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Sue Bird Twitter Queen: 31 Swish Tweets

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| November 9, 2020If you buy something from a link on our site, Queen Ballers Club may earn a commission.

Sue Bird’s Twitter is @S10Bird. And you’ve absolutely got to check it out. Because it’s one thing to dominate on the basketball court. But it’s another entirely, to write a slam-dunk hilarious and shareable tweet. And that’s exactly what WNBA superstar Sue Bird does. She’s a total baller, on the court and online.

Of course she’s good at tweeting; she’s got ‘Bird’ in her name! So today we’ve rounded up some of Sue Bird’s most memorable tweets. As well as reveal some tweets about Sue that might surprise you. Plus, you’ll find out what the 46th President of the United States had to say to her.

Discover the best Sue Bird Twitter moments

Sue Bird has spent 17 years dominating women’s professional basketball on the Seattle Storm. And she tweets up a storm, as well. Sue was drafted to play ball for the WNBA in Seattle in 2002, and she’s been drafting fire tweets since 2013.

Here’s the Sue Bird twitter scoop

From social activism, to play-by-play game commentary, to snarky clever comebacks, Sue is the GOAT. Here are the times Sue Birds’ tweets have been nothing but net.

1. For a professional basketball player, Sue definitely plays no games when it comes to speaking her mind.

Because women belong on the basketball court and in the Supreme Court. She is an outspoken activist for feminism and the importance of supporting women’s sports.

As Sue and Nneka Ogwumike write: “For instance, the United States Women’s National Basketball Team is both one of the winningest teams in Olympic history and among the most dominant in all of sports. This explains why activism has always been part of our DNA: because, by simply existing in spaces that weren’t built for us, women athletes are doing something revolutionary. But this moment is so much bigger than sports.

For WNBA players like us, it presents an opportunity to represent ourselves—on the world stage—as we’ve always been. By using our platform to shine a light on injustice, presenting a tangible example of strong allyship, and contributing to what’s become the largest social movement in American history, we aspire to instill change that ripples far beyond the WNBA.”

And they encouraged everyone to get involved just by watching a WNBA game. That’s a small but significant way to align your passions and values with your impact on the world.

2. Sue isn’t afraid to give the bird to racism.

And that’s a swish for social activism! Here she speaks out with her teammates on the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and demanding justice for Breonna Taylor.

Before the start of its 2020 season, the WNBA dedicated the season to Breonna Taylor and the Say Her Name movement, which raises awareness for Black female victims of police violence. The New York Liberty and the Seattle Storm held a 26-second long moment of silence in honor of Taylor, who was 26 years old when she was killed.

3. Sue’s play-by-play sports commentary on Twitter is the best. 

She will often tweet her thoughts, like during this iconic Bulls game featured in Michael Jordan’s documentary “The Last Dance”.

One of the things Phil Jackson talked a lot about when running the triangle offense was how to use footwork when you catch the ball on the wing. And one of the things about the footwork is you give the team two seconds to organize itself. So by using footwork – just a simple pivot – the wing gives their teammates time to get into position. So when he opens up to start the play, he can see exactly where the defense is.

4. Sue is no stranger to pushing through injuries during a game. 

As she said, “So I broke my f*cking nose. Not the first time, not the last time — well, O.K., hopefully the last time. But yeah it was pretty bad. One minute I’m pivoting on D, hustling to keep up with Phoenix’s ball movement, and then, you know, BAM. (Or SPLAT, or whatever that sound would be.)” Despite repeated nose injuries and knee injuries herself, she continues to inspire people to persevere!

5. It us.

Sue sinking the three-pointer on staying relatable.

6. Sue’s tweets inspire people to stay dedicated and focused on their goals. (Or, baskets, so to speak.)

7. Not to mention, she’s a supportive partner. Swoon.

Between all the cumulative points made between them, they are quite literally “#CoupleGoals”. So be sure to follow Megan Rapinoe’s Twitter @mPinoe too.

8. Sue Bird is definitely on the right side of herstory – the Human Rights side, that is.

Here she is speaking at the Human Rights Campaign, raising visibility for LGBTQ+ and awareness for marginalized communities.

Sue is a trailblazer in the community as well. Sue’s support for children in the Seattle area is just one reason she’s been honored with several charitable awards over the years, including the Moyer Foundation Humanitarian Award she received in 2015.

Sue has also mentored children in the Boys & Girls Club of King County, which earned her a WNBA Community Assist Award in 2010, and Marysville-Pilchuck High School, where she helped the girls basketball team recover from the aftermath of a school shooting. Also she has partnered with Z Girls, which leads programs for young female athletes to support their development in sports, life skills, and empowerment.

9. Sue has always aimed to cultivate an environment of acceptance.

On the court and off, Sue has always aimed to cultivate an environment of acceptance, love, and courage. Here she speaks at the HRC and encourages viewers to come out of the closet and live their truth. We stan an out and proud queen.

