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The Best Basketball Trainers On Instagram Directory: Grow Your Game

ByQueen Ballers Club|@queenballers| June 1, 2021

Today we’ll take a look at some of the best basketball trainers on Instagram to help take your game to the next level. Over the last decade, basketball skills training and player development has emerged as an industry of its own, impacting all levels of the game.

As The Ringer reported, “more and more NBA players are turning their workouts (and summer highlight reels) over to private skill trainers. With the help of social media, some trainers are using the exposure to become entrepreneurs, newsmakers, and even celebrities in their own right.”

Tim Grover, who coached both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, says the bar for entry has been lowered—“now any ex-athlete that doesn’t make it to the pros suddenly becomes a skills trainer”—the training being done has been “diluted,” and social media blurs what success looks like and the role of trainers in the basketball ecosystem. So we’ve pulled together a list of coaches have strong followings on social media, have received great reviews, and have worked with some of the best players in the country.

No matter your age, or whether you’re a pro – or dreaming of becoming one, you’re bound to find the right coach to help you achieve all your goals on the court. Find a trainer to get inspired by, work out with in the offseason, do film work with, and keep in contact with throughout the season. Plus, check out DribbleUp’s smart ball and Wilson’s cool basketballs to grow your game anywhere (and if you purchase, we get a little money towards keeping our site going).

Discover the best basketball trainers & skills development coaches on Instagram

Explore the best basketball skills trainers and player development coaches all across the U.S., with a great Instagram presence so you can stay locked in all the time. Many coaches also travel or offer online programs, so you can enjoy their content and approach no matter where they are. For each coach we reveal a bit about their background, what training they offer, and what their clients are saying. Coaches are listed in alphabetical order of their location, as well as their names. Let’s get after it!

1. Camille LeNoir – California

Camille LeNoir was one of the top point guards in the WNBA and is currently founder of True Point Guard. Camille coaches young girls on their on-court skills while also teaching them the importance of mental growth. Her program is like no other in that it focuses in depth on overcoming mental challenges within the game, ultimately creating fearless leaders.

Training: Group Training, Individual Training, Mental Training, Ball Handling, Skills Development

What players say: “True Point Guard is one of the most respected basketball companies in Southern California.”

2. Drew Hanlen – California

Drew Hanlen played basketball for the Belmont Bruins and now has a multi-trainer company, Pure Sweat, with locations across the US. His list of clients includes Bradley Beal, Jayson Tatum, and Joel Embiid. Today, he provides a comprehensive, results-driven player development program proven to work at all levels of basketball. His lessons cover finishing, shooting, ball handling, low-post, mid-post, perimeter moves, and much more.

Training: Online, In-Person, Skills Development, Pro Skills Coach Seminars, Mentorship

What players say: “Drew is a big reason I am the player I am today. He has really improved my game since I was 13, and continues to find ways for me to improve and always get better.”

3. Greg Fontenette – California

Greg Fontenette is a hardworking coach who has created a legacy from the ground up. He coaches NBA and WNBA players and helps refine their skills. Greg also works with youth athletes in the California area and breeds the next generation of professionals.

Training: Skill Development, Sport Performance Training

What players say: “The best basketball skills trainer in Santa Clarita. Offers great insight in training all his students in their strengths and weaknesses.”

4. James Clark – California & Traveling

James Clark is one of the top NBA/WNBA player development coaches and is a go-to trainer for W/NBA hopefuls looking to showcase their talent in advance of the Draft. He has his own training company, Full Court Solutions, after being an intern for the Orlando Magic, and a Division I coach. James Clark holds training camps for W/NBA prospects, does day-to-day skills training at Mamba Sports Academy, and provides intensive on-court preparation for basketball at the next level. He’s helped develop Natasha Cloud and Ben Simmons.

