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Women’s Basketball Shorts You Need to See

ByQueen Ballers Club| October 1, 2022If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

The best women’s basketball shorts make you look good and feel good. Which probably also makes you play well! So today we’re going to help you look your best on the court. While ensuring you have a dope tunnel fit even if you’re in your practice threads.

We’ve curated all sorts of shorts for basketball in unique styles, colors, and prices, so that you can find a vibe that’s right for you. Check out picks from up-and-coming hooper-favorite brands such as SleeperBear, Ryoko Rain, Overtime, and more. Explore classics from Nike, Adidas, and the best college basketball shorts. Let’s find your next pair of shorts!

Shop the best women’s basketball shorts

WNBA fashion is on the rise. So it’s time to take your court wardrobe to the next level. Find your new favorite pair of women’s basketball shorts today. Check out some comfortable basketball shorts, and exciting bright patterns for a little fun. Here are a few of our favorites in no particular order.

1. SleeperBear Basketball Shorts

A woman’s body is different than a man’s. And yet most athletic and athleisure shorts are designed for men first, and adapted for women later. Instead of treating women as an afterthought, SleeperBear treats women as the priority. These shorts are engineered specifically for the female-identifying body first, including design elements like extra space in the backside and hips area , a slightly shorter length, and a wide waistband prevents stomach pressure. Pros such as Jewell Loyd have rocked them!

SleeperBear women's basketball shorts

The shorts are silky soft and lightweight, and are available in either cotton or cloud-like polyester. They feature a handful original basketball patterns and fabric you won’t find anywhere else to choose from. And they’re made in the USA. The shorts are super comfortable both on the court and on the couch. Plus, they have two deep-front pockets, making it easy to take your phone, music, and keys to the court. Shop with confidence with the full satisfaction guarantee (returns are accepted). And because it’s our sister company any purchase you make helps fund our hoops journalism as well.

Our favorites: Steel Short | Bakken Short

Explore more SleeperBear shorts here.

2. Ryoko Rain Basketball Shorts

Southern California’s Ryoko Rain releases new shorts patterns throughout the year. Shorts have featured solid colors, have been inspired by MLB teams, or different holidays throughout the year, and much more. These shorts have been worn by both NBA and WNBA players, and are made from light weight 100% polyester mesh – comfortable for all day wear.

Ryoko Rain women's basketball shorts

They feature deep pockets, an elongated draw cord, and an above the knee fit. The in-seam length starts at 4 inches and gets larger for larger pairs – so these might be a comfortable fit for female-identifying hoopers who like their shorts on the short to medium side. However there are no returns, which is a bit tricky if you don’t know your size. Also we definitely recommend subscribing to their SMS club because these shorts sell fast, so you’re going to want to know when they go live.

Our favorites: Lunar New Year | Mamba Collection

Explore more Ryoko Rain shorts here.

3. Swingmanz Basketball Shorts

Arizona-based Swingmanz makes limited edition “remixed” swingman shorts, that are great for hoopers. These shorts are a bit on the heavier side as they’re 100% authentic heavyweight mesh with comfortable inner lining. And they feature an above the knee fit, so they’re best for basketball players who prefer longer shorts.

Swingmanz women's basketball shorts

Choose from tons of patterns inspired by NBA teams and hoops culture. The shorts feature two extra-large 10″ zippered pockets that easily hold a cell phone and keys. And the double rib knit trim and extra-long drawstrings add a nice touch.

Our favorites: Answer Blue | Desert Dawn

Explore more Swingmanz shorts here.

4. Collect & Select Basketball Shorts

This is another hooper brand, with comfy shorts. These shorts are also a little on the bulkier side as they feature 100% heavyweight polyester mesh and a relaxed fit. They have a knit waistband, and two handy zippered pockets. They also have elongated waxed drawstrings.

Collect and Select women's basketball shorts

The inseam on these is on the longer side – starting at 5.5 inches and getting longer as sizes go up. So they’ll be a nice fit if you like longer shorts. These also sell pretty fast, so it’s worth getting on their SMS list if you want to cop a pair.

