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Basketball Pumps That Really Work

ByQueen Ballers Club|| January 1, 2023If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

So your ball is looking a little flat? That’s almost as upsetting as a basketball wedgie! But don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Today we’ve pulled together some of the best basketball pumps that can get your ball back in action fast. Let’s get you back in action!

Discover the best basketball pumps

You can’t really go wrong when it comes to a ball pump. The most important thing is that you have one when you need one. So we recommend getting a pump that’s lightweight and compact enough to carry around. Here are a few of the best options for hoopers – though as an added bonus all of these will work on multiple types of sports balls (soccer, volleyball, etc).

1. Franklin Sports Ball Pump Kit

OK this one is our top choice because it’s got everything you need, packed in one small carrying case and is under $10. This is a classic push-pull pump where pushing on an extended handle offers a stream of air to inflate the ball (think Wiley coyote trying to blow up Roadrunner). The kit includes a little 7.4” pump, 3 inflation needles, and an inflation gauge for figuring out the PSI. Also it can be used for all your sports balls – not just basketballs.

With only a few pumps we’ve been able to inflate balls much faster than with other pumps we’ve used in the part. And the construction of the pump and accessories feel quite sturdy, despite the relatively low price. Plus, so far, the pump is still performing really well and no part of it has broken down. We’ve had it for about two and a half years now. Plus, it’s easy to take to the court and keep in your basketball backpack because it’s so small. Check the current price here.

If the price on that one goes above $10 (after the sale is over), check out this one because it might be cheaper and its by the same brand and is the same style (this one can also pump up plastic floaties).

Best for: Portable and home use

Hand basketball pump

2. Electric Pumtek Pump

For those of you most pressed for time or with a team of basketballs to keep fresh, (hello coaches!) this pump should be your go-to. Having an electric pump makes the process much faster and gives you the option to try to multi-task a bit better. This pump is pretty quiet and can be used on most sports balls, and inflates balls quickly and easily. The digital display allows you to see the pressure and it has automatic pressure detection.

It is also compact and lightweight, making it easy to store and take on the go. Another plus is that you don’t have to charge it too much – should last a month or so. However it only goes up to 12psi and sometimes it can be fickle: it won’t read the air pressure initially – but then it works. We still think it’s a good get for its accuracy and durability at a price under $35. Check the current price.

Best for: Inflating balls quickly and team use

Electric basketball pump

3. NBA & WNBA Basketball Pump

This is another classic push-pull pump, and is best for hoopers who want to rock a name brand with some clout: Wilson is the official basketball of the NBA and WNBA. This ball pump features either official NBA branding or WNBA branding (pick either!) coupled with the iconic Wilson script. The pump is small for easy transport and storage, and works super fast. Coming in at under $10, it’s a steal. However it only comes with one needle. Shop here: the NBA pump or WNBA pump. If you want the kit – with 3 needles and a pressure gauge, that’s an option too.

Best for: High-quality brand, easy to carry, and home use

Blue NBA basketball pump by Wilson
Orange NBA basketball pump by Wilson

Bonus: If you enjoy shopping by brand, Dick’s Sporting Goods has a sale going on right now and they’ve got a Nike pump for basketballs you might like for just $12 in a select color way. Other colors are still just $15. It’s a basic handy push-pull pump, and is reportedly easy to use. However because the needle is exposed it can break off if you’re not careful when storing it. Check it out here.

Nike basketball pump

How to pick the best basketball pump

When buying a basketball pump, first and foremost, ensure that the pump is compatible with the basketballs you have. Some pumps have different nozzles for different types of balls, and not all pumps can inflate all types of balls. Beyond that, here are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Inflation method: Consider whether you want a manual or electric pump. With a manual pump you’re going to need to push and pull, and it may take longer to inflate a ball. Meanwhile an electric pump is faster but requires charging or being by an electrical outlet, and may be more expensive.
  2. Size and portability: If you plan to take your pump with you to the court, consider the size of the pump. Look for a pump that is lightweight and easy to carry, and that can be stored in a small space.
  3. Durability: Find a pump that is designed to last. If you hoop every day, it’s likely you’ll need to pump your ball every month or so. Check the materials and construction of the pump, and look for a sturdy handle and a metal nozzle design that will hold up to regular use.
  4. Add-ons: Some pumps come with additional features such as a built-in gauge, a pressure release valve, or a dual-action head (it can push air through on both the pump up and down). These features can make the pump more versatile, faster, and also make it easier to inflate the ball with a more precise pressure.

Shop the best basketball pumps

Don’t waste your time playing with an under-filled ball. A properly inflated basketball will bounce better and be more responsive to your touch, which can improve your practice and gameplay. Also inflating a basketball to the correct pressure can help to prolong its life! Get your pump today.

If you need a new ball, stock up on the best outdoor or indoor basketballs, and hit the court. (We recommend the Evolution – size 7 for men, 6 for women, 5 for kids.)

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