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Basketball Valentines Cards To Love

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| January 29, 2022If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

We’re swishing you a happy Valentine’s Day! So we’ve pulled together a few cool basketball Valentines cards to make your shopping simple this year. That way you don’t have to travel all over to find the perfect note. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful card for a partner who loves hooping, or just a whole bunch of fun cards for your kids’ class, we’ve got you covered.

Unfortunately we didn’t find many (any, in fact) specifically for women’s and female-identifying hoopers, so we made a few of our own, and added them at the end for you.

Discover fun basketball Valentines cards

Explore options for sneakerheads, basketball players, and even movie buffs. That’s right, we’re bringing out the classic: Love and Basketball. Some of these cards will be mailed to you before you can give them away, so be sure to order quickly. Others are printable and get sent to you right away, for you to print onto any card stock or paper you’d like.

1. Love Is A Dunk Card

Let your love know their love is the MVP! This card is designed on smooth, heavy card stock and is 4.25” x 5.5”. It’s blank on the inside and comes with an envelope.

Love is a slam dunk basketball valentine

2. Sneakerhead Valentine’s Day Card

Send this to the one you’ve been kickin’ it with! This 4.25″ x 5.5″ card is printed on premium cardstock and comes with a kraft envelope. It’s blank on the inside so you can easily personalize it.

Sneakerhead Valentine's Day card for basketball players

3. Vintage Michael Jordan Valentines

For your friends who are fans of The Last Dance, send a card featuring the legend. This vintage 1990s Michael Jordan valentine set includes nine different cards, and they’re in great condition. If you’re after a more sophisticated MJ Valentine’s Day card, check out this one.

Michael Jordan cards

4. Love and Basketball Card

If you know that feeling: “I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven, and the sh*t won’t go away.” Grab a unique and nostalgic card. This handmade Love and Basketball card comes on premium paper, matte card stock.

Love and Basketball Card

5. Shooting My Shot LeBron Valentine Card

Ready to win Valentine’s Day? This card is a bucket. It’s an original drawn by the artist, and is designed on 4″ x 6 “smooth matte white card stock. It is blank on the inside and of course comes with an envelope.

LeBron Basketball Valentine

6. Printable Slam Dunk Basketball Valentines

These cute cards are great for young hoopers! This is a printable file so you’ll get it emailed to you right away, and can make as many as you need. Sure to be a slam dunk with any class.

Slam Dunk Basketball Valentine

7. Jordan Sneakerhead Card

Another one for the sneaker fan! This handmade card is 4.25″ x 5.5″ and printed on premium cardstock. It comes with a kraft envelope, and the inside it blank so you can personalize it.

8. NBA Team Valentine’s Day Printable Cards

This Bucks card features Giannis Antetokounmpo’s jersey and “Happy Valentine’s Day – I think you’re the MVP”. The listing is for a printable PDF that you will be able to download and print once your purchase is complete. It’s designed to hold a lollipop! The artist has a similar option for every NBA team too.

NBA Valentine's Day Card

9. Hoops Valentine Card

This creative, cute originally hand-drawn card is printed and mailed to you with a matching envelope. It’s 5″ x 7″ and says, “The ball’s in your court. Happy Valentines’ Day!” on the inside.

Hoops Valentine Card

10. Valentine Basketball Printable for Classmates

Hoop there it is! The answer to your kids’ school Valentines this year. This handy printable gets sent to you quickly, and has four cards per page. It’s great to put on card stock.

Valentine Basketball Printable for Classmates

Bonus. Slam Dunk Valentine’s Day Card Set

Make a splash with the whole class! This 25-pack of cards comes with envelopes too, making Valentine’s Day planning super simple.

Basketball card set for Valentine's Day

Enjoy women’s basketball Valentines cards

Since we couldn’t find any cards celebrating the women’s/girls/female-identifying hoopers game, we made a few. Feel free to print these out and spread the love for the game with your Valentine’s Day celebrations. After you save them to your device, resize them (they’ll go down to 6″x3.5″ nicely) before you print.

women's basketball valentine's day card
women's basketball valentines cards
girls basketball valentines cards
women's basketball player valentine cards
Basketball Valentine's Day cards for kids

The New York Liberty also designed these adorable cards that you might be able to creatively modify:

The Minnesota Lynx created these cuties:

The Dallas Wings made these beauties:

Athletes Unlimited released these cool cards:

Get the best basketball Valentines

Now you’re ready to have a ballin’ Valentines. And all your friends will be head over hoops for ya! As a bonus, if you purchase any cards from Etsy and Amazon, they send us a little tip to help keep our pro women’s hoops reporting flowing – and it doesn’t cost you any more than it always would.

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