Our favorites: Sacramento | Pastel

Explore more Collect and Select shorts here.

5. SLAM Basketball Shorts

It’ll come as no surprise to you that the infamous basketball magazine company, SLAM, has a ton of basketball shorts to chose from including fresh designs with their logo, and retro college team shorts. Though they’re designed for men first, you might enjoy some of the patterns enough to wear some longer shorts (5″ inseam/above the knee fit).

SLAM magazine women's basketball shorts

They’re made of double ply 100% pro aero mesh or double layer mesh (depending upon which pairs you pick), feature an elastic waistband with a drawstring and are mostly designed by 19nine, LLC.

Our favorites: Gators | Tigers

Explore more SLAM basketball shorts here.

6. Overtime Basketball Shorts

Overtime creates disruptive sports leagues for the next generation of sports fans and athletes. You’ve probably run into them on social media where they’re very focused on creating long-form content for YouTube, as well as basketball highlights on Instagram and TikTok. From time to time they’ll drop a new shorts collection.

Overtime basketball shorts

Most of their shorts are made from double-sided heavy weight mesh, and designed for male bodies, but female-identifying folks can wear them too. The shorts tend to be a medium length hitting well above the knee, but not too high. A recent drop of theirs featured NBA legend Carmelo Anthony’s son Kiyan.

Our favorites: Bolt | Cold Hearts

Explore more Overtime basketball shorts here.

7. Local Hoops Basketball Shorts

Local Hoops started off posting cool photos of basketball hoops around the world on social media. Today they have a flagship store in New York, and are focused on building a global community around the game of basketball. Their shorts are made of mesh material and feature an inner lining as well. There are hidden zipper pockets on the side of most of them. And they have an elastic waistband with a metal tip drawstring.

Local Hoops women's basketball shorts

The shorts are cut above the knee with a looser fit for hooping in. And have a variety of pastel colored patterns.

Our favorites: Sherbet Game Shorts | Gradient Game Shorts

Explore more Local Hoops shorts.

8. Nike Women’s Basketball Shorts

Nike Fly shorts and Jordan shorts are good for playing time on the court as they’re made of a durable sweat-wicking performance fabric. They feature an above the knee relaxed fit, and a fairly tight waistband that can ride a little high. The two included pockets are a great size to hold your phone.

Nike women's basketball shorts

Nike’s the sponsor of the WNBA, so at some point, they’ve got to release some designs you want to rock. There are a ton of different colorways available.

Our favorites: WNBA Team Practice Shorts

Explore more Nike basketball shorts.

9. Adidas Women’s Basketball Shorts

If you’re all about that three stripes life, keep your hoops game strong with a pair of women’s basketball shorts from adidas. Most of adidas shorts are made with recycled materials. They’re partnered with some of our female hoopers – Hoop York City and Candace Parker – to make some nice designs.

adidas women's basketball shorts

Many of the shorts are made with soft doubleknit that’s lightweight and breathable, so you can move around freely or recycled polyester single jersey fabric that’s soft. The shorts tend to be about medium length. And they release new colorways throughout the year.

Our favorites: Hoop York City | Candace Parker Shorts

Explore more adidas basketball shorts here.

10. PUMA Women’s Basketball Shorts

PUMA signed WNBA MVP Breanna Stewart (check out her shoe drops), so we had to include them on the list. They have a bunch of styles you can choose from. The moisture-wicking technology of their mesh dryCELL fabric keeps you cool and comfy while you hoop.

PUMA women's basketball shorts

Shorts tend to be medium to long in length, with a nice relaxed hip fit. Their classic shorts feature two colors and the PUMA logo.

Our favorites: MOD mesh shorts

Explore more Puma basketball shorts here.

What to pair with your women’s basketball shorts

If you like to wear spandex underneath your shorts for extra coverage, here are a few awesome options.

Pick the best women’s basketball shorts!

Now you’re ready to select the best women’s shorts to help your style and your game. Shop all basketball shorts here. Up next, check out some fun WNBA facts or stock up on cool basketball hoodies.

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