Training: Elite Skills Trainer, Youth-Pro, Private Lessons, Training: Skill Development, Personal Training, Sport Performance Training

What players say:Clark has developed a niche as a go-to trainer for NBA/ WNBA hopefuls looking to showcase their talent in advance of the Draft”

5. Jordan Lawley – California & Traveling

Jordan Lawley was a four-year starter at UC San Diego, where he led his team to their first ever NCAA tournament berth while becoming UC’s all-time scoring leader, making the most field goals, free throws, and highest field goal percentage in school history. As a professional skills trainer, Jordan has found his stride with a training technique that is unrivaled in the industry. He has travelled all over the U.S. to work with and train countless pros in the NBA, overseas (FIBA), WNBA, and thousands of Middle School and High School hoopers all around the world teaching them the most efficient and effective ways to take their game to the next level.

Training: Skill Development, Game Implementation, Group Training Sessions, Private Instruction, Online Programs

What players say: “What I love most about Coach Jordan’s workouts is his no-fluff attitude. He’s extremely efficient with every move that he teaches which is huge in the NBA and other professional leagues. “

6. Olin Simplis – California

Olin Simplis is a highly regarded WNBA Skills trainer. He has worked with players across the country within all stages of their careers such as the WNBA’s Marina Mabrey. Olin combines his expertise in kinesiology with his passion for basketball to create the ultimate player experience.

Training: Skill Development, Strength & Conditioning, Sport Performance Training

What players say: “Olin Simplis is a great trainer. He has not only grown my love for the game but he makes working out and getting better competitive and fun. I started working with him in high school once I began to take basketball more seriously. The first thing I do when I return home from school is work out with O. As I enter my senior campaign at the University of Texas at Austin, with hopes and a realistic possibility of playing professional there is no doubt in my mind I could not have made it thus far without Olin. He is the best trainer, period. His degree in kinesiology and personal playing experience make his workouts both skill and strength training oriented.”

7. Phil Handy – California

Los Angeles Lakers Assistant Coach Phil Handy has trained and coached some of the greatest players to ever play in the NBA such as Kyrie Irving, Lebron James, and Kawhi Leonard, and is helpful for any player, trainer, coach or parent who wants to gain detailed knowledge on the game of basketball. He’s known as “the OG” of skills training and is considered to be one of the world’s leaders in player development. He offers personal training at Mamba Sports Academy, and his focus is instructing basketball players how to be skilled, crafty and fundamentally sound. With his app you will receive one new training video to practice for the day.

Training: Elite Skills Trainer, Youth-Pro, Private Lessons

What players say: “Coach Phil Handy is a one of the greatest Player Development coaches that I’ve had a chance to watch. Phil is a guru of basketball and his videos really break down the game in detail.”

8. Ryan Razooky – California

Ryan Razooky is a world-renowned professional basketball skills trainer that works with and develops all talent level players from youth up to NBA players in the San Diego Hoop House. His training is different because it’s strategically based on real basketball situations and proven techniques. Every drill, tactic, and strategy he shares is immediately actionable. He helps you develop complete understanding of the mental game you must master to be an elite player.

Training: Online Training, Private Sessions, Skills Development

What players say: “Thanks for all of these workouts. All of these workouts helped a lot.”

9. Carissa Crutchfield – Colorado

Carissa Crutchfield is a former professional basketball player and current EYG Skills Trainer. She has a strong passion for female youth development in basketball and coaches several groups throughout the year.

Training: Skill Development, Strength & Conditioning, Sport Performance Training

What players say: “We put our child in several of EYG’s skills clinics and noticed a difference from the first session. They learned right away how to practice more effectively and even gained new methods to improve their basketball skills, both individually and with the team.”

10. Andrew Moran – Florida

Andrew Moran travels around the Globe training athletes of all levels and is the owner of Miami Hoop School. Andrew is an NBA Skills Coach, an International clinician, and a skill development specialist. He was an assistant coach at Miami Senior High School in 2011 and worked on player development. He also was the head coach at Miami Christian High School and led the Victors to a state championship in 2015. His experience serves him well, having worked with players at the NBA, international, collegiate, and high school levels including Tim Hardaway Jr, James Johnson, and Mario Chalmers.

Training: Private Training, Miami Hoop School, Camp Clinics

What players say: “I have had the opportunity to work with Andrew Moran and not only is he one of the best trainers in the industry, but he is a class act in everything he does. I highly recommend working with him.”