10. This Sue Bird tweet… speaks for itself.

No AngryBirdz over here.

11. No one has made a white mask look this good since Gerard Butler in the 2004 musical drama “The Phantom of the Opera”.

She really puts the “guard” in “point guard”. Sue Bird, the GOAT of DGAF. 

12. Sue knows what’s up and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, so don’t even try to tell her to “stick to sports”.

Supporting women’s sports is supporting women! Period. And Sue Bird uses Twitter to ensure you know.

13. Sue and her fiancé Megan Rapinoe know that their voices deserve to be heard – on the court, in society, and in the ballot box.

Like the fit American citizens they are, Sue and Megan encourage fans to exercise… their right to vote. The power couple, after announcing their engagement on Instagram, joined a Get Out the Vote phone banking event hosted by Victory 2020. There they successfully encouraged about 150 people to vote, by calling key battleground states to talk directly to voters in support of Democratic candidates.

14. Hoop there it is!

Sue Bird’s is an all-around bonafide leader – as an athlete, as a woman, and as an American. She is not afraid to speak up for herself, what is right, and she’s always ready to continue to fight for justice.

15. Sue Bird tweets about the WNBA Championship series.

Time isn’t real….Unless you’re at the bottom of the clock and the other team is winning. Sue Bird enlightens us on the difference of passing of time during a game.

16. “Trust It and Ball Out” needs to be the name of her eventual memoir.

As the NYTimes reported, Breanna Stewart and Sue sat side by side on the Seattle Storm’s bench, wide smiles across their faces as they chatted, with about five minutes of game action remaining. But their work was done for the night, and they were about to depart as champions. Swish, swish, bish!

The Storm dominated the Las Vegas Aces, 92-59, to complete a sweep in the best-of-five finals series in Bradenton, Florida. It was Seattle’s fourth championship, tying a league record shared by the Houston Comets and the Minnesota Lynx.

17. The baby Sue Bird Twitter moment.

Who needs #ThrowbackThursday when you can look at this picture everyday? Even at age 10, Sue was taking no prisoners on the court and she’s got the arms crossed to prove it.

18. I’ll take “Humble all-star athlete” for 600, Alex.

19. Sue even takes a walk down memory lane with this tweet.

This tweet shows her with Stacey Abrams, after the iconic 2020 election of President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris.

20. And let’s be real. This tweet is just a whole mood.

Best Halloween costume ever! This tweet shows Bird right after her 2020 Championshipt win. “The fact that I’m sitting here, I think I’m having this, like, in-shock moment,” said Bird, who has been part of all four Storm titles, “because it doesn’t really feel real that we just won and that I was able to contribute in the way that I did.”

See Sue Bird with the assist! Fun retweets

Sue Bird isn’t only great at dunking a tweet on the haters; she’ll also assist her pals and followers with a good old-fashioned retweet. Here are five nice alley-oops that Sue has retweeted.

21. Sue knows she can do it all, but is too humble and incredible to tell you herself, so let NBC Sports Northwest do it for her. 

Like a boss, Sue has FOUR rings from championships! Hey, Mr. JRR Tolkien, could we get a female re-boot called “Lady of the Rings” starring Sue Bird? 

22. THIS energy forever, please.

If it were possible to bottle up this joy, smack a price sticker on it and sell it, it would fly off the shelves. The Sue Bird Twitter delivers again.

23. Now this is what the kids these days would call “High-Quality Content”.

Sue Bird could commentate a snail wrestling match and it would still be highly entertaining. Sue got mic’d up for a game and it did not disappoint. (Neither did the game.)

24. Sue shared the mic.

Sue’s fiancé and soccer star Megan Rapinoe was a guest on A Late Show with Stephen Colbert talking about the power and importance of Black women when it comes to politics.

25. No zone defense needed to get out of your comfort zone. Take it from Sue herself!

Discover the tweet scoop on Sue Bird

But, look. We aren’t the only ones that feel the love for Sue Bird on Twitter. Read these hilarious tweets that mention Sue.

26. Oh, you know, just congratulated on her engagement by the 46th President of the United States. Not a big deal or anything.

27. Two fans win the award of MVP of Halloween with this Power Couple Costume.

28. A fan points out the huge discrepancy in salary that so many female athletes face compared to their male peers.

29. This fan recalls playing hoop with her in college in 2005.

30. Seattle game recognize Seattle game. Even Russell Wilson gives credit where credit is due.

31. Even after all she’s accomplished though, someone still hasn’t told her you’re not supposed to eat the Olympic medals.

Basically if you want to fill your feed with more sports, motivational clips, and important conversations about how to make this world a better one, you’re going to want to follow Sue Bird on Twitter! Up next, learn all about UConn players in the WNBA.

Written by Leah Knauer, LA-based comedian and basketball cheerleader.

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