays, live DVR, and the ability to watch every game on demand. It’s an incredible deal!

Team Pass: Or you can get the Team Pass for just $9.99 to see one WNBA team’s games all season long (it also includes a 7-day free trial). The other big different with Team Pass is that you don’t get multi-game viewing, which makes sense because you’re just watching one team.

Game Pass: You can even choose to watch a specific game for just $1.99! That’s less than a cup of coffee. Now you’ve got no excuse not to watch a WNBA game this season.

How to watch WNBA League Pass 2023

When you buy the League Pass, you can watch the games by logging into your League Pass account on your computer, smartphone, tablet or internet-connected TV. League Pass lets you watch games from all 12 teams. League Pass offers 130 live season games. And hundreds of games from the 2015-2022 WNBA seasons are available on demand. Here’s how to watch:

WNBA App on your phone

League Pass works with ios and Android phones. Just download the WNBA App and then open up League Pass within the app. You can also watch WNBA video highlights, and see scores and stats. And if you want to be really locked in, you can get push notifications from the app for breaking news, injury updates and game alerts.

Computers with 750 kbps internet

League Pass also works on computers (if you’re using a Mac, try using the Chrome browser) and tablets. You just need to be sure your internet is strong enough. A broadband internet connection (DSL/cable) of 750 kbps or higher is needed for WNBA League Pass. Then, just go to the pass webpage and login following the steps below.

Watch on Smart TVs & Fire TV (Roku – doesn’t work)

League Pass also works with AppleTV (4th generation) and Chromecast (3rd generation). Just go to the AppleTV store on your TV and look for the WNBA – Live Basketball Games app. Or on your Chromecast search for the WNBA – Live Basketball Games & Scores app.

The updated WNBA League Pass experience will be available for the first time on Fire TV (via the Fire TV WNBA App), and will include personalized alerts.

Unfortunately, other devices such as Roku do not currently support League Pass.


WNBA League Pass blackouts

However, some restrictions apply when it comes to watching the games live. Nationally televised games on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, CBS Sports Network, and CBS are not available live within your League Pass account.

So look at the WNBA’s upcoming schedule to see in the left-hand column, what channels are listed for the game you want to watch. For example below, the Chicago Sky and Washington Mystics game is on ABC, so it won’t be available live on League Pass.

But the recording for the game will be available to you once it’s over! So you can always log in and see all the action. Typically it’s available to watch as soon as the game ends.

WNBA League Pass watch games

So when you click to watch that game within League Pass while it’s live, you get a notification that it’s not available. But you can still see live game scores and how much time is left.

WNBA League Pass blackouts 2021

Then, when you login the next day, and click on the same game, you’ll actually be able to watch it.

Purchase WNBA League Pass

To get your League Pass, just go to the WNBA’s webpage.

1. Buy from the “Start trial” button

And click “Start my free trial.” Pick the plan you’d like, and then complete the payment information. If you don’t want your subscription to auto-renew each season, leave that box unchecked during the purchase flow.

2. Go back to the webpage to watch

Once you’ve made your purchase, to watch anytime on your computer (or in your WNBA app on your phone), go back to the League Pass webpage and click Sign In at the top right. Don’t worry, you’ll also get a purchase confirmation email with the link to the webpage so you don’t forget it!

Purchase WNBA League Pass 2021

3. Launch the game viewer

Enter your sign in information and click continue. Then hit the orange Launch button to open the game viewer.

How to use WNBA League Pass 2021

4. Find the game date

Use the scroll bar at the top of the page to click on the date of the game you want to watch, for dates close by. For previous games from a long time ago, click Calendar to pop open the calendar, and then click on the date of the game.

WNBA League Pass schedule

5. Click the game you want to watch

On the next page you’ll be able to hover over all the games from that date, and then click to watch the one you’d like.

WNBA League Pass watch games

When you click to watch, you’ll be able to enjoy the game! You can slow it down, speed it up, skip to sections you want, and re-watch as many times as you’d like. Within the controls box in the center of your screen, click on the little boxes on the right to either switch into full-screen mode or pop open the game in another window.

WNBA League Pass controls

If you need help as you use the League Pass, check out the WNBA’s help center.

Can I watch WNBA on NBA League Pass?

No, you can not watch the WNBA on NBA League Pass. Just purchase the WNBA League Pass to see the games from the W.

WNBA League Pass promo code

Terrika Foster-Brasby helped grow the game, along with many of her Twitter followers, and gifted hundreds of passes before the beginning of the season.

One other promotion to look out for is when TheNext offers League Pass when you subscribe to TheNext for a year. You just reach out to them once you subscribe with your Paypal or Venmo information and they send you the League Pass rebate.

How to cancel WNBA League Pass

To cancel your WNBA League Pass you can login to your League Pass account and click the cancel button under your subscription. They make it very simple. But, consider gifting your subscription to a friend instead!

Cancel WNBA League Pass subscription

Buy your WNBA League Pass 2023

Now you’re ready to get your WNBA League Pass 2023 and see some of the greatest basketball in the world. If you’re a new fan, check out our guide to becoming a WNBA fan, to get started picking your team. Or learn more about other ways to watch the WNBA.

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