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Stewie 2 Earth: Sustainability and Style

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| June 15, 2023If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Unstoppable two-time WNBA champion, Breanna Stewart, just dropped another signature shoe: The PUMA Stewie 2 “Earth,” draws its inspiration from the captivating beauty of nature. The previous installment, the Stewie 2 Ruby, paid homage to Breanna’s daughter, Ruby. Now the “Earth” edition shifts the focus outwards towards the world. Don’t wait to check them out, because a number of sizes are already sold out!

Inspired by the four elements, the new “Earth” colorway predominantly showcases shades of caramel and taupe. The inserts are designed in striking jade-green and gray patterns. And the outsole is designed to reflect fire, wind, and water. Highlighter yellow laces add a vibrant touch.

Explore the PUMA Stewie 2 Earth

The Stewie 2 “Earth” is not only a style statement, but also an eco-friendly choice. Puma and Breanna went the extra mile by incorporating 20% recycled materials into the shoe’s construction, making it a step towards a more sustainable future.

There’s no sacrifice in comfort though. Zoned mono-mesh layers throughout, provide targeted support for high-intensity movements on the court. You can count on stability with the PWR TAPE support structures and the durable TPU caged form strip. And the nitro-infused midsole adds clutch cushioning and responsiveness.

When Breanna Stewart joined forces with Puma in July 2022, it marked a monumental moment for the brand—a women’s basketball partnership after a decade-long hiatus. Together, they strive to create sneakers that elevate the performance of athletes, both male and female. As just a few examples of the way they’re impacting the game, Breanna’s shoes have made appearances in the NBA already on several players including Phoenix Suns center DeAndre Ayton, Charlotte Hornets guard Terry Rozier, and 2023 lottery prospect Scoot Henderson.

The new Stewie 2 Earth shoe retails for $125 USD on Puma’s website. Lace up and let the power of nature guide you to victory on the court!

Breanna Stewart sitting in a chair in her new Stewie 2 Earth shoe
Stewie 2 Earth shoe on leaves
Breanna Stewart in her new Stewie 2 Earth shoe on a basketball court

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