11. Margarita Rosario – Florida

Maggie Rosario is an Elite Basketball Skills Trainer that mainly specializes in a player’s skill development. She has trained many players from the elementary, middle, and high school level all the way up to the professional level. Her objective is to inspire and impact many players by sharing her passion and knowledge of the game. Her goal is not only to train players but to also help them improve in game situational drills that will lead them to develop themselves as an overall player.

Training: Elite Skills Trainer, Youth-Pro(All Levels), Private and Group Sessions

What players say: “Coach Maggie has been a game-changer for our daughter. Coach Maggie developed an individualized training curriculum that included strength, conditioning, shooting, and ball-handling tailored to our daughter’s particular strengths and weaknesses. Coach Maggie’s teaching style is tough, thorough, and motivational. Not every Coach can break down a drill to the most minute detail-Coach Maggie can! Our daughter now has the confidence and the skill to take her game to the next level.”

12. Stanley Remy – Florida

Stanley Remy is a 33-year-old Miami-based NBA skills development trainer, whose client list includes the likes of Dwyane Wade, Andre Drummond, Jeff Green, and Hassan Whiteside. Stan is an NBA Skills Development Trainer. The #RemyWorkouts training and development philosophy begins and ends with a no-nonsense approach to high-level fundamental skill development combined with mental toughness and sports-specific performance training. Stan firmly believes that balance and footwork are vital components to success on the basketball court, so these components are incorporated into everything he does with his athletes.

Training: Skills Development, Balance, Footwork

What players say: “What I loved most about working with Stan was that I could tell he paid great attention to my game. Not only did we work on fine tuning the things I’ve become great at but we also worked on some of the areas I’ve started to dip in as well. At 34 years old I really enjoyed this new challenge.”

13. Adam Taylor – Illinois

Adam Taylor, a former DII NCAA athlete, is the Owner and Director of Player Development at Taylored Intensity. He has led many training camps and clinics as well as helped contribute to the success of many NBA and WNBA athletes.

Training: Basketball Academy, Private Lessons, Strength & Conditioning, Basketball Camps, NBA/ Pro Training

What players say: “The summer after working with Adam, I had by far my best season in the WNBA. So if you’re serious about taking your game to another level, and pushing past your limits this is definitely the man you need to see.”

14. Ben Teer – Maine

Ben Teer is a basketball skills trainer with a unique flare. Each session is tailored to the player and focuses on how to enhance their individual game. Ben uses a film watching strategy to create the best sessions for his clients.

Training: Travel training, Personalized Skill Development, Strength and Conditioning, Sport Performance Training

What players say: “Over the past year, I have worked with Coach Ben. Since then I have seen huge gains in my game. He watches game film and focuses each session on what I need to get better at. Not only is he very knowledgeable of the game, but he brings a fun component to the sessions. I can tell how much he cares about his athletes by how much effort he puts into his business. Everything he does is for the benefit of the athletes. A year ago I was unsure of my future as a basketball player, Ben helped me realize that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.”

15. Eb Williams – Maryland

Eb Williams is founder of EB Williams Skill Development Training, a full service basketball skills training and player development organization. She works with talented athletes from all age groups developing skills and conditioning. Eb shows a different side of athletics: the failures, she shows that success wouldn’t be possible without learning from a failure.

Training: Skills Development, Conditioning, All Ages

What players say:She’s great. We really enjoy the program because she focuses on the fundamentals – dribbling, shooting, just everything you need to do to become a better basketball player. I can tell both our kids have gotten a lot better since we’ve been going to Eb.”

16. Pat Robinson – Maryland

Pat Robinson works with top players around the country and helps develop their overall performance skills – including some of the top NBA players from teams such as the Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers, and Washington Wizards to name a few. In 2011, Pat signed to Ballup, a reality basketball show on FOX that followed 10 of the best basketball players on their journey on the basketball court, with NBA players such as Dr. J, Allen Iverson, and Chauncey Billups. Today, Pat travels the world training many youths and professional athletes all over the globe. He started the Pat The Roc Skills Academy to share his knowledge of the game of basketball to help players improve their skills. His mantra, A.I.P (Anything Is Possible), has allowed him to build a successful career as a trainer.

Training: Skill Development, Strength & Conditioning, Sport Performance Training, Specialty Training, Online Training

What players say: “Pat trains and works with some of the top NBA players from teams such as the Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers, and Washington Wizards to name a few. He also trains some of the top collegiate basketball players from Maryland, Duke, Indiana, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Memphis, and George Mason to name a few. Pat’s legacy and story is an inspiration to many all over the world. His efforts to inspire people to believe “Anything is Possible” has brought him closer to his goal to change lives, one bounce at a time.”

17. Jamey Petree – Michigan

Jamey Petree is a player development coach with a diverse background. He has trained some of the top NBA and WNBA talent as well as run camps around the country. Jamey Petree has over 20 years of experience as a coach, mentor, and leader.

Training: Skill Development, Personal Training, Sport Performance Training, Sports Consulting

What players say: “Perhaps the best basketball trainer I worked with for nearly 10 years. I was a coach, with two sons and a daughter, that led teams from 3rd grade through high school. All of us, including myself, learned an incredible amount from Jamey!”

18. Micah Lancaster – Michigan

Micah Lancaster is one of the world’s most recognized and respected skill development trainers. As the creator of the modern day training methodology known as Skill Enhancement training, Micah has worked with NBA players such as Victor Oladipo, Kyrie Irving, Karl-Anthony Towns, and WNBA players such as Jewell Lloyd. Micah has certified and educated thousands of trainers through his Trainer University program and his inventions such as the Rip Cone, Medicine Basketball, Weighted Tennis Balls, and Footwork Training GripMats are utilized by athletes all over the world. In his Grand Rapids facility, players are also able to experience the next level of detail as they are trained using his Skill Lab’s Instant Feedback Modules.

Training: From helping players develop for college, the pros, or to simply reach their high school goals, the Micah Lancaster skill enhancement experience is 100% designed to help players realize those dreams!

What players say: “[He] took [Victor Oladipo’s] game to another level.” says Scottie Pippen.

19. Reid Ouse – Minnesota

Reid Ouse is a well known trainer in the Minneapolis area. He trains players of all ages on basketball development and skills enhancement. Coach Ouse consistently posts tips for athletes and has built a strong following through his unique style of training.

Training: Skill Development, Personal Training, Sport Performance Training

What players say: “Reid Ouse brings a great mix between skill development and game enhancement. Reid spent years at the college level coaching, and you can tell by his knowledge of player development that he knows what it takes to reach that level.”

20. Brittany Carter – Missouri

Brittany Carter is a STL Surge Women’s Basketball Player & Euro League Professional. She is COO of HAM FAM Training and works with some of the top WNBA players on training and development.

Training: Train & mentor athletes to be not only the best player they can be on the court, but also inspiring them to understand the lessons taught within the game that carry over into real life experiences. (Individual, small group and team sessions).

What players say: “Thanks to HAM’s personal elite level workouts, my daughter was moved to our clubs top Nike Girls EYBL team after only 1 season! Best basketball investment we’ve made and plan to do it again this season!”

21. Branden Patterson – New Jersey

Legacy Athletics is a full-service player development company owned and operated by NBA Skills/Shooting Coach, Branden Patterson. Branden Patterson is a hardworking coach who comes prepared to every session. His clients say that he not only cares about them as players on the court, but also as people off of the court. He helps players develop a strong and successful career.

Training: Skill Development, Personal Training, Sport Performance Training, Physical Therapy, Massage Stretch Therapy, Nutrition, Meal Prep, Film Study

What players say: “His attention to detail, and ability to identify and correct mechanics to develop muscle memory, is like no other trainer. He has helped me develop a consistent jumpshot and improve my footwork in the low post to get around my defender.”

22. Chris Brickley – New York

Chris Brickley inspires pro and avid hoopers alike with his growth mindset and relentless pursuit of improvement. Chris worked his way from a graduate assistant’s job at Ole Miss to become the youngest assistant coach in Division I at Farleigh Dickinson University in Jersey. Then he became a New York Knicks player development coordinator, before branching out on his own. Now his clients include Carmelo Anthony, CJ McCollum, D’Angelo Russell, Kevin Durant, and many more. His BlackOps gym in Manhattan is often full of stars looking for summer runs.

Training: Pro, College, and High School Skills Development, Conditioning, Summer Runs

What players say: “He’s young. He has a different perspective on the game for each individual player,” says Carmelo Anthony. “He’s just somebody that I wanted to take under my wing; we sit down and talk and figure out our plan and now everybody has seen our plan and play out. We’ve been doing it for a long time.”

23. Monique Cheek – New York

Monique Cheek is a player development coach and sports performance coach. She works with young women to not only build skills but to build confidence on the court and in the gym. Monique’s conditioning allows payers to be their best selves once they step on to the court.

Training: Skill Development, Personal Training, Sport Performance Training

What players say: “I miss working with you – will def be coming back when I return to the states.”

24. Alex Bazzell – New York

Alex Bazzell established himself as one of the top regarded basketball trainers in the world. He has worked with big NBA and WNBA names like Kyrie Irving and Candace Parker, and Gabby Williams. Alex offers a unique training style that is personal to each player.

Training: Player Development, Private, Semi-Private and Team Skills Training, Youth Basketball Academy

What players say: “Alex is a skills coach who puts in countless hours to make players better at their craft. You cannot find a trainer that outworks Alex.”

25. Ganon Baker – Traveling

Regarded as one of the premier basketball skills coaches in the world, Ganon Baker has been focused on training for over 30 years. He has worked with top talent NBA and WNBA players as well as players of all ages. He has traveled all over the globe and impacted tens of thousands of players.

Training: Skill Development, Conditioning, Sport Performance Training

What players say: “Learned so much with Ganon Baker Basketball this week. He challenges the player physically and mentally. Each rep of a drill is defined by the player’s read. Can’t wait to come back and put in some more work!!!!”

26. Justin Zormelo – Traveling

Justin Zormelo graduated from Georgetown University and managed the Hoya Men’s Basketball team. Justin has worked for the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, as well as several individual professional basketball players from various NBA and International teams. Now with his company Best Ball Analytics, he provides players with the competitive edge needed to excel at the international team levels and to attract NBA coaches and scouts. He helps players perfect shooting form, ball handling, footwork, positioning on the court, and rebounding. Also physical and mental strengthening are all incorporated into a customized training program for each player.

Training: College, Junior College, High School, Pre-Draft, International, NBA, Conditioning, 1:1 Drills, Film Reviews, Skills Development

What players say: “[He’s] making me see things at a different level now. Seeing the game a little slower now since I been working with him….You don’t always have to go fast. I think he said smart players go slow…It’s just been a blessing to have somebody around like that who can pick apart my game and tell me what I need to work on.” says Kevin Durant

27. Nate Bowie – Traveling

Coach Nate Bowie has trained both NBA and WNBA pros. He is currently the Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Mt. Hood Community College outside Portland, Oregon.  Coach Bowie has been involved with Breakthrough Basketball for the last three years, assisting at camps around the Kansas City area, as well in Portland.

Training: Shooting, Ball Handling, Scoring Skills, Essential Skills

What players say: “Appreciate everything you’ve done to help {player name} get to where he is.” and “Thankful to have Nate Bowie training at the @PGHWashington Showcase on March 15th. Based out of Portland, OR, Nate has a strong reputation for his skills training and vast network.”

28. Alex McLean – Washington DC

Alex McLean is a dynamic skills trainer who works with some of the top up and coming athletes such as Paige Bueckers, at District Sports Center. His style of training places him as one of the top skill development trainers and as the Assistant Coach of the Washington Wizards.

Training: Skill Development, Strength & Conditioning, Sport Performance Training

What players say: We’ll let the visual do the talking.

Get started with the best basketball trainers on Instagram

No matter how WNBA and NBA team personnel feel about private training, there’s an acknowledgment that the trainers are now very much a part of the business of professional basketball. And it’s never too early to start! So follow trainers on Instagram to get ideas for how you can improve your game, and find a trainer that motivates you. Plus, scoop up a great basketball so you’re ready to ball out.

Have a trainer you love we left off the list or want to be featured? Drop us a note on Twitter.

Up next, check out the best basketball footwork drills, the best basketball guard drills, and great basketball handling drills you can do at home.

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Researched by Erica Ferraro.

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