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The Lowest Paid WNBA Players in 2023

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| December 13, 2020If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Today we’re going to reveal the lowest paid WNBA players this year, as part three of our WNBA salary series. Our hope is that the league will continue working hard to ensure even the least paid players make more every year.

Deloitte predicts elite women’s sport revenues could top almost a billion dollars in a year. “Women’s sports events have demonstrated their mass-market appeal, and thus monetary potential, on multiple occasions…In sports where men’s and women’s games have relatively equal marketing support, their commercial impact has been roughly equivalent.” And we’d like to see as much of that money as possible go into our players’ pockets, especially the least paid ones.

Just to recap, we believe in order to be fairly compensated, you need to know what to ask for. And while agents negotiate on players’ behalves, knowing your own worth ensures you get more of the type of monetary gain you deserve. That’s why, for office professionals for example, sites that provide pay transparency like Glassdoor have been so clutch in addressing pay gaps. Basically, knowledge is power! So today, we reveal some of the lowest paid WNBA players this year.

Discover the lowest paid WNBA players in 2023

WNBA rookies typically earn the least money as they are the newest to the league. So the lowest paid WNBA players in 2023 are mostly the new rookies, each of whom will potentially earn $62,285. They’re followed by the players with zero to two-years of experience.

Interestingly, the base salary for the same pick and years of experience increases by 3% year over year. Meaning 2023’s first overall pick will make 3% more in her first year than Rhyne Howard made in 2022.

Rookie base salaries are not guaranteed, which means players are just paid when they’re actually on the roster, according to the CBA. The CBA also actually allows for rookie scale contracts to fall below the league minimum, in a few select situations (such as hardship contracts).

wnba rookie scale

Here’s a look at the players making the zero to two-year minimum of $62,285 in 2023. This will change once the WNBA Draft happens and training camp is over. Keep in mind at the other end of the spectrum are the highest paid WNBA players making the supermax of $234,936 in 2023.

  1. Mikayla Pivec, Atlanta Dream $62,285
  2. Lorela Cubaj, Atlanta Dream $62,285
  3. Anneli Maley, Chicago Sky $62,285
  4. Feyonda Fitzgerald, Chicago Sky $62,285
  5. Robyn Parks, Chicago Sky $62,285
  6. Li Yueru, Chicago Sky $62,285
  7. Victoria Macaulay, Connecticut Sun $62,285 
  8. Mikiah Herbert Harrigan, Connecticut Sun $62,285 
  9. Nirra Fields, Connecticut Sun $62,285 
  10. Lauren Cox, Connecticut Sun $62,285 
  11. Kiara Smith, Connecticut Sun $62,285 
  12. Jasmine Dickey, Dallas Wings $62,285
  13. Rennia Davis, Indiana Fever $62,285
  14. Bernadett Határ, Indiana Fever $62,285
  15. Chelsey Perry, Indiana Fever $62,285
  16. Khayla Pointer, Indiana Fever $62,285
  17. Courtney Range, Las Vegas Aces $62,285
  18. Alexis Peterson, Las Vegas Aces $62,285
  19. Yang Liwei, Los Angeles Sparks, $62,285
  20. Maya Dodson, Minnesota Lynx $62,285
  21. Stephanie Watts, Minnesota Lynx $62,285
  22. Kiana Williams, Minnesota Lynx $62,285
  23. Sika Koné, New York Liberty $62,285
  24. Han Xu, New York Liberty $62,285
  25. Morgan Green, New York Liberty $62,285
  26. Stephanie Mawuli, New York Liberty $62,285
  27. Marine Johannès, New York Liberty $62,285
  28. Jennie Simms, Phoenix Mercury $62,285
  29. Destiny Slocum, Phoenix Mercury $62,285
  30. Sug Sutton, Phoenix Mercury $62,285
  31. Sam Thomas, Phoenix Mercury $62,285
  32. Jade Melbourne, Seattle Storm $62,285
  33. Ivana Dojkić, Seattle Storm $62,285
  34. Kaila Charles, Seattle Storm $62,285
  35. Arella Guirantes, Seattle Storm $62,285
  36. Li Meng, Washington Mystics $62,285
  37. Alisia Jenkins, Washington Mystics $62,285
  38. Jazmine Jones, Washington Mystics $62,285
  39. Stephanie Jones, Washington Mystics $62,285
  40. Evina Westbrook, Washington Mystics $62,285

Now you know the lowest paid players in the WNBA in 2023

Considering how hard these ladies work year-round, and despite the immense strides they’ve made in salary advancement (thanks Nneka and the CBA crew!), there’s still a long road ahead.

So be sure to share your favorite WNBA news and players with everyone you know. And encourage your friends and family to watch games with you. You can be a part of the change. A rising tide lifts all boats as they say!

Up next, learn about the Athletes Unlimited basketball salary